u 2010 Washington Primary Election

Jerry Galland

A candidate for State Representative Pos. 2, Legislative District 30 in the 2010 Washington Primary Election

Party: Republican

On this race: Elected Experience: No information submitted

Other Professional Experience: No information submitted

Education: Graduate of Seattle Public Schools

Community Service: Boeing Employees Community Fund, Puget Sound Blood Center - Volunteer and Over 220 unit (Over 27 Gallons) donor. Give a Pint! Visit www.psbc.org

Statement: The budget is a disaster, with an estimated $3.5 Billion Deficit next year! Eight years of fiscal irresponsibility, democrats used fear to increase multitudes of fees and taxes. State workers jobs have increased over 30% while private sector jobs plummet, resulting in almost 10% unemployment.

Return to a pre-Gregoireian state government. We can reduce government and achieve a balanced budget. It is immoral to pass this to our children. Our responsibility is stabilizing the budget and the economy without raising taxes Now. Responsible government. Balanced budget. Healthy economy. It's Time Things Changed For The Better. Elect Jerry Galland.


Carol Gregory Democrat
Katrina Asay Republican
Ed Barney Republican
Anthony Kalchik Republican

Last updated: Sept. 1, 12:18 p.m. Election results

Carol Gregory (D) 9,227 44.01%
Katrina Asay (R) 5,629 26.85%
Ed Barney (R) 2,641 12.60%
Anthony Kalchik (R) 1,832 8.74%
Jerry Galland (R) 1,636 7.80%
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