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Michael C. Smith

A candidate for State Representative Pos. 1, Legislative District 42 in the 2010 Washington Primary Election

Party: GOP

On this race:

Elected Experience: New Politically. Professionally, Executive Board of the Washington Association of Agricultural Educators, Chair of the Legislative Committee. Executive Board of the Washington Association for Career and Technical Education.

Other Professional Experience: Thirty two years of teaching Agriculture/Science in Washington. FFA Advisor. Served on committees for O.S.P.I. 

Education: Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Education), Master of Science, National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certificated. 2007 WA-ACTE Teacher of the Year.  W.S.U. Educator of Excellence.

Community Service: Received a corporate grant that brought $18,000 in improving my school.  Assisted in coordinating a memorial service for a fallen veteran.  Helped with stream rehabilitation projects. Presenter of educational in-services.

Statement: Washington faces a crisis. Taxes are high, and continue to climb. Our educational system is in disarray. Businesses and farms are hurting, and struggle under unnecessary rules and taxes. Jobs are lacking. Why? 

We need to set aside budget surpluses and control spending when times are good, to function when times are not. We need reasonable and equitable taxes, and a strong, properly funded educational system. Our government needs to meet our needs, and provide for education, safety, transportation and a quality environment, with reasonable taxes. If elected, I will work for you; and to restore I-960. 

Election results

Candidate Votes Pct
Jason Overstreet (R) 15,852 45.66 %
Al Jensen (D) 9,285 26.75 %
Richard May (D) 4,963 14.30 %
Craig Mayberry (I) 3,094 8.91 %
Michael C. Smith (G) 1,522 4.38 %

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Jason Overstreet


Al Jensen


Richard May


Craig Mayberry