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Council Seat 1

Candidate Pct
Loren “Ron” Edinger 71.94%
Adam Graves 28.06%

Council Seat 5

Candidate Pct
Steve Adams 56.13%
John Bruning 33.29%
Amber Copeland 10.58%

Council Seat 1

Candidate Pct
Kerri Thoreson 59.40%
Joe Bodman 27.85%
Jim Edgington 12.75%

Council Seat 3

Candidate Pct
Joe Malloy 69.81%
Scott Grant 30.19%

Council Seat 5

Candidate Pct
Skip Hissong 60.87%
Barry Rubin 39.13%

City Council

Candidate Pct
Tim Timmins 61.06%
Kris LaMarr 38.94%

Hayden Mayor

Candidate Pct
Ronald McIntire 64.81%
Nancy (Taylor) Lowery 35.19%

Latest news

Independent Idaho in for poll surprise…

Say you’re an Idaho voter who wants to cast a ballot in next year’s primary election for Sarah Palin for president, or Mike Huckabee, or Mitt Romney. In a state that’s never had party registration, you could be in for a surprise at the polls,…

Independent Idaho in for poll surprise

BOISE – Say you’re an Idaho voter who wants to cast a ballot in next year’s primary election for Sarah Palin for president, or Mike Huckabee, or Mitt Romney. In a state that’s never had party registration, you could be in for a surprise at the polls, where voters will be required to become party members – or they might not get to vote in anything but nonpartisan judges’ races.

Eye on Boise: Deadline’s today to remove studded tires

BOISE – It may seem like it’s been awfully wintry lately, but the Idaho Transportation Department is sticking to the calendar – studded snow tires must be removed in Idaho by today. Violations can bring a fine of $62. Idaho allows studded tires from Oct. 1 through April 30 each year, and unlike Oregon and Washington, which both extended their deadlines because of the lingering winter driving conditions, Idaho’s keeping to its plan.

Rammell poaching trial delayed for investigation into possible jury tampering

Here’s the latest Rex Rammell news, via the Idaho Falls Post Register and the Associated Press: A state judge has delayed the poaching trial of former gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammell to investigate if Rammell broke another law when he handed out leaflets to potential jurors…

National experts on redistricting and state politics to converge on Boise tomorrow

An array of national experts on redistricting and state politics will speak at a free conference Saturday at the state Capitol sponsored by Boise State University. It’s the second piece of a two-part series; the first, on April 16, focused on redistricting in Idaho. At…

Idaho Reports: Redistricting will redraw Idaho’s political landscape

On tonight’s “Idaho Reports” on Idaho Public Television, I join Jim Weatherby, Ken Miller and host Greg Hahn to discuss the upcoming redistricting that could change the political landscape in Idaho for the next decade. Also, Greg interviews former Idaho House Speaker Bruce Newcomb, former…

Dems name redistricting commissioners

Idaho Democrats have announced their three appointments for the 2011 Redistricting Commission, a bipartisan citizen committee that will draw new legislative and congressional districts lines this summer for the next decade’s worth of elections. Republicans haven’t yet announced their three picks. The Dems’ choices: Allen…

Closed primary legislation hits snag in Idaho House

BOISE – Legislation to require Idahoans to register by political party and allow parties to close primary elections to all but party members ran into trouble in a House committee Tuesday after flying through the Senate with the backing of top GOP legislative leaders. “I think it is a fundamental shift in election policy, and I have some questions about this bill that I need answered,” said state Rep. Brent Crane, R-Nampa.

Idaho’s open primary infringes on GOP, judge rules

BOISE – A federal judge on Wednesday declared Idaho’s open primary election system unconstitutional, ruling that it violates the right of the state’s Republican Party to limit primaries to members. “An important corollary of the right to freely associate is a right not to associate,” wrote U.S. District Judge Lynn Winmill in his decision. He found “clear evidence of crossover voting” in Idaho’s primaries.

Semanko on court ruling: ‘Dems will not choose our candidates for us’

Here is Idaho Republican Party Chairman Norm Semanko’s statement in response to today’s federal court ruling declaring the state’s open primary law unconstitutional: “This decision will allow the Idaho Republican Party to decide how to conduct its Primary elections. It reaffirms the basic Constitutional right,…

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