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M 2011 Idaho General Election

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Council Seat 1

Candidate Pct
Loren “Ron” Edinger 71.94%
Adam Graves 28.06%

Council Seat 5

Candidate Pct
Steve Adams 56.13%
John Bruning 33.29%
Amber Copeland 10.58%

Council Seat 1

Candidate Pct
Kerri Thoreson 59.40%
Joe Bodman 27.85%
Jim Edgington 12.75%

Council Seat 3

Candidate Pct
Joe Malloy 69.81%
Scott Grant 30.19%

Council Seat 5

Candidate Pct
Skip Hissong 60.87%
Barry Rubin 39.13%

City Council

Candidate Pct
Tim Timmins 61.06%
Kris LaMarr 38.94%

Hayden Mayor

Candidate Pct
Ronald McIntire 64.81%
Nancy (Taylor) Lowery 35.19%

Latest news

Labrador still staddled with student debt

BOISE – Idaho’s newest congressman-elect is a 42-year-old attorney and former state lawmaker, but he’s also still paying off thousands in student loans.

Eye on Boise: PERSI director assures Idaho funds not in trouble

BOISE – Idaho’s public employee retirement system has been deluged by calls, e-mail and visits from worried state and local government retirees who are concerned that it’s going to be eliminated or cut back, but PERSI Director Don Drum said there’s no truth to the rumors driving those concerns. “I think it’s being driven by national media coverage,” Drum said. “There are many funds out there that are in trouble.” But Idaho’s isn’t, he said.

Poll: ‘Narrowly optimistic’ Idahoans don’t want funding cuts or most tax hikes

There’s some very interesting data in the Moore Information poll released today by a coalition of health groups pushing for a big cigarette tax increase in Idaho. Among the results: 47 percent of Idahoans say the state is generally headed in the right direction, while…

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