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Legislative races

State Senator, Legislative District 4 (Spokane Valley)

Michael Padden


Jeffrey Baxter


City/Town races

Spokane Mayor, City of Spokane

David Condon


Mary Verner


City Council President, City of Spokane

Ben Stuckart


Dennis Hession


City Council Northeast seat (District 1), City of Spokane

Mike Fagan


Donna McKereghan


City Council Northwest seat (District 3), City of Spokane

Steve Salvatori


Joy Jones


City Council South seat (District 2), City of Spokane

Mike Allen


Richard Rush


Council Pos. 2, City of Spokane Valley

Dean Grafos


John Carroll


Council Pos. 3, City of Spokane Valley

Arne Woodard


DeeDee Loberg


Council Pos. 6, City of Spokane Valley

Ben Wick


Marilyn Cline


City Council, Pos. 3, City of Airway Heights

Barron Williamson


Charlotte Lawrence


City Council, Pos. 6, City of Airway Heights

Doyle Inman


Michael L. States


City Council, Pos. 7, City of Airway Heights

Dave Malet


John E. Holloway


City Council, Pos. 5, City of Cheney

Bob Stockton


Kathleen A. Warren


City Council, Pos. 7, City of Cheney

Graeme Webster


Tim Gainer


City Council, Pos. 2, City of Deer Park

Helen (Dee) Cragun


Fred Senn


Council Pos. 5, City of Liberty Lake

Shane Brickner


Keith L. Kopelson


Mayor, City of Liberty Lake

Steve Peterson


Josh Beckett


City Council, Pos. 5, City of Medical Lake

Howard N. Jorgenson


Kent Reitmeier


City Council Pos. 6, City of Medical Lake

Laura L. Parsons


John Paikuli


City Council, Pos. 3, City of Millwood

Brian Ellingson


Mike Ellis


City Council, Pos. 4, City of Millwood

Glenn E. Bailey


David P. Kopp


Town Council, Pos. 3, Town of Fairfield

George Davidson


Karrie Stewart


Town Council, Pos. 3, Town of Rockford

Clinton Stevenson


Steven L. Christman


Town Council, Pos. 5, Town of Spangle

Toby Trower


Rebecca Johnson


Town Council, Pos. 3, Town of Waverly

Evie Heinevetter


Larry Killstrom


Public School District races

Director, Pos. 5, Spokane Public Schools District 81

Deana Brower


Sally Fullmer


School Board, Dist. 4, Cheney School District

Richard L. Mount


Rochelle Schoenleber


School Board, at large, Deer Park School District

Eric Keller


Marie Layman


School Board, Dist. 1, Deer Park School District

Jeff Whittle


Paul Lewis


School Board, Dist. 4, Deer Park School District

Carri Breckner


Keith D. Reilly


School Board, Dist. 5, Freeman School District

Angela (Annie) Keebler


Lisa Paternoster


School Board, Dist. 5, Liberty School District

Mark Bullock


Andy Schenk


School Board, Pos. 3, Nine Mile Falls School District

William (Bill) McBride


Jeffrey Jurgensen


School Board, Pos. 2, Reardan-Edwall School District

Kathy Eastman


Brad Ray


School Board, Pos. 4, Reardan-Edwall School District

David Sprecher


Dawn Bennett