M 2012 Idaho General Election

Raul Labrador

A candidate for U.S. Representative in the 2012 Idaho General Election

Party: Republican

Age: 46City: Eagle, Idaho

Occupation: Incumbent congressman

On this race: Opposes "any and all efforts to increase taxes." Wants to repeal health-care reform law and replace it with "patient-centered, free market-driven reforms." Opposes abortion rights; co-sponsored legislation declaring that life begins at conception with full constitutional rights. Wants to reduce regulation and downsize government. NOTABLE: Two-term state representative; immigration attorney; law degree, University of Washington; bachelor's degree, Brigham Young University. Born in Puerto Rico. Beat a better-funded candidate, Iraq veteran Vaughn Ward, in the GOP primary in 2010; faced only token opposition in this year's primary. First member of Congress to call for resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder over the "Fast and Furious" gun scandal.

Immigration attorney, two-term congressman. Has sponsored 17 bills and co-sponsored 291; none have become law. This year Labrador ran unsuccessfully for House majority leader. A native of Puerto Rico who is fluent in Spanish, Labrador is among just a small number - fewer than 10 - of Hispanic Republicans serving in the House. Prior to winning his seat in Congress, Labrador served two terms in the Idaho House.

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Rob Oates Libertarian
Pro-Life Independent

Last updated: Nov. 7, 5:30 p.m. Election results

Raul Labrador (R) 199,445 62.97%
Jimmy Farris (D) 97,403 30.75%
Rob Oates (L) 12,264 3.87%
Pro-Life (I) 7,600 2.40%
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