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Ray J. Writz

A candidate for State Representative, Pos. A, Idaho Legislative District 4 in the 2012 Idaho General Election

Party: Constitution

Age: 66

City: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Occupation: Janitorial business owner

Writz has run for the state Legislature several times, and this year won a first-ever Idaho Constitution Party primary race for the U.S. Senate, beating “Pro-Life” 131-189, to win with 59.5 percent of the vote. Writz opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership, opposes same-sex marriage; and contends there’s an ongoing “war on the family itself.” Writz, who grew up in Illinois, moved to Idaho to work in construction, went back to school to study accounting in the 1980s, then started his own janitorial company, which he has operated for more than 25 years. A born-again Christian, he said, “I will be hated by both sides, but then Christ was hated by both sides too.”

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On this race:

Supports school reform laws; supports tax breaks for those who home-school or use private rather than public schools. Wants to eliminate property and state income taxes and replace with a sales tax, while reducing both regulation and spending. Promises to “tell the federal government to go take a hike.”

Notable: Has worked in a variety of jobs, from construction to selling cellphones; has some business and electronics training. Does his own taxes for janitorial business of 25 years, and says, “I read the tax laws – that’s why we need new tax laws.” Born-again Christian. Says with his longtime involvement in janitorial business, “I’m used to cleaning up other people’s messes.”

Election results

Candidate Votes Pct
Luke Malek (R) 10,406 57.54 %
Ray J. Writz (C) 680 3.76 %

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Luke Malek


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