M 2012 Idaho General Election

Ray Writz

A candidate for State Representative, Pos. A, Idaho Legislative District 4 in the 2012 Idaho General Election

Party: Constitution

Occupation: Janitorial business owners

On this race: Supports school reform laws; supports tax breaks for those who home-school or use private rather than public schools. Wants to eliminate property and state income taxes and replace with a sales tax, while reducing both regulation and spending. Promises to “tell the federal government to go take a hike.”

Notable: Has worked in a variety of jobs, from construction to selling cellphones; has some business and electronics training. Does his own taxes for janitorial business of 25 years, and says, “I read the tax laws – that’s why we need new tax laws.” Born-again Christian. Says with his longtime involvement in janitorial business, “I’m used to cleaning up other people’s messes.”

Businessman, longtime owner of janitorial business. Wants to “restore a constitutional republic in the state of Idaho.” Ran for state House in 2012 on Constitution Party ticket; took just under 4 percent of the vote.


Luke Malek Republican

Last updated: Nov. 7, 5:30 p.m. Election results

Luke Malek (R) 10,406 57.54%
Ray Writz (C) 680 3.76%
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