M 2012 Idaho General Election

Ron Mendive

A candidate for State Representative, Pos. A, Idaho Legislative District 3 in the 2012 Idaho General Election

Party: Republican

On this race: “My main things are to try to preserve liberty.” Favors pushing back against federal government on Forest Service land management plans, EPA regulation, wolves and health care reform. Favors more school choice: “Be it public, charter, private or home school, it is a parent’s decision.”

Notable: Kootenai County GOP precinct committeeman for two years; chairman of elections subcommittee. Has worked in mining, logging and construction. Avid sportsman.


Last updated: Nov. 7, 5:30 p.m. Election results

Ron Mendive (R) 11,846 67.89%
David Larsen (D) 5,602 32.11%
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