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Statewide measures

Proposition 1

Referendum to approve or reject legislation limiting negotiated agreements between teachers and local school boards and ending the practice of issuing renewable contracts

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Proposition 2

Referendum to approve or reject legislation providing teacher performance pay based on state-mandated test scores, student performance, hard-to-fill positions and leadership

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Proposition 3

Referendum to approve or reject legislation amending school district funding, requiring provision of computing devices and online courses for high school graduation

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H.J.R. 2aa - Right to hunt, fish and trap

Amends the state’s Constitution to guarantee a right to hunt, fish and trap.


S.J.R. 102 - Clarifying probation jurisdiction

Adds one word, “felony,” to the section on management of adult probation in the state, to reflect current practice and clarify that counties manage misdemeanor probation, while the state Corrections Department handles felony cases.

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