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Central Valley School District Resolution 11-10
Proposed three-year maintenance and operation levy

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Mead School District Resolution No. 11-12
Proposed three-year maintenance and operations levy

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Spokane School District Resolution No. 2011-20
Proposed three-year maintenance and operations levy

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* These percentages are calculated with data from the Secretary of State's Office, which omits write-in votes from its calculations when there are too few to affect the outcome. The Spokane County Auditor's Office may have slightly different percentages than are reflected here because its figures include any write-in votes.

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Last day to register for school levy elections

Today is the last day to register in person for the Feb. 14 levy elections for several Spokane County school districts. Read more

Levy rejection is lesson on how schools suffer

Get your yellow flier yet? If so, and if the scare language and the big numbers are giving you pause, when it comes to supporting your local schools, you might want to consider one more number: 1972. Or, in the words of one old newspaper article: “the gloomy specter of 1972.” Read more

No lie: Ballots in the mail

If you’re a voter in Spokane County, chances are there’s a ballot with your name on it somewhere in the U.S. postal system. Spokane County mailed some 260,000 ballots this week for the special election on Feb. 14 (possible slogan: Mail your ballot when you… Read more

Districts will ask voters to help support hundreds of jobs

School levies are often associated with K-12 programs, such as sports, art and music. But the community-supported portion of a school district’s budget – a local tax – also helps pay for hundreds of jobs within a school district, including teachers, coaches, bus drivers, secretaries and janitors. Read more

Schools asking voters to replace state funds

Spokane Public Schools’ board agreed Wednesday to ask voters in February to consider paying more taxes in a levy to compensate for potential state cuts to K-12 education. The region’s largest district is not alone. Read more

District says group’s flier exaggerates levy request

Along with a ballot, residents of the Orchard Prairie School District may have found a bright yellow flier in their mailboxes recently urging them to vote “no” on an upcoming school levy. The fliers were sent out by Citizens for Responsible Taxation, an anti-tax group made up of John Beal, Marilyn Montgomery and former Alton’s Tires owner Duane Alton. Read more