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East Valley School District Resolution No. 2705

About this measure

Four-year M&O levy amount: $45,922,176

Cost per $1,000 assessed value now: $3.69

Estimated new rate: $4.44


East Valley School District

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E-team targets bullying

A group of East Valley High School students have been working hard this school year to help others combat cyber-bullying. They are the Internet Safety Training and Education Project (ISTEP) Mentors, a group of 10 high school students devoted to teaching other students and their parents and community about safe Internet behavior. Read more

EV discusses debt plan

East Valley School District’s transition to kindergarten through eighth grade schools took another step forward Tuesday when the board held a public hearing to discuss taking on $6.2 million of nonvoted debt, also known as a limited general obligation bond. The funds would buy two portable classrooms each at Trent, Trentwood, Otis Orchards and East Farms schools. One portable would include four classrooms and three restrooms. The other, a triplex, could be used as a multipurpose room or as classroom space, depending on the needs of the school. Read more

EV considers buying portable classrooms for $6.2 million

The East Valley School District is seeking public comment on a plan to acquire $6.2 million in nonvoted debt to buy two portable classroom buildings each for Trent, Trentwood, Otis Orchards and East Farms schools. Executive Director of Operations Brian Wallace said each school would receive a quad portable, also called a modular, building that would be able to hold four classrooms and a triplex portable with the capability to be used as open space or three classrooms. Read more

East Valley farm project makes changes for season

The warmer temperatures are getting folks in the mood to get their hands dirty and start up their gardens. It’s no different at East Valley School District’s Farm to School project, gearing up for its third growing season. Read more

Students turn science lesson into custom seasoning blend

An environmental science lesson at Harmony High School is turning into an entrepreneurial venture for the staff and students. Two years ago, teacher Robbie Robinson looked to start an environmental science class for the alternative high school in the East Valley School District. The students’ first project was to build their own greenhouse. What grew from that is Harmony Hot Pepper, a ground and very hot blend of NuMex, Pretty in Purple, jalapeño and habanero peppers. The school hopes to sell the pepper in local farmers markets Read more

Formal holiday lunch is longstanding EV tradition

It’s been a tradition at East Valley High School – no one is quite sure for how long – to host a holiday lunch the last day of school before the winter break. “I’ve been here 20-some years and they’ve been doing it since I’ve been here,” said kitchen manager Barb Harvey. Read more

Bus crash raises policy questions

When 11-year-old Mavrick Benoscek came home after school complaining of a headache in September, he told his mother he probably got it from the bus crash. That was news to Stacy Benoscek: No one from the East Valley School District or Trent Elementary School had notified her about any accident involving her son’s school bus. Because Mavrick is developmentally delayed, Benoscek started making calls to check his story and ensure he wasn’t being “dramatic.” Read more

Schools asking voters to replace state funds

Spokane Public Schools’ board agreed Wednesday to ask voters in February to consider paying more taxes in a levy to compensate for potential state cuts to K-12 education. The region’s largest district is not alone. Read more

Home away from homelessness

Britain Webb has been homeless twice while attending University High School. Domestic violence forced the 17-year-old’s mother and siblings out of their Spokane Valley apartment the first time, Webb said. The second time, their house burned down. Through all his turmoil, school has been a constant. “Going to school is a very big part of life in general,” Webb said. “That’s how you get through it. … Being at school was pretty much the highlight of my day.” Read more

Enrollment increases in most Valley districts

Continuous Curriculum School in the East Valley School District has seen a 69 percent enrollment jump this year, most notably because students now have a whole building to attend classes, rather than just half. At the end of last year, the district closed Skyview Elementary School which occupied one half of the building. This year, the Continuous Curriculum School was able to open enrollment to more students and Executive Director of Operations Brian Wallace said the district budgeted for about 375 students at the K-8 school. Read more

EV considers February school levy

School districts across the region will very likely put a replacement levy on the ballot in February. The East Valley school board met with teachers and administrators Wednesday to discuss the upcoming campaign and the message needed to get across to voters. “We have got to get parents here, folks,” Superintendent John Glenewinkel told the group. Community involvement is key, since the district is not allowed to use school resources or time to campaign. Read more

EVHS students try out building while learning academics

At East Valley High School Friday morning, you could hear the tapping of hammers and the whine of power saws and smell sawdust in the air. Two student teams competed to build a picnic table and bench. Each had to design their own tables and benches and build them from a pile of lumber provided by the school. The teams were judged on design creativity and construction execution. Read more

A class menagerie at East Valley

The first day of middle school is exciting. Students come in with new class schedules, new lockers and new friends to make. At East Valley Middle School, there were many more new friends to make since the district has merged East Valley Middle School and now-closed Mountain View Middle School. Read more

School boards approve budgets

With the first day of school just around the corner, school boards have been busy approving the budgets for the coming year. • In the East Valley School District, the board approved the 2011-’12 budget Tuesday during its regular meeting. There are five funds that make up the budget: general, associated student body, debt service, capital projects and the transportation vehicle funds. Read more

Sale of surplus uniforms clears way for Knights to emerge

Mountain View Middle School has closed and students are moving into East Valley Middle School. But those former Lancers will not become Squires. In fact, the Squires will no longer be the Squires; all students in the district will now be Knights, proudly displaying their green and white. But that change left the district with one question: What to do with the Lancers and Squires uniforms? Read more

Mountain View Middle School closes for good

No other last day of school was celebrated like it was at Mountain View Middle School. The school, opened in 1979, closed Friday – part of the East Valley School District’s measures to tackle declining enrollment, meet state budget cuts and switch to a kindergarten-through-eighth- grade system. Read more

Linda Carper retires after 31 years at EV

Linda Carper has been a ninth grade English teacher and a middle school librarian in the East Valley School District. After 36 years in education, she will retire at the end of the year. She grew up in South Dakota and attended college at Dakota State University. Read more

Director positions in large school districts uncontested

In the three large Spokane Valley school districts, none of the board of directors positions will be contested this fall, with only one candidate filing for each position. Freeman and Liberty districts each will have one contested race. Candidates for this year’s Aug. 16 primary election were required to file their intent to run by June 10. Read more

EV confronts budget cuts

At the latest community meeting of the East Valley School Board, Wednesday, upcoming state budget cuts and plans to merge East Valley and Mountain View middle schools were discussed. Superintendent John Glenewinkel explained to a large group at East Valley Middle School what he expected in state budget cuts which were approved by the state legislature shortly after East Valley’s meeting. He then outlined plans to ease the transition for students at both schools and took questions from the audience. Read more

EV student, 14, arrested for gun at school

A 14-year-old East Valley student has been arrested on a series of charges after he allegedly took a .40-caliber handgun to school last week. Read more

EV school board holds forums on closings, transfers

Change is coming to East Valley. Starting this fall, sixth-graders will stay at their elementary schools, and seventh- and eighth-graders will attend East Valley Middle School with the closing of Mountain View Middle School in East Farms. Read more

Mountain View Middle School closing

Since 1979, Mountain View Middle School in the East Valley School District has been educating students in the East Farms area. The aptly named school, which has a fantastic view of Mount Spokane, has a long tradition of teaching students and involving them in a family atmosphere.  “You can have your own groups, but everyone treats each other pretty fairly,” said Hayden Stevens, an eighth-grader who is the Associated Student Body secretary. Read more

East Valley district to close middle school, elementary

The East Valley School Board has decided to close Mountain View Middle School and Skyview Elementary and lay off 25 teachers as part of budget cuts totaling more than $1 million. The board Friday declared a fiscal emergency due to state funding cuts. In a statement, Superintendent John Glenewinkel said the district is expecting cuts of almost $1.05 million and could see another $1.76 million in cuts that are still being considered by the state. Read more

East Valley to close middle school, lay off teachers

The East Valley School Board has decided to close Mountain View Middle School and lay off 25 teachers as part of budget cuts totaling more than $1 million. Read more

East Valley School Board weighs options after bond failure

The East Valley School Board met Thursday to discuss what to do now that its $33.75 million school bond failed to garner a supermajority April 26. The board threw around several options. One was how to brace for a possible $1.5 million to $2 million cut in funding from the state. Closing a middle school or two is still on the list of options. Read more

A fertile field for learning

Spring weather in the Spokane area can be unpredictable, but that isn’t stopping the activity buzzing around the East Valley Farms and Schools Partnership. The garden on the northwest corner of Wellesley and Sullivan has been tilled and four fresh loads of manure have been spread. Now, organizers just have to wait for the weather to cooperate before they begin to plant. Read more

Bus driver accused of slapping boy, 4

An East Valley School District bus driver is accused of slapping one of his 4-year-old passengers. The bus driver, who was not identified, was placed on paid administrative leave Thursday while the incident is investigated, said Ray Stookey, the district’s human resource director. Read more

Bus driver accused of slapping 4-year-old

An East Valley School District bus driver is accused of slapping one of his 4-year-old passengers. The bus driver, who was not identified, was placed on paid administrative leave Thursday while the incident is investigated, said Ray Stookey, the district’s human resource director. Read more

East Valley bond failing

As of the latest count Wednesday, the East Valley School District construction bond was failing, with 60.71 percent of voters rejecting it. The $33.75 million bond would have renovated Trentwood, East Farms, Otis Orchards, Skyview and Trent elementary schools and would have built 40 new classrooms and four new gyms. The district offices and the maintenance department would move to East Valley Middle School. That middle school building would also house a middle-level enrichment center and all buildings would receive a technology upgrade. Read more

East Valley bond failing

As of the latest count Wednesday, the East Valley School District construction bond was failing, with 60.71 percent of voters rejecting it. Read more

East Valley School District bond failing

Early ballot counts for an East Valley School District bond showed 61 percent of voters coming out against the bond as of this evening. Read more

Efforts bring higher graduation rates at area high schools

Fewer students in Spokane are dropping out of school. Spokane Public Schools improved its on-time graduation rate by 8 percentage points in 2010, state data showed Thursday, and officials credit efforts to update how students are tracked and dropout intervention programs. Read more

District bond request is fourth since 2008

Ballots for the East Valley School District’s construction bond will be in the mail Friday. The district is asking voters to approve $33.75 million in local tax dollars to make improvements on its aging buildings. This is the fourth construction bond voters have seen since March 2008, when the district asked voters to approve a $33 million bond. The bond required 60 percent approval to pass and only received 55 percent. In May that year, the district ran it again and received 57 percent. In February 2009, they tried it again, tweaking the request a little, and only 52 percent of the voters approved. Read more

Vocal Point: Maintenance on buildings would save district money

Over the past six months I took the opportunity to attend four of the East Valley School District re-visioning/bond meetings held at four different (two elementary, middle and high) school buildings. I have children that attend EVSD and I own property in the district. I’ve been involved in publicly funded new construction and rehabilitation of commercial buildings for over 10 years as a development consultant, project manager and sustainable building adviser. There are two key points that I would like to make: Read more

East Valley district moving to K-8 schools

The East Valley School District is asking voters to approve a $33.75 million school construction bond on April 26. The bond will be used to expand and renovate its primary schools. But the issue many are debating is the district’s decision to eliminate its middle schools and turn its elementary schools into kindergarten through eighth grade schools, regardless of bond approval. Read more