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Initiative to the Legislature 502

This measure would license and regulate marijuana production, distribution, and possession for persons over twenty-one; remove state-law criminal and civil penalties for activities that it authorizes; tax marijuana sales; and earmark marijuana-related revenues.

Should this measure be enacted into law?

Election results

Option Votes Pct
Yes 1,593,680 55.48%
No 1,279,005 44.52%

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Listen in on legalized marijuana forum

The Washington State Liquor Control Board held its first public forum last night in Olympia on efforts to get ready for legalized marijuana under the new voter-approved law. It got an earful, for more than 2 hours. Expect more of the same as they travel...

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Legalized marijuana hearing set for Spokane

OLYMPIA -- One of the state's six hearings on how things are going with the legalization of marijuana in Washington is set for Spokane next month. The Washington State Liquor Control Board, which is working on ways to set up legal production of marijuana, will...

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Sunday Spin: Leftover from the I-502 campaign 

OLYMPIA – Elections are designed to place a punctuation mark on political disputes. Sometimes it’s a full-stop period; other times, more of comma, pausing to allow one to take a breath before the argument continues. That seems the case with Initiative 502, which as most...

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Gallup poll: Feds should back off in pot states 

The federal government should back off enforcement of federal marijuana laws in stateslike Washington that have legalized the drug, a solid majority of people told a recent Gallup poll. Nearly two-third -- 64 percent of all adults surveyed in late November -- told pollsters they...

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This is a map of the final vote count for I-502 in Spokane County. (Jim Camden)

Mapping the vote: Final count on I-502

A funny thing happened on the way to Spokane County supporting Initiative 502, which legalizes marijuana for private use by adults. Some precincts, particularly those in the city of Spokane, really liked it. And by that we mean by big margins. Other precincts, as the...

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FAQs on changes to WA marijuana law 

When the clock ticks past midnight Wednesday, Washington state will have the most permissive law in the nation regarding marijuana, thanks to voters who approved Initiative 502. But the new law isn’t a blanket license for anyone to smoke marijuana anywhere, any time. There are...

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Gregoire: Moving ahead on marijuana 

OLYMPIA – Washington will be “following the will of the voters and moving ahead” with setting up ways that adults can legally obtain marijuana for recreational use, Gov. Chris Gregoire said Tuesday after meeting with federal law enforcement officials. To read the rest of this...

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Washington voters legalize recreational pot use 73 

SEATTLE — Washington voters legalized recreational pot use on Tuesday, but people shouldn’t expect to see marijuana legitimately for sale anytime soon. Initiative 502 would create a system of state-licensed marijuana growers, processors and retail stores, where adults over 21 ...

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Marijuana measure passes

Initiative 502, which legalizes recreational marijuana use for adults in Washington, will pass. The Associated Press has called the race, and we here at Spin Control agree. It's at 56 percent yes to 44 percent no, and that's too big of a margin to turn...

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Big money continues to roll in to campaigns

With just two weeks left for voters to return their general election ballots, large amounts of money are flowing into some Washington campaigns for top offices and measures that propose major changes to state law. The state Democratic Party reported a $350,000 contribution Monday to...

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I-502 puts former feds in TV ad 

Those wondering what the Initiative 502 would do with that boatload of money it is sitting on have at least part of an answer. Today they unveiled a television ad that features three federal law enforcement types -- two former district attorneys and one former...

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Baumgartner endorses marijuana initiative 

State Sen. Mike Baumgartner, who is running for the U.S. Senate against Democrat Maria Cantwell, today announced support for a state initiative that would legalize marijuana for personal use in Washington. The Spokane Republican said it was time for a new approach to the nation's...

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ACLU maps cost of marijuana enforcement

Powered by Tableau Washington spent more than $200 million on enforcing and prosecuting marijuana laws and incarcerating the folks that violated them, the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington estimates. The organization released an interactive map today of what it estimates each county spent on...

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Marijuana initiative lists Spokane boosters 

The campaign for Initiative 502, which would legalize some marijuana use, announced three "name" supporters Tuesday. State Sen. Lisa Brown. Spokane Council President Ben Stuckart. The Rev. Happy Watkins. Brown and Stuckart aren't big surprises, considering they've supported medical marijuana measures in the past. I-502...

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Legislature unlikely to consider pot initiative

OLYMPIA – Voters will have to decide this fall whether to legalize marijuana for personal use. The Legislature appears unlikely to vote on, or even debate, the marijuana initiative sent to them. The House and Senate government committees held a joint work session (that's not...

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