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Last updated: Aug. 10, 8 p.m. Governor, State of Washington

Jay Inslee (D) 599,135 46.78%
Rob McKenna (R) 554,303 43.28%
Rob Hill (R) 42,597 3.33%
Shahram Hadian (R) 40,118 3.13%
James White (I) 12,767 1%
Christian Joubert (N) 9,390 0.73%
L. Dale Sorgren (I) 8,711 0.68%
Max Sampson (R) 8,170 0.64%
Javier Lopez (R) 5,691 0.44%
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Last updated: Aug. 10, 8 p.m. U.S. Senator, State of Washington

Maria Cantwell (D) 698,686 55.45%
Michael Baumgartner (R) 382,599 30.36%
Art Coday (R) 69,570 5.52%
Timmy (Doc) Wilson (D) 29,149 2.31%
Chuck Jackson (R) 24,004 1.91%
Glen R. Stockwell (R) 23,944 1.90%
Mike The Mover (R) 18,109 1.44%
Will Baker (R) 13,978 1.11%
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* These percentages are calculated with data from the Secretary of State's Office, which omits write-in votes from its calculations when there are too few to affect the outcome. The Spokane County Auditor's Office may have slightly different percentages than are reflected here because its figures include any write-in votes.

u Complete 2012 Washington Primary results
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PDC: Inslee campaign followed rules

The state’s campaign watchdog on Monday rejected complaints about contributions and spending by Democrat Jay Inslee. Just days before Washington’s voter get their ballots in the mail and just over three weeks before the deadline to mail them back, the Public Disclosure Commission voted unanimously… Read more

McKenna: Too many permits, not enough help

Washington has too many licenses and permits for business, and doesn’t do a good job of making it easy for companies to find out what they need to get them, Rob McKenna said today. The Republican attorney general running for governor promised to do more… Read more

S-R Video: Billig, McLaughlin consider the electric bus

And the North Spokane freeway. Read more

Washington voters will decide fate of same-sex marriages

OLYMPIA – Three years ago, Washington voters approved an “everything but marriage” law, giving same-sex couples all the state-granted rights and benefits that married couples have. Now voters will decide whether to take the next step and allow marriage for all couples in the state, regardless of sexual orientation – something that has not yet been achieved by a public vote. Referendum 74 asks people to either approve or reject the state’s new law legalizing same-sex marriage. That law, passed earlier this year, is on hold pending next month’s vote. Read more

Inslee, McKenna differ on economic fixes, challenge anti-tax claims

To turn the governor’s office Republican for the first time in a generation, Attorney General Rob McKenna seems intent on keeping the race focused on local issues and state politics. To hear him tell it, almost everything that’s wrong with Washington, from high unemployment to struggling businesses to underfunded schools, is the fault of Democrats who have controlled the governorship since 1985 and one or both houses of the Legislature since 1998. Read more

Anti-gay marriage group airs TV advertisements

OLYMPIA – The group fighting to overturn Washington’s gay marriage law started running its first TV ads in the state on Thursday. The 30-second ad from Preserve Marriage Washington is running statewide on both broadcast and cable channels. Read more

Spin Control: McKenna’s dance moves could wrap up the nerd vote

The first rule of campaigning in 2012 should be: Think twice before you do something. There’s always a video camera around. This might be something the staff of gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna should write down, have enlarged to second-coming type, and posted around the headquarters after last weekend. Read more

Hemp may gain ground in votes only

SEATTLE – Residents of Washington, Oregon and Colorado won’t just be considering whether to let adults buy pot at state-sanctioned shops when they vote next month on legalizing and taxing marijuana. They’ll be voting on whether to let farmers grow marijuana’s far less potent cousin – hemp – for clothing, food, biofuel and construction materials among other uses. Read more

Cantwell, Baumgartner exchange political jabs

SEATTLE – Republican Mike Baumgartner repeatedly criticized Sen. Maria Cantwell on Friday for “going to war on a credit card” in Iraq and Afghanistan, and called for a 1-cent-per-gallon tax on gasoline to help fund the troops. “The country has not gone to war,” Baumgartner said, trying to turn much of the only debate in Washington’s U.S. Senate campaign into a discussion about Afghanistan. The military, and their families, bear the brunt of the two conflicts, he said. Read more

Solidly GOP district seeing spirited race between Matt Shea, Amy Biviano

To Republican state Rep. Matt Shea, Americans are on the verge of becoming slaves, and he has a plan to stop it. Among his proposals: The federal government should make its payments to states only in gold or silver. The FBI and other federal officers must get permission from county sheriffs to arrest people. Guns made and sold in Washington should not be restricted by federal law. Read more

Gridlock in Congress a hot debate topic

Republican U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, in the final debate before the November election, defended her eight years in Congress and argued that she has worked for bipartisanship in Congress. “We need leadership. We need both parties, Republicans and Democrats, working together,” McMorris Rodgers said Friday morning at the debate at the Red Lion Hotel at the Park. “When you look at my record you’ll see one where I have reached across the aisle to get the job done.” Read more

Billig vs. McLaughlin, Freeway and Electric Bus

State Rep. Andy Billig, a Democrat, and Spokane City Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin, a Republican, discuss their ideas about completing the North Spokane freeway and the proposed electric bus system in central Spokane. The two are running for state Senate in Spokane’s 3rd Legislative District. Read more

McMorris Rodgers, Cowan debate for final time

The final debate between U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Rich Cowan was held Friday morning by Greater Spokane, Inc., the region’s chamber of commerce. Read more

Focusing on the long term

Spokane County Commissioner Todd Mielke thrives in public life. He’s been both an elected official and private legislative lobbyist. Of the two, he said, he prefers holding office. Read more

House foes differ widely on the issues

The next state representative from the district that represents central Spokane will be 34 and will be new to holding public office. From there, however, the two candidates, Republican Tim Benn and Democrat Marcus Riccelli, differ greatly. Read more

Inslee, McKenna clash in Seattle debate

Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna clashed Thursday night over same-sex marriage, Medicaid and the best way to get more money to the state’s public schools. Each accused the other of ignoring the “will of the voters” when it was convenient. Each claimed the ability to forge bipartisan consensus while contending the other was tainted by their recent government service. Read more

Gov debate 4: Fights continue over school funding, partisanship

Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna clashed over same-sex marriage, Medicaid and the best way to get more money to the state’s public schools Thursday night. Each accused the other of ignoring the “will of the voters” when it was convenient. Each claimed the ability to… Read more

Today’s fun video: Tired of all those polls?

The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Jon Stewart skewers the over-use of polls by the national media. Read more

Gubernatorial debate tonight; U.S Senate Friday

Joe Biden and Paul Ryan aren’t the only debate on the schedule tonight for Washington voters. In a sense, they are the opening act for Jay Inslee and Rob McKenna, who will debate in Seattle at 9 p.m. (Although some people might argue the governor’s… Read more

Roskelley seeks county seat

John Roskelley – international mountaineer, author and environmentalist – wants to return to the job he held for nearly a decade as Spokane County Commissioner. Roskelley, a Democrat, held the District 1 seat from 1995 to 2004. Read more

Party lines clearly divide candidates

The race between incumbent Democratic state Rep. Timm Ormsby and his Republican opponent, Dave White, gives voters a clear choice along party lines. Dave White, a Spokane County public works inspector, says his priority is to lower taxes and regulations. Businesses are struggling in the current economy, he said. Read more

McKenna dance video goes viral

On the eve of Washington’s next gubernatorial debate, a video featuring Republican Rob McKenna doing Gangnam style dancing apparently has gone viral. That’s according to Geek Wire which also suggests McKenna may have an edge on capturing the dork vote with his performance at a… Read more

I-502 puts former feds in TV ad

Those wondering what the Initiative 502 would do with that boatload of money it is sitting on have at least part of an answer. Today they unveiled a television ad that features three federal law enforcement types — two former district attorneys and one former… Read more

Gregoire video appears on anti Ref 74 blog

The National Organization for Marriage, which is opposing the ballot measure which would let Washington recognize same-sex marriage, posted a video on its blog that suggests President Obama was hiding his support for such unions for several months. It’s a clip of Gov. Chris Gregoire… Read more

Watch Billig, McLaughlin make their pitch

Today, we launch a series of videos on local election, giving candidates a chance to explain their platform and positions on several issues. We’ll start with the race for state Senate in central Spokane between state Rep. Andy Billig and Spokane City Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin…. Read more

O’Quinn, a GSI director, says she has right skills to be commissioner

Shelly O’Quinn wants to make a difference, she says. So she’s running as a Republican for an open seat on the Spokane Board of County Commissioners. At 37, O’Quinn believes her job experience and education qualify her. Read more

Dellwo, Holy battle for 6th District House seat

The 6th Legislative District, which has set campaign spending records in previous years, is unusually tame this time around. There’s just one contested race on the November ballot in the heavily competitive district. No one opted to challenge Republican state Rep. Kevin Parker, who holds the other House position, and the Senate seat won’t be on the ballot again until 2014. Read more

McMorris Rodgers, Cowan share views during debate

The Democratic opponent of U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in the November election used much of their first debate working to portray the incumbent Republican as an ingrained fixture in a bickering Congress. “The biggest thing I hear is, ‘Where is our representative?’ She’s not here. She’s in the other Washington, serving the other Washington,” said Democrat Rich Cowan, the founder of North by Northwest Productions in Spokane. Read more

Billig vs. McLaughlin, Introduction

State Rep. Andy Billig, a Democrat, and Spokane City Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin, a Republican, make their case about why they feel they’re the best choice to represent the state Senate in Spokane’s 3rd Legislative District. Read more

Fun video2: McKenna tries his hand at Gangnam dancing

While the Democrats tried their hand at comedy, Republican Rob McKenna tried his feet at dancing last weekend. Appearing at the Global Korean Day Celebration in Seattle on Saturday, McKenna joined some young dancers on the stage for some Gangnam style dancing. From the video,… Read more

McMorris Rodgers, Cowan debate for first time

The Democratic opponent of U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in the November election used much of the first debate for Congressional seat representing Spokane working to portray the incumbent Republican as an engrained fixture in a bickering Congress. But McMorris Rodgers used her time to… Read more

Today’s fun video: Brown, Cantwell try comedy

Washington Democrats got together recently to give out awards, and the prize for “Rising Star” went to former legislative and congressional aide Marcus Riccelli, a current candidate for the state House of Representatives. One might think that Democrats might want to hold off on proclaiming… Read more

WA ranked No. 6 for biz climate

Candidates trying to make points this year by decrying Washington as a terrible place to do business, take heed: One national organization rates Washington No. 6 for its “business tax climate.” That’s sixth from the top, or best state (Wyoming), not sixth worst (New York)…. Read more

Bad tweet from Obama camp on voter signup

The tweetster for the president — we’re guessing Barack Obama is too busy to be sending these things out himself — urged people this morning to fill out and mail in a voter registration form by today to meet deadlines. Fill in your name, e-mail… Read more

Auditor candidates launching attacks

OLYMPIA – The race for Washington state auditor has escalated into the most hostile statewide campaign of the year. With the departure of longtime auditor Brian Sonntag, the two candidates seeking to replace him have focused on whether the other is fit to serve, not on their goals for the office. Read more