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Michael Baumgartner

A candidate for U.S. Senator, State of Washington in the 2012 Washington Primary

Party: Republican

Age: 41

City: Spokane, WA


Education: Master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University, 2002; bachelor’s degree from WSU in economics, minors in math and French, 1999. Attended Gonaga Prep for two years before returning with his family to Pullman, where he graduated high school in 1995.

Work experience: Worked for office of the Crown Prince of Dubai as economic development adviser for about a year starting in June 2002. Worked two years starting in the spring of 2003 for i4, a company that hoped to build a telecommunication network in Saudi Arabia. Worked as Dubai-based business consultant for about a year. Worked as consultant for Hecla Mining related to gold mine in Venezuela for several months in 2006. Worked as economics officer for the U.S. State Department in Iraq for about a year starting in spring 2007. Worked for Civilian Police International, a State Department contractor, in Afghanistan on a counter-narcotics program for about eight months starting in December 2008. Currently is a consultant, teaching troops about economic development issues before deployment.

Political experience: Elected to state Senate in 2010, unseating Democratic incumbent Chris Marr. Unsuccessfully challenged Democratic U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell in 2012.

Family: Wife; three children.

On this race:

Issues: Balance the budget while fighting tax increases, replace health care reforms with more workable system, end the war in Afghanistan “as soon as possible”, diversify energy sources. Notable: Met his wife Eleanor when they both worked in Afghanistan in a counternarcotics program.

Election results

Maria Cantwell (D) 698,686 55.45%
Michael Baumgartner (R) 382,599 30.36%
Art Coday (R) 69,570 5.52%
Timmy (Doc) Wilson (D) 29,149 2.31%
Chuck Jackson (R) 24,004 1.91%
Glen R. Stockwell (R) 23,944 1.90%
Mike The Mover (R) 18,109 1.44%
Will Baker (R) 13,978 1.11%

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Cantwell, Baumgartner exchange political jabs

SEATTLE – Republican Mike Baumgartner repeatedly criticized Sen. Maria Cantwell on Friday for “going to war on a credit card” in Iraq and Afghanistan, and called for a 1-cent-per-gallon tax on gasoline to help fund the troops. “The country has not gone to war,” Baumgartner said, trying to turn much of the only debate in Washington’s U.S. Senate campaign into a discussion about Afghanistan. The military, and their families, bear the brunt of the two conflicts, he said.

Doug Clark: Don’t weed anything into I-502 endorsement

Holy smokes! Did you catch last week’s herbal announcement from State Sen. Michael Bongartner?

Spin Control: Cantwell agrees to first debate with Baumgartner

U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell will debate her Republican challenger, state Sen. Mike Baumgartner, at least once this fall. The Cantwell campaign announced last week it has agreed to an Oct. 12 debate in Seattle on its public television station, which will be taped and shown on other public television stations around the state. The station and the League of Women Voters of Seattle, which are co-sponsoring the debate, will each provide a moderator.

Vestal: Flap over Baumgartner’s expletive misses point

In recent weeks, the 2,000th American soldier died in Afghanistan. And Michael Baumgartner used one expletive.

Doug Clark: Excuse my language; a candidate needs praise

(COLUMNIST’S WARNING – Attention, kids! Today’s epistle is about a certain word that you hear from sailors on leave or at Vegas parties with naked Prince Harry. But we’ve replaced that word with words that sound naughty, but aren’t. So you’ll definitely want to make some notes and then go ask Mom and Dad to explain what everything means.) I’ve wasted a lot of hours over the years grousing about how politicians are such worthless (pricklouses) who never say what they mean.

Spin Control: Once-in-a-lifetime vote is a quadrennial event

If you haven’t heard this yet, you will soon. A politician will proclaim this the Most Important Election in your lifetime. Or in a generation. Or since World War II. They might say “of the century,” but that’s really not much, because the century is only 12 years old, so they’ll probably substitute “of the last hundred years.”

McMorris Rodgers agrees to two debates

U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has decided to debate her Democratic opponent twice before the November election. After this month’s primary, Democrat Rich Cowan challenged McMorris Rodgers to debate him in each of the 5th Congressional District’s 10 counties. After her town hall meeting on…

It’s a big day for incumbents

Incumbents representing Washington and Eastern Washington in Congress advanced easily in Tuesday’s primary to the general election, but their November opponents say they’re confident that the races aren’t over. U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Spokane, won 54 percent of the vote in a four-way primary race to retain her seat representing Washington’s 5th Congressional District. She will face Democrat Rich Cowan, the founder of North by Northwest Productions, who took 35 percent of the vote. McMorris Rodgers and Cowan eliminated two long-shot candidates.

Cantwell’s Senate foes facing a tough campaign

For Michael Baumgartner, the challenge he faces in winning Washington’s U.S. Senate seat could be as formidable as the mountains that bisect the state. Democrat Maria Cantwell is a well-funded, two-term incumbent in a state that most national political experts color deep blue. She beat a GOP icon, Slade Gorton, to win the seat in 2000 and dispatched a well-known Republican challenger, Seattle business executive Mike McGavick, in 2006.

Doug Clark: Thank you for turning poetic goal into reality

After last year’s edition of Spokane Street Music Week took in a record $8,300 despite grotesque weather conditions, a challenge was raised by some of my closest friends. “Go for $10 grand for the 10th anniversary,” they urged.

Roskelley edges McKenna among Bloomsday politicians

Among the elected leaders and politicians running for office, it should be no surprise that John Roskelley won the race. Roskelley, a candidate for Spokane County Commission, had the best Bloomsday time among all elected Spokane and Spokane Valley city leaders; state House and state…

Lawmakers choosing between gimmicks, people

What’s a majority leader to do when she no longer leads a majority? Spokane’s Lisa Brown is heading into the special session of the Legislature without what Democrats have come to take for granted: the most votes. Since three Senate Democrats crossed over to side with the GOP on a budget, Majority Leader Brown and Senate Democrats are bargaining suddenly from a weaker position. She says that budget talks will have to focus on places where Republicans and Democrats can find agreement. She’s not, she says, trying to bring the strays back to the herd.

Easy to be frightened by such eerie electioneering

This time of year is such a creepfest. The ghouls. The goblins.

Baumgartner ‘officially’ in Senate race

State Sen. Mike Baumgartner made his “official” announcement today that he’s running against Maria Cantwell next year. If that sounds familiar, it’s because he was on television Friday evening, and in this newspaper Saturday morning, saying he’d run. That may have seemed pretty official to…

Baumgartner says he’ll run for U.S. Senate

After less than a year in the state Senate, Michael Baumgartner plans to run for the other Senate in the other Washington by entering the race against Democrat Maria Cantwell. Baumgartner, a Republican who won the most expensive legislative race in state history last year in Spokane’s 6th District, told a Seattle television station he will announce his campaign against Cantwell next week.

Baumgartner to run for Cantwell’s Senate seat

After less than a year in the state Senate, Michael Baumgartner plans to run for the other Senate in the other Washington by entering the race against Democrat Maria Cantwell. Baumgartner, a Republican who won the most expensive legislative race in state history last year in Spokane’s 6th District, told a Seattle television station he will announce his campaign against Cantwell next week.