u 2012 Washington Primary

Stephen Sharon

A candidate for Commissioner of Public Lands, State of Washington in the 2012 Washington Primary

Party: No party

Age: 48City: Seattle, WA

Occupation: Former salesman, now supports himself with proceeds from rental property in the Seattle area.

On this race: Issues: Describes himself as a conservationist who believes people need to be better stewards of the land. Supports a tax on every tree cut down on public or private land, would remove dams on the lower Snake River to protect endangered salmon. Notable: Hasn't voted since 2004 because he hasn't found anyone he could support, and is proud of it, because "it means my vote has integrity."

First run for office; believes there’s no difference between the two major parties. Not spending any money on campaign beyond the filing fee. Hopes voters will watch his video on TVW.


Clint Didier Republican

Last updated: Aug. 10, 8 p.m. Election results

Peter Goldmark (D) 616,149 51.49%
Clint Didier (R) 494,926 41.36%
Stephen Sharon (N) 85,673 7.16%
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