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Stephen Sharon

A candidate for Commissioner of Public Lands, State of Washington in the 2012 Washington Primary

Party: No party

Age: 49

City: Seattle, WA

Occupation: Former salesman, now supports himself with proceeds from rental property in the Seattle area.

First run for office; believes there’s no difference between the two major parties. Not spending any money on campaign beyond the filing fee. Hopes voters will watch his video on TVW.

On this race:

Issues: Describes himself as a conservationist who believes people need to be better stewards of the land. Supports a tax on every tree cut down on public or private land, would remove dams on the lower Snake River to protect endangered salmon. Notable: Hasn't voted since 2004 because he hasn't found anyone he could support, and is proud of it, because "it means my vote has integrity."

Election results

Peter Goldmark (D) 616,149 51.49%
Clint Didier (R) 494,926 41.36%
Stephen Sharon (N) 85,673 7.16%



Clint Didier