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As per Washington election law, a judicial candidate who receives more than half of the votes in a primary wins the seat and does not have to run in the November general election. Therefore, if the winner of this race receives over 50% of the vote, they will win the seat and be denoted (green checkmark) as the sole winner. Otherwise, the two candidates with the most votes will advance to the November general election and both will be marked with green checkmark.

Supreme Court Pos. 2, State of Washington

Candidate Votes Pct
Susan Owens 642,064 63.34%
Douglas McQuaid 243,374 24.01%
Scott Stafne 128,185 12.65%

* Race percentages are calculated with data from the Secretary of State's Office, which omits write-in votes from its calculations when there are too few to affect the outcome. The Spokane County Auditor's Office may have slightly different percentages than are reflected here because its figures include any write-in votes.

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