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Last updated: Aug. 20, 1:21 p.m. Spokane City Council dist. 2, City of Spokane

Jon Snyder 7,267 55.49%
John Ahern 3,190 24.36%
LaVerne Biel 2,640 20.16%
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Last updated: Aug. 20, 1:21 p.m. Spokane City Council dist. 3, City of Spokane

Candace Mumm 5,619 55.56%
Michael Cannon 2,780 27.49%
Curtis Fackler 1,086 10.74%
Kelly P. Cruz 628 6.21%
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* These percentages are calculated with data from the Secretary of State's Office, which omits write-in votes from its calculations when there are too few to affect the outcome. The Spokane County Auditor's Office may have slightly different percentages than are reflected here because its figures include any write-in votes.

u Complete 2013 Aug. 6 Primary results
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Washington elections draw big out-of-state donations

SEATTLE – Initiative 522 would change the law only in Washington state, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the lists of campaign donors. Of the $22 million raised to oppose the proposal to label genetically engineered food, exactly $550 has come from individuals and companies based in Washington, according to the Public Disclosure Commission. Read more

Washington voters on their own to decide ballot advisory measures

Voters seeking extensive information from the usual sources on five statewide advisory measures may be out of luck. There are no high-powered campaigns for or against the nonbinding Advisory Votes 3 through 7. No statements pro or con in the state Voters’ Pamphlet. No websites with videos or lists of endorsers. Read more

Editorial: The Spokesman-Review’s choices for Tuesday’s election

The Spokesman-Review editorial board has wrapped up endorsements for the 2013 election season, which comes to an end on Tuesday. To read the full text of the editorials online, go to http://www.spokesman.com/ tags/election-endorsement-2013. To summarize: Spokane City Council District 2: The contestants are John Ahern and incumbent Jon Snyder. We endorse Snyder, an energetic leader who has demonstrated the ability to work with all council members. Though labor-backed, he says the city might have to test arbitration to push the case that employee compensation outweighs the community’s ability to pay. Read more

Spokane Valley Council candidates benefit from PACs contributions

Recent donations from PACs and associations have inflated the coffers of some Spokane Valley City Council candidates in time for a last-minute advertising push before Election Day. The Washington Association of Realtors has given $900 each to appointed incumbent Rod Higgins, incumbent Chuck Hafner and Fred Beaulac, who is going up against Bill Bates for the seat being vacated by Mayor Tom Towey. Beaulac and Linda Thompson, who is challenging Higgins, have received $500 each from the Washington State Council of County and City Employees. Read more

PAC backing Snyder, Mumm missed filing deadlines

The flood of money into Spokane City Council races is accompanied by campaign accusations flowing to the state agency that oversees election spending. In the last week at least four complaints have been filed with the state Public Disclosure Commission about Spokane races. In the… Read more

Spokane Valley council won’t back tax to help move homes near Fairchild

The Spokane Valley City Council won’t support a new tax to move homes out of Fairchild Air Force Base’s crash zone, saying county commissioners should have tried harder to find the money elsewhere. Proposition 1 on Tuesday’s ballot would raise as much as $18 million in property taxes over nine years to buy manufactured home parks on the south side of Airway Heights and pay to relocate hundreds of people living there. Read more

City Council campaign ads contain false claims

Beware. With money pouring into two Spokane City Council races at a frenzied pace, the campaign material arriving by mail, on the radio, on TV and on the Internet may be misleading or plain wrong. Read more

Doug Clark: Council campaign fortune could be better spent

It takes a lot to shock me after nearly 40 years of journalism. I once had to conduct an interview while standing next to a charred corpse that lay among the scattered wreckage of a plane crash. Read more

Fire District safe from Ahern

In the KSPS debate that aired earlier this month on KSPS City Council candidate John Ahern spoke in confusing terms about the area served by the city’s Fire Station No. 9 on the South Hill. So confusing, apparently, that Spokane County Fire District No. 9… Read more

In Washington Senate 7th District race, mud and money fly

The battle between an appointed incumbent and a county commissioner for the state Senate seat in Northeast Washington has turned increasingly negative, generating charges of tax-dodging, union-coddling, trash-talking and even a possible death threat. The usual issues have come up, like helping the economy, finding jobs for the next generation, protecting gun rights and reining in government. But there are unusual things, too, like a tanker full of human waste with a political message on the back, specifically adapted for this year’s special election race in the 7th District. Read more

Shawn Vestal: Public shares blame for smear tactics in campaigns

And so we come to another election season when we are asked to consider: Whose interests are “special”? And whose are simple, pure, virtuous and just? Just kidding. We’re not asked to consider it – i.e., think about it – in any way whatsoever. We already know the answer: Our interests are simple, pure, virtuous and just. Theirs are special, and all that that implies. Read more

Fairchild commander calls mobile homes, target of Proposition 1, incompatible

As ballots hit Spokane County voters’ mailboxes, Fairchild Air Force Base’s commander issued a rare warning Friday about possible encroachment near the base. Col. Brian Newberry, commander of the 92nd Air Refueling Wing, said Friday that mobile home parks on the south side of Airway Heights are incompatible with Air Force operations. The parks, with 188 units, are located within an “accident potential zone” at the northeast end of the main runway at Fairchild. Read more

City Council candidates show similarities at forum

The lack of controversy in the races for Spokane Valley City Council was evident in the candidate forum held Wednesday by the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce. At one point moderator John Guarisco noted that the candidates were agreeing on most issues and it was “a little kumbayah-ish.” Read more

Spokane City Council races escalating with PAC money

Two independent political action committees seeking to influence the outcome of Spokane City Council races this fall have raised more than $100,000 combined in what could be the most expensive council campaign in city history. Reports filed with the Washington Public Disclosure Commission show an escalation in the fundraising competition between the two PACs in recent weeks. Read more

County sees plenty of races

It’s an unusual state of affairs this year in small town Spokane County politics: Nearly every open position is contested. Often it’s tough to find one person interested in filling a seat. But information on some of the candidates is scarce, as several did not respond to requests for comment and also failed to submit information to the Spokane County Elections Office for its voter’s guide. Here’s a look at some of the races: Read more

Hafner states views in Valley council race

The race for Position 5 on the Spokane Valley City Council pits longtime Spokane Valley resident Chuck Hafner against newcomer Donald Morgan Jr. Hafner, the incumbent, headed up the Positive Change Committee that helped usher five council members to wins in the 2009 election. He is well known in the community thanks to his decades as a school teacher, principal and superintendent. He has raised more than $4,600 in campaign contributions while Morgan has collected $167. Read more

Greenstone disavows ad campaign attacking Mumm, Snyder

The president of Greenstone Corp. has disavowed any connection between his company and a negative television campaign against Spokane City Council candidates Jon Snyder and Candace Mumm. At the same time, business interests funding the ad campaign upped the ante on Monday, adding another $25,500 to the independent television ad buy for a total of $48,700. Read more

Voters to decide array of posts, issues

Control of city councils and school boards is up for grabs as ballots for the Nov. 5 general election begin arriving later this week in the mailboxes of voters across the Inland Northwest. Most of the races in municipal election years are nonpartisan, but northeast Washington features a special election for the remainder of a state Senate term. Read more

Jon Snyder, Candace Mumm target of PAC-funded attack ad

A group of business-backed political action committees has launched a new television attack ad against two candidates for Spokane City Council, marking the opening salvo in what could become the most expensive council races in city history. Councilman Jon Snyder and candidate Candace Mumm, seeking separate seats in this fall’s general election, are targeted by a PAC called Jobs & Prosperity for Spokane, which received funds from three other PACs to help pay for $23,000 in television advertising against them. The ads began appearing on Spokane TV stations last week. Read more

Ed Pace, Gary Schimmels race for council Position 4

The race for Position 4 on the Spokane Valley City Council has centered on which candidate is more deserving of the Positive Change mantle. Incumbent Gary Schimmels is one of five candidates that ran together on a Positive Change platform in 2009. All stood firmly against the Sprague/Appleway Revitalization Plan and all won election. Read more

Higgins, Thompson face off again for Spokane Valley council seat

Appointed incumbent Rod Higgins and challenger Linda Thompson are facing off in the race for Position 1 on the Spokane Valley City Council, and it’s not the first time the two have competed for the same seat. Higgins and Thompson were both finalists for a vacant council position in February. The council split evenly on who to appoint to the seat. A coin toss decided the matter in favor of Higgins. Read more

Spokane City Council candidates square off in debates

Two debates filmed Tuesday showcasing candidates for Spokane City Council races had two distinct tones. A debate between Michael Cannon and Candace Mumm, who are vying for a seat representing northwest Spokane, was testy. Read more

Bill Bates , Fred Beaulac battle for Spokane Valley council seat

Two men – Bill Bates and Fred Beaulac – are vying for the City Council seat 7, currently held by Mayor Tom Towey. Towey announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election. Read more

Spokane City Council District 3: Candace Mumm vs. Michael Cannon

If convincing people to contribute to a political campaign is a sign of future success in government, Candace Mumm will be a hit. Mumm has raised more than $70,000, beating all previous fundraising records of City Council candidates and almost doubling her opponent’s fundraising in the race to replace Councilwoman Nancy McLaughlin, who has served the maximum two terms allowable by local rules. Read more

District 2 City Council candidates Snyder, Ahern don’t see eye to eye

There’s more than an “h” separating Jon and John. Jon Snyder, 44, is an incumbent Spokane city councilman known for his focus on transportation issues, recently sold outdoor magazine and unsuccessful fight to protect the South Hill’s Fire Station No. 9 from budget cuts. Read more

Claims checked in Pace-Schimmels council race

Spokane Valley City Council candidate Ed Pace has taken aim at incumbent Gary Schimmels in a blog post on his campaign website, www.electedpace.com. The post, “My opponent has drifted away from the original Positive Change platform,” alleges Schimmels has “reversed course in a number of areas.” Read more

Pace leads in fundraising

With the primary election over, most candidates have turned their attention to raising money for the November general election. Some Spokane Valley City Council candidates have been more successful in this than others, with challenger Ed Pace collecting more than $11,000 as of Wednesday and political newcomer Donald F. Morgan collecting only $167. Pace’s top contributor is retired businessman Jack Pring, with the maximum donation of $1,800. Duane Alton, a retired tire shop owner now known for his Citizens for Responsible Taxation group that campaigns against school district levies across Washington State and North Idaho, has donated $1,100. Read more

Fire District 9 incumbent loses primary

The initial primary election results are in and show that appointed incumbent John Bjork lost his bid to keep his seat on the Spokane County Fire District 9 board of fire commissioners. He received nearly 26 percent of the vote while Judy Personett received 39 percent and Jim Bennett took 34 percent. Read more

Spokane Valley incumbent faces newcomer

Spokane Valley City Council incumbent Gary Schimmels is advancing to the November general election, where he will face challenger Ed Pace. Schimmels has been on the council since the city incorporated in 2003. In 2009 he aligned himself with a group of candidates running on a slate called Positive Change; all of them won. In this election, however, major Positive Change donor Jack Pring is supporting Pace, as is Councilman Arne Woodard and Elizabeth Grafos, wife of Positive Change Councilman Dean Grafos. Read more

Stuckart 1, Condon 0

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Candace Mumm topped all the candidates for Spokane’s Northwest City Council seat. Her two main opponents lean Republican and were bound to split the vote. Topping 50 percent in a four-way race, however, is a win of sorts for… Read more

Incumbents survive their primary challenges

Washington voters – or at least the relative few that cast ballots in the summer primary – seemed willing to stick with the familiar Tuesday. Turnout was light in most areas, but incumbents seeking to extend their terms in office survived primaries for the Spokane City Council, Spokane Valley City Council and the 7th District state Senate race. Read more

Three in running for Fire District 9 spot

All three candidates for the open commissioner seat in Spokane County Fire District 9 say there is no controversial issue driving interest in the race, but a recent vacancy on the commission drew 24 applications. Incumbent John Bjork was appointed to his position in October by the Spokane County Commissioners when his two fellow commissioners couldn’t agree on which of 24 applicants to name to the vacant seat. Read more

East Valley positions teem with candidates

When it comes to school boards, incumbents often go unchallenged come election time. This was the case two years ago in the East Valley School District when the two incumbents ran unopposed, but an effort was made with a write-in candidate. But after an overhaul of the organizational system – the district has been transitioning to a K-8 system – two positions on the board have three candidates each. In District 3, incumbent Heidi Gillingham faces off against Justin Voelker and Marvin Moore. Read more

Primary mailings offer candidate variety

This year may go down as the year of the candidate as races in small towns and fire districts are crowded enough to warrant a spot on the primary election ballot that is being mailed this week. In Rockford one of the key issues is how to pay for the town’s contract with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and if the town is getting enough bang for its buck. For residents in Latah, the issue is whether to fog for mosquitoes and if so, what chemical to use. Read more

Advisory votes, cost on the rise

OLYMPIA – Washington voters will be asked in November what they think about five tax increases. What legislators do with that knowledge is pretty much up to them, because the taxes are already law, and the election won’t change that.  Read more