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Justin Voelker

A candidate for East Valley School District Director 3, East Valley School District in the 2013 Aug. 6 Primary

Age: 42

City: Spokane Valley, WA

Occupation: CFO- Valley Hospital

On this race:

In response to the question, “What do you view as the biggest issue that your constituency faces in the coming years and how would you solve or address it?”

Addressing this issue takes three key components. One, the District must provide a stable, consistent, and accountable environment in which students can learn and succeed academically. Two, resources (tax dollars) need to be allocated in a manner that allows for teachers, parents, and students to immerse themselves in an interactive and creative learning environment. Three, communication must improve between parents, the District administration, and the board of directors. How would I solve and/or address these issues? On providing a stable consistent environment: There has been significant upheaval over the last two years as part of the District's conversion to a K-8 education model. The K-8 model needs to be closely re-examined to see if significant measurable results are being realized. Depending upon those results, progress should either be continued, or revert back to a traditional education model. Allocation of tax payer resources: The McCleary decision provides a unique opportunity to enrich the lives of students in the District. From a board perspective, it is each director's responsibility to create an environment of trust, accountability, and creative learning at each and every institution in the District. Improving communication with District stakeholders: My experience over the last four years is that all communication has been largely one way, and only through the EVSD administrative offices. I would pledge to hold quarterly meetings in each of the facilities district three to hear from stakeholders. I would only ask that when bringing me a problem, please also provide a potential solution. I believe that this approach brings all stakeholders together, and would hopefully remove much of the acrimony that has risen over the last few years.

Election results

Heidi Gillingham 1,060 46.11%
Justin Voelker 706 30.71%
Marvin T. Moore 533 23.18%

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