u 2013 Aug. 6 Primary

LaVerne Biel

A candidate for Spokane City Council dist. 2, City of Spokane in the 2013 Aug. 6 Primary

Age: 63City: Spokane, WA

Occupation: Business Owner

Her pitch: A business leader who will bring focus back to City Hall’s mission statement of delivering efficient and effective services.

Her words: “Part of being a CEO is understating that hard discussions need to happen, and they need to happen transparently. Your employees need to know what’s going on. We can’t just keep them in the dark. That also has to happen at City Hall. The citizens need to know what’s going on. There’s less heartache in that.”

Neighborhood: South Perry (East Central)

Day job: CEO and owner of Access Unified Networks, which installs voice and data systems for businesses

Notable experience: Served as chairwoman of the East Central Business Association in 2010-2011. Served as president of Associated Builders and Contractors in 2003. Currently works with the East Central Community Organization. Earned a master’s degree in business at age 57. Currently a Board Member for Friendsview Retirement Home.

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Last updated: Aug. 20, 1:21 p.m. Election results

Jon Snyder 7,267 55.49%
John Ahern 3,190 24.36%
LaVerne Biel 2,640 20.16%
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