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u 2014 Nov. 4 Washington General Election

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Initiative 591

Option Pct
No 55.27%
Yes 44.73%

Initiative 594

Option Pct
Yes 59.27%
No 40.73%

Spokane Riverfront Park Bond, Proposition 2

Option Pct
Approved 68.58%
Rejcted 31.42%

Latest news

Mapping the vote: Tale of 2 gun initiatives

Spokane County votes on the gun initiatives are almost, but not quite, a mirror image of each other. (Click on the “continue reading” function to see both maps on the same page.) That’s not surprising, considering the two ballot measures essentially were competing with each…

Mapping the Vote: 6th District Senate race

Incumbent Sen. Mike Baumgartner topped Democratic challenger Rich Cowan in most precincts outside the city of Spokane. Inside the city, Cowan picked up votes in some South Hill and Northside precincts but Baumgartner showed strong in others.

Mapping the vote: Spokane County votes for Congress

The pattern for the U.S. House candidates in Spokane County was similar to those for most county offices. Democratic challenger Joe Pakootas captured some precincts in the city of Spokane, Republican incumbent Cathy McMorris Rodgers won almost everywhere else. For a closer look at the…

Mapping the vote: Spokane County turnout

Spokane County turnout currently stands at 35.5 percent, which isn’t very good, but there are still plenty of ballots to count. But as the map above shows, it wasn’t consistent across the county, with much lower turnout in many of the city of Spokane precincts,…

Mapping the vote: Spokane county treasurer

In a pattern that became familiar in Tuesday’s election, Republican County Treasurer Rob Chase carried most of the precincts outside of the city of Spokane, while Democratic challenger Amy Biviano won much of the city. For a better view of the results, click on the…

Mapping the vote: Spokane County auditor

Auditor Vicky Dalton escaped the fate of other Democrats running for office, beating Republican challenger Alene Lindstrand by extending her winning vote totals beyond the city of Spokane to much of the other county precincts

Mapping the vote: Spokane County clerk

Here’s how the precinct votes broke down in the race between Tim Fitzgerald and Mary Wissink for Spokane County clerk. For a closer look, click on the document below.

Mapping the vote: County Commissioner race

In the Spokane County commissioner’s race, challenger Mary Lou Johnson is winning the city of Spokane, and incumbent Al French is winning almost everything else. As the map of the Tuesday vote totals shows, Johnson did well inside the city limits of Spokane and some…

Mapping the vote: How the park bond won

The Spokane park bond issue was passing handily around the city Tuesday night, picking up the needed 60 percent approval rating or better in most of the 137 precincts. As the map shows, it was getting a majority, although not the needed supermajority, in most…

One in 3 WA ballots in so far

One in three ballots in Washington state have been returned to county elections offices statewide. Spokane County is slightly better, at 39 percent. If you still have yours and are looking for a little help to make your final picks, scroll down to the last…

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