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u 2015 Nov. 3 Washington General Election

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Spokane Proposition 1

Option Pct
No 62.01%
Yes 37.99%

Initiative 1366

Option Pct
Yes 54.02%
No 45.98%

Spokane County Proposition 1

Option Pct
No 54.10%
Yes 45.90%

Latest news

Only two new Spokane City Council candidates on last day of filing

The full list of people who applied for elected office in Spokane County.

Candidates wanted for local races

With just today left in filing week, the Spokane County elections office said Thursday there were more than three dozen elective positions with no candidates filed.

Two more file for 9th District House seat

Candidate filings on Thursday included two challengers to appointed state Rep. Mary Dye in the 9th Legislative District House race.

Filing week Day 2: Mid-morning roundup

Local races starting to fill out.

Filing week Day 1: Mid-morning roundup

It’s Filing Week in Washington state. Candidates with hopes and dreams of winning a local political office have to get their paperwork in by Friday. The mid-morning list for Spokane County can be found inside.

Spin Control: Eight rules for political candidates

OLYMPIA – It’s the weekend between Bloomsday and the Lilac Parade, and that can only mean one thing. Well, two things if you count the fact that half the people in Spokane have allergies acting up. This week is filing week for candidates in Washington. Some people have been running for election or re-election for months, but that’s just prologue to the real campaign season, which starts Monday morning with the opening of the office doors in county elections offices around the state. Fill out your form, pay your money and take your chances for offices like mayor and city council member, and in southeast Washington’s 9th Legislative District, state House of Representatives.

Mike Fagan will run for second term

Mike Fagan may be the Spokane City Council’s most controversial figure, but he also has strong ties to the Hillyard community he represents. Fagan announced Thursday that he’ll run for re-election.

Spin Control: Weighing candidates’, voters’ return on election investment

How much should a reasonable person spend to secure a $42,000-a-year job? A job with pretty good benefits, like a strong health care plan, generous expenses for food and lodging, and a decent pension – if you keep the bosses happy and they keep you around for a while. It’s mostly inside work, no heavy lifting, although you may have to spend time with people who disagree with you, and some who can be downright disagreeable. You have to agree to work 105 days straight, although no one ever does. There’s no clock to punch, and no one docks your pay if you don’t show up on one or even most of those days.

Tell me again why Oregon’s ballot system so much better

Why do we have to wait so long for our results? some Washington candidates and campaigns whine every Election Night. Why can’t we be like Oregon? Washington counts ballots it receives that are postmarked by election day, regardless of when they arrive. Oregon requires them…

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