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This year, the Legislature rearranged the marijuana taxes that were imposed by Initiative 502 through a major rewrite of cannabis laws that puts medical marijuana under stricter state control. That made it subject to the same excise taxes as recreational marijuana. The amount it will raise over 10 years can’t be estimated, and is listed as “indeterminate”, by the Office of Financial Management. It passed the Senate 41-8 and the House 60-36.
The change to state law triggers a provision that requires voters be asked whether they think those taxes should be repealed or kept. The ballot measures are required by Initiative 960, which passed in 2007. In the past nine such advisory measures, voters have backed some and opposed others. The results are non-binding, and the Legislature has yet to change – or even reconsider – a tax based on the results of an advisory measure.
Because the results have no consequences, there are no active campaigns either for or against any of the measures.

Here are the advisory questions on this year’s ballot:

Election results

Option Votes Pct
Maintained 507,545 57.91%
Repealed 368,934 42.09%

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