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u 2016 Feb. 9 Special Election

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East Valley School District Proposition 1

Option Pct
Yes 61.85%
No 38.15%

Great Northern School District Proposition 1

Option Pct
Yes 81.53%
No 18.47%

Liberty School District Proposition 1

Option Pct
Yes 61.53%
No 38.47%

Orchard Prairie School District Proposition 1

Option Pct
Yes 54.17%
No 45.83%

Reardan-Edwall School District

Option Pct
Yes 63.06%
No 36.94%

Spokane County Fire District 9 Proposition 1

Option Pct
Yes 77.65%
No 22.35%

Latest news

Eyman has $650K already for 2016 campaign

Perennial initiative activist Tim Eyman has secured $650,000 for next year’s campaigns, even before he can file a real ballot measure.

Lawmakers want impeachment vote on Troy Kelley ASAP in 2016

Lawmakers file resolution to impeach absent State Auditor Troy Kelley.

Carbon tax initiative headed for Legislature

Supporters of a carbon tax say they have enough signatures to send Initiative 732 to the Legislature next year.

Elway Poll: Trouble for Murray in 2016?

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray has relatively low job approval ratings and less than half of voters surveyed said they’d vote for her right now, The Elway Poll says.

Spin Control: Of David and the G-man

David and Goliath is almost as popular in politics as the Bible. But who would you really rather be as a candidate?

Sunday Spin: Of David and the G-man

One of the most popular images used in politics for candidates who are under-funded or over-matched is David and Goliath. When should it be invoked, and by whom?

2016 ballot continues to expand

Voters may be focused on the 2015 election, but some politicians are already moving on to 2016.

Fraser running for Lt. Gov.

State Sen. Karen Fraser joins the lieutenant governor’s race.

Election bets reveal public thinking regarding presidential race, politics

In years gone by, when reporters kept pints of whiskey in their bottom desk drawers and editors wielded long pencils sharpened to resemble hypodermic needles, it was common in newsrooms to bet on elections. Truth be told, it was common in newsrooms to bet on almost anything, from how much snow would fall in a storm to when the jury in a murder case would come back. But elections were often the top source for wagering, better even than football because, unlike sports, the ability to guess who would win elections was rarely tied to one’s knowledge of politics.

Sunday Spin 2: Changes in Olympia

Also planning a campaign for 2016 is state Sen. Pam Roach, who announced last week she’ll run for a seat opening up on the Pierce County council.

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