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u 2016 Feb. 9 Special Election

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East Valley School District Proposition 1

Option Pct
Yes 61.85%
No 38.15%

Great Northern School District Proposition 1

Option Pct
Yes 81.53%
No 18.47%

Liberty School District Proposition 1

Option Pct
Yes 61.53%
No 38.47%

Orchard Prairie School District Proposition 1

Option Pct
Yes 54.17%
No 45.83%

Reardan-Edwall School District

Option Pct
Yes 63.06%
No 36.94%

Spokane County Fire District 9 Proposition 1

Option Pct
Yes 77.65%
No 22.35%

Latest news

Sunday Spin: Labor Day marks start of current and future election seasons

Labor Day weekend is the point in the calendar when average folks start paying attention to this year’s elections. It’s also the point when political junkies start getting serious about next year’s elections.

Will it be Murray v. Vance in 2016?

Former State GOP Chairman Chris Vance may run for the U.S. Senate next year against Patty Murray, the Seattle Times is reporting.

Rand Paul rally at Doubletree next week

Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul will hold a rally at the Doubletree Hotel at 2:30 p.m., Aug. 26. It’s between events in Seattle and Coeur d’Alene.

Washington presidential primary a “go” for May 24

Washington will hold its presidential primary on May 24, Secretary of State Kim Wyman said Monday. That may be late in the process, and the state’s political parties might not use the results, but the primary will take place.

Spin Control: Future dim for on-again, off-again presidential primaries

Next year’s state presidential primary may be on life support after a meeting last week in which Democrats blocked an effort to move it from late May to sometime in March when there could be more candidates in the race and more interest among the electorate. Quite a bit was said at the meeting of the Presidential Primary Selection Date Committee about the virtues and popularity of these elections in Washington. Some of it was even true, although to be an annoying stickler for details, some of it was clearly not, such as the contention by two Republican members of the panel that “the people have spoken and they said they want a presidential primary.”

Sunday Spin: The uneven history of the WA prez primary

If the voters “have spoken” on the Washington presidential primary, it hasn’t been with a clear voice.

Elway Poll: Inslee approval down slightly

Gov. Jay Inslee’s approval ratings are gradually drifting downward, pollster H. Stuart Elway says.

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