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4 Washington electors to be fined $1,000 for not voting for Clinton

Washington electors who didn’t cast votes for Hillary Clinton Monday will be fined $1,000.

Washington electors split four votes away from Clinton

Hillary Clinton loses four Washington Electoral College votes to protests

Electoral College wasn’t done deal in 1976. Will it be in 2016?

As the time for the Electoral College meeting draws near, one former elector from the Spokane Valley often gets asked about his vote in 1976.

Circuit Court turns down Hamilton Electors appeal

Hamilton Electors, who may vote for someone other than Hillary Clinton Monday, lost an appeal to keep the state from fining them for breaking their pledge to support the winner of Washington’s popular vote.

Sue Lani Madsen: Maybe Washington state needs its own electoral college

Once again Washington is on the brink of divorce. Proposals for splitting off Eastern Washington have re-emerged with the filing of House Joint Memorial 4000 petitioning Congress to form the new State of Liberty.

Otter: ‘We’re at Door No. 2 now’

Gov. Butch Otter, at a ribbon-cutting in Twin Falls today, confirmed that he’s being vetted as a possible nominee for Secretary of Agriculture, and told Times-News reporter Nathan Brown that he’d listed his favored positions in a Trump Administration as Interior, Ag, and heading the International Trade Administration. “We’re at Door No. 2…

Two of Idaho’s four GOP presidential electors to be replaced before Monday’s vote

Two of Idaho’s four Republican presidential electors will be replaced prior to Monday’s vote of the Electoral College because they are constitutionally barred as federal employees from serving as electors, the Idaho Statesman reports. The substitutions aren’t expected to change the outcome, with all four…

Idaho’s presidential electors to cast votes at Statehouse on Monday

Idaho’s four Republican electors will meet next week to cast their ballots for the president of the United States. Gov. Butch Otter and Secretary of State Lawerence Denney say the electors will meet at noon on Dec. 19 in the Governor’s Ceremonial Office. Several of Idaho’s electors say they’ve been flooded with emails…

Recounts bring Jill Stein publicity that eluded her on the trail

Long before presidential recounts crossed her mind, trash dumping and mercury contamination pushed Jill Stein into politics.

Sunday Spin 2: What about those faithless electors?

If a Washington elector is “faithless” will the state take action? Stay tuned.

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