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Donald Trump says he wants to debate, but he has conditions

Hillary Clinton released a statement Monday night that she would be participating in all three scheduled presidential debates. Donald Trump said Tuesday he would debate but he had conditions.

If Trump can’t get along with GOP, how will he govern?

Beyond the immediate fallout from his rocky relationship with party elders, there’s a longer-term reality for Donald Trump: Should he win the presidency, he’ll have to work closely with the same GOP leaders he’s vilified on the campaign trail.

GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine says she will not vote for Trump

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine will not be voting for Donald Trump, she wrote in a Washington Post op-ed Monday night.

Firestorm after Trump says gun backers might stop Clinton

Donald Trump said Tuesday that Second Amendment advocates might find a way to stop Hillary Clinton from rolling back gun rights if she’s elected, setting off a political firestorm as Democrats quickly accused him of encouraging violence against his opponent.

Trump wrongly says nation is short of coal, fact checker says

Asked Tuesday about the price of gasoline and how regulation may affect the price of electricity, Donald Trump stood up for American’s fossil fuel industry – coal in particular.

In Miami, Clinton to call on Congress to act on Zika virus

Hillary Clinton will call on Congress to return to Washington and pass emergency funding for the Zika response during a visit to a Miami neighborhood dealing with the first U.S. outbreak of the disease.

Trump to try to steady campaign with economic speech

Donald Trump is trying to shift from a disastrous stretch of his presidential campaign to one focused on policy and party unity. But even as his allies speak of lessons the political newcomer has learned, two of his staunchest Republican critics warn that he could be heading for losses in a pair of battleground states.

Trump ends standoff with Ryan, strains to fix split GOP

Donald Trump faced an all-too-clear sign of GOP divisions Friday in two Midwestern battlegrounds, embraced by party leaders in one state but ignored in another as he strained to overcome deepening concerns about his presidential candidacy.

Clinton’s post-convention bounce runs into a familiar wall: emails

Hillary Clinton acknowledged Friday the challenge she’d face leading a country where most Americans don’t trust her, saying she takes “seriously” the work she must do to build confidence in her character.

Former modeling agent says he got Melania Trump’s visa

Melania Trump’s former modeling agent says she obtained a work visa before she modeled professionally in the United States in the mid-1990s. Those comments came Thursday in response to questions about Mrs. Trump’s own remarks that appeared inconsistent with U.S. immigration rules.

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