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U.S. Senator, State of Washington

Candidate Votes Pct
Patty Murray (D) 503,286 53.30%
Chris Vance (R) 263,684 27.93%
Eric John Makus (R) 41,128 4.36%
Philip L. Cornell (D) 31,003 3.28%
Scott Nazarino (R) 28,902 3.06%
Mike Luke (L) 13,555 1.44%
Mohammad Said (D) 8,427 0.89%
Donna Rae Lands (C) 8,360 0.89%
Sam Wright (H) 7,589 0.80%
Ted Cummings (I) 7,454 0.79%
Uncle Mover (R) 6,298 0.67%
Thor Amundson (D) 5,505 0.58%
Jeremy Teuton (S) 4,840 0.51%
Charlie Jackson (I) 4,450 0.47%
Zach Haller (I) 3,709 0.39%
Dr. Pano Churchill (L) 3,163 0.33%
Alex Tsimerman (S) 2,872 0.30%

* Race percentages are calculated with data from the Secretary of State's Office, which omits write-in votes from its calculations when there are too few to affect the outcome. The Spokane County Auditor's Office may have slightly different percentages than are reflected here because its figures include any write-in votes.

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Murray, Vance meet in second Senate debate

Republican Chris Vance continued his criticism that Sen. Patty Murray is too much of an entrenched partisan to solve congressional deadlock as the two met Sunday evening in their second debate.

Murray, McMorris Rodgers for Congress

The two congressional races on Spokane County ballots feature the 5th Congressional District and a U.S. Senate seat. U.S. Senate: You won’t see U.S. Sen. Patty Murray on TV pounding the partisan talking points and widening the divide. That doesn’t mean she isn’t partisan (she is a close adviser to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid), but it shows she has the temperament to keep the door open to negotiation and compromise. The popular narrative is that Congress is hopelessly gridlocked, but it’s only partly true.

Vance cancels Spokane town hall meeting

Chris Vance, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, cancels the town hall meeting he had scheduled for Saturday in Spokane.

Vance town hall on Saturday, Senate debate Sunday

Republican Senate candidate Chris Vance will hold a town hall meeting in Spokane on Saturday afternoon.

Gonzaga hosting Senate debate as one of 4 statewide matchups

U.S. Senate candidates debate in Spokane next month.

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The entire Washington congressional delegation sent the Air Force secretary a letter promoting Fairchild as the next home for the new KC-46A tanker.

Feds propose railroads have plans to deal with oil spills

Railroads hauling crude oil would be required to develop comprehensive plans for dealing with a significant oil spill, including providing detailed information to state and tribal authorities, under a rule proposed Wednesday by the Department of Transportation.

Senate easily advances $1.1 billion in Zika funding

The Senate voted decisively on Tuesday in favor of a bipartisan $1.1 billion measure to combat the Zika virus this year and next, cutting back President Barack Obama’s request but offering significantly more money to fight Zika than would House GOP conservatives.

Candidate Vance town hall meeting moved

Republican Senate candidate Chris Vance has moved the location of Monday evening’s Spokane Valley town hall meeting to the New Live Church.

Zika funding plan on the way, says Sen. Patty Murray

A senior Senate Democrat says there’s a deal to advance a $1.1 billion measure to battle the Zika virus. The bill is smaller than President Barack Obama’s $1.9 billion request but is expected to get sweeping support in a vote next week.

GOP Senate candidate says he won’t vote for Trump

Chris Vance, the chief Republican challenger for Washington’s U.S. Senate seat, says he won’t vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming primary or the general election.

Republican Senate candidate says he won’t vote for Trump

Chris Vance, who is running against incumbent Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, said Thursday that unless a conservative third-party alternative comes forward by November, he won’t vote for president in the election.

Garland qualified for Supreme Court, Murray says after meeting

Will pressure from folks back home prompt Senate Republican leaders to give Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland a hearing? Sen. Patty Murray thinks it might.

Sen. Murray questions DOE commitment to all Hanford cleanup

The Obama administration’s proposed Hanford budget seems to foreshadow declaring a cleanup victory, leaving critical work unfinished, Sen. Patty Murray said Wednesday.

Democrats denounce GOP ‘pinata’ comment on Supreme Court

Democrats accused Republicans on Tuesday of taking their cues from Donald Trump after the Senate’s No. 2 Republican said President Barack Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court should expect to be treated like a “pinata.”

Responses to the State of the Union

A State of the Union Address generates lots of e-mailed responses. We’re compiling some from around the region inside the blog.

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Members of Congress and state officials bet on Seahawks against Vikings.

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New law jettisons many of the unrealistic requirements of No Child Left Behind.

GOP lawmakers want ‘pause’ on Syrian refugees

Washington shouldn’t accept Syrian refugees until the federal government convinces them it’s safe, a group of Republican state lawmakers said.