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Statewide measures

Option Votes Pct
Repealed 1,550,448 53.50%
Maintained 1,347,803 46.50%

Option Votes Pct
No 1,727,105 56.60%
Yes 1,326,848 43.40%

Option Votes Pct
Yes 1,697,418 55.80%
No 1,344,672 44.20%

Initiative 1639, Guns

I-1639 would raise the age to purchase semiautomatic rifles from 18 to 21 and require more extensive background checks, so buying one of those rifles would have the same limitations as buying a handgun in Washington state. It would also require gun owners to keep their firearms in locked storage or otherwise secured in the home when not in use.

Details & headlines

Option Votes Pct
Yes 1,821,668 59.40%
No 1,244,596 40.60%

Initiative 940, Deadly force

Washington’s law says police officers can’t be held criminally liable in deadly force incidents unless they act with malice. I-940 would remove malice as a requirement in order to charge an officer involved in a deadly force incident. Instead, an officer would be protected against prosecution if deadly force met both objective and subjective good-faith tests. An objective good-faith test means the officer believed deadly force was necessary to prevent death or serious harm to himself or someone else. A subjective test means the officer believed there was a lawful purpose and it was warranted under the circumstances.

Details & headlines

Option Votes Pct
Yes 1,815,152 59.60%
No 1,230,658 40.40%

Town of Spangle Proposition 1 - fire levy

A levy to fund firefighting services in 2019.

Details & headlines

Option Votes Pct
Yes 84 67.70%
No 40 32.30%

City/Town measures

Option Votes Pct
Approved 56,040 64.30%
Rejected 31,118 35.70%

Option Votes Pct
Prefer Joe Albi Stadium location 53,713 64.40%
Prefer location near Spokane Arena 29,664 35.60%

Town of Rockford Proposition 1 - fire levy

A levy, which would replace an expiring levy, to pay for firefighting.

Details & headlines

Option Votes Pct
Yes 134 68.70%
No 61 31.30%

Option Votes Pct
Yes 78 63.40%
No 45 36.60%

Public School District measures

Option Votes Pct
Approved 64,229 69%
Rejected 28,843 31%

Option Votes Pct
Levy Yes 6,187 58.30%
Levy No 4,428 41.70%