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Mapping the vote: County Prop 1 for two more commissioners

Spokane voters turned thumbs down to increasing the county board of commissioners, but the margins of defeat in most precincts weren’t large. Read more

Mapping the vote: Spokane Council president

Ben Stuckart was re-elected as Spokane City Council president Tuesday, beating challenger John Ahern in all but one of the city’s precincts. Read more

Mapping the vote: Spokane Mayor

David Condon won a second term by carrying most city precincts. Read more

Measures passing on animal protection, tax restrictions

Washington voters overwhelmingly supported a new law to protect endangered animals, and seemed likely to pass by a much smaller margin another attempt to force the Legislature to approve tax increases by a supermajority. Initiative 1401, dubbed the Save Animals Facing Extinction measure, was approved by 70 percent of the ballots counted Tuesday night, prompting supporters to declare it a clear message that states can help protect endangered animals around the world. Read more

Animal protection, tax restriction measures passing

Washington voters gave overwhelming support to a new law to protect endangered animals, and seemed likely to pass by a much smaller margin another attempt to force the Legislature to approve tax increases by a supermajority. Read more

Dye wins 9th District House seat

Mary Dye of Pomeroy was elected to the 9th District House of Representatives seat to which she was appointed earlier this year. Read more

About a third of Spokane County’s ballots in

Latest reports from Washington elections offices have about one in four ballots statewide, and one in three for Spokane County. Read more

It’s Election Day - time to vote…

It’s Election Day across Idaho today, with mayor and city council races on the ballot, along with some school levies and local ballot measures. Boise Mayor Dave Bieter is facing a challenge from former Ada County Commissioner Judy Peavey-Derr and candidate Seth Holden, and Boiseans… Read more

Spin Control Files: A nomination for the worst campaign idea ever

Spin Control: Think this year’s campaigns were bad? Betcha Spokane has seen worse. Read more

Where do I vote in Idaho?

Idaho voters go to the polls from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Inside the blog are answers to some frequently asked questions. Read more

Tuesday is Election Day; voters have until 8 p.m. to cast a ballot

Voters in Washington and Idaho have until 8 p.m. Tuesday to cast their ballots. Read more

Doug Clark: Want to join me on Election Night to potentially witness history being made?

Doug Clark is looking for one or two political junkies to join him on the Clark Pundit Posse on Election Night. Read more

Spokane candidates on the lack of a city planning director

The city has been without a planning director since Scott Chesney was ousted last November. Read more

Sunday Spin: No reason not to vote, plenty of help to decide how

Ballot returns are pretty low. For voters seeking information on candidates or ballot issues, we have suggestions. Read more

Spin Control: Plenty of reasons to vote, lots of help to decide how

Ballot returns are pretty low. Here’s some help for voters who have questions. Read more

Does Spokane have a sprawl problem? Spokane candidates speak

Yes. No. Depends who you ask, like we just did for you. Read more

Candidate fact check: Has crime really fallen under the Condon administration?

With three days to vote, the wave of campaign literature continues unabated. But how true are the claims made by these mailers and door-hangers? Read more

Ballots are due Tuesday in Washington

General election ballots must be mailed or deposited in drop boxes by Tuesday in Washington. Voters go to the polls in Idaho. Read more

Spokane candidates talk about the city’s spokesmen and spokeswomen

Their answers vary, some say just two, others say it’s up to the mayor. Read more

McCall voters to decide on minimum wage

Here’s a news item from the Associated Press: MCCALL, Idaho (AP) — A resort town of nearly 3,000 people could become the first city in Idaho to adopt a minimum wage. KBOI-TV reports ( that voters in McCall, about 100 miles north of Boise, will… Read more