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13 Republicans, 3 Constitution Party candidates file for Idaho’s March 8 presidential primary

Thirteen Republicans and three Constitution Party candidates for president filed for Idaho’s new March presidential primary election by yesterday’s 5 p.m. deadline and will appear on the March 8 primary ballot. The 13 Republicans are: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina,… Read more

Shawn Vestal: Sponsor of petition against ‘sanctuary city’ law says she’s been misled

For months now, Jackie Murray – a truck driver, Teamster, and recent transplant to Spokane from California – has been the point person in the petition drive to undo Spokane’s ordinance that restrains local cops from making immigration status the focus of inquiries or investigations. Now she sounds like one of its harshest critics. Read more

Lawmakers want impeachment vote on Troy Kelley ASAP in 2016

Lawmakers file resolution to impeach absent State Auditor Troy Kelley. Read more

Impeachment resolution filed against Kelley

Lawmakers file resolution to impeach absent State Auditor Troy Kelley. Read more

Hayden man pushes campaign finance initiative, despite review saying it’s unconstitutional

A 75-year-old Hayden man is pushing ahead with a campaign finance ballot initiative that he personally wrote and is sponsoring, even after a review by the Idaho Attorney General’s office found it unconstitutional. Bob Perry, who turns 76 in January, said he wasn’t swayed by… Read more

Carbon tax initiative headed for Legislature

Supporters of a carbon tax say they have enough signatures to send Initiative 732 to the Legislature next year. Read more

Idaho ballot proposal would lower sales tax, cut exemptions

The League of Women Voters of Idaho is launching a ballot initiative drive to lower Idaho’s sales tax from 6 percent to 5 percent, while eliminating an array of exemptions and expanding the tax to cover most services - which would have the result of… Read more

McManus: Authenticity a bad measure of leadership

Joe Biden has it, and so does Bernie Sanders. Donald Trump and Ben Carson have it too — at least, they seem to. But Hillary Rodham Clinton strains to achieve it. And Jeb Bush? He doesn’t seem to want to try. The elusive quality is authenticity, and it’s become a preoccupation of the 2016 presidential campaign. Can candidates convince voters — amid all the noise and artifice of politics — that they are real people underneath, with character and convictions? Read more

Crapo announces Kempthorne endorsement, repeats ‘conservative’ 5 times

Idaho GOP Sen. Mike Crapo announced today that former Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, also a Republican and former Idaho senator, has endorsed Crapo’s re-election bid, something that’s hardly a surprise. Crapo is seeking a fourth six-year term in the Senate, after serving three terms in… Read more

Spin Control: How much coverage does an independent candidate rate?

Independent candidates often are tilting at windmills. How much coverage do they deserve? Read more

Elway Poll: Trouble for Murray in 2016?

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray has relatively low job approval ratings and less than half of voters surveyed said they’d vote for her right now, The Elway Poll says. Read more

Spin Control: Of David and the G-man

David and Goliath is almost as popular in politics as the Bible. But who would you really rather be as a candidate? Read more

Sunday Spin: Of David and the G-man

One of the most popular images used in politics for candidates who are under-funded or over-matched is David and Goliath. When should it be invoked, and by whom? Read more

House minority caucus chair won’t seek re-election

Here’s a news item from the Associated Press: BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho Minority Caucus Chair Donna Pence says she will not seek re-election when her term expires in 2016, opening up a seat in one of the state’s few legislative swing districts. Pence, a… Read more

2016 ballot continues to expand

Voters may be focused on the 2015 election, but some politicians are already moving on to 2016. Read more

Fraser running for Lt. Gov.

State Sen. Karen Fraser joins the lieutenant governor’s race. Read more

Constitution Party hopes to entice its presidential hopefuls to campaign in Idaho

The Constitution Party of Idaho says it’s hoping to have multiple candidates competing in Idaho’s March presidential primary, and already has seen one of its party’s hopefuls, the Rev. Scott Copeland of Weatherford, Texas, come to Idaho to campaign, making a swing from Coeur d’Alene… Read more

Group files initiative to raise cigarette tax, lower college tuition

The group StopTuitionHikes.com filed its proposed ballot initiative with the Idaho Secretary of State’s office yesterday, after making a series of changes to the proposal. It still would raise Idaho’s cigarette tax by $1.50 per pack and use most of the proceeds to lower public… Read more

Eye on Boise: GOP decides national delegate process

When the Idaho Republican Party holds its presidential primary election on March 8, it’ll determine how the state’s 32 delegates to the Republican National Convention are apportioned, and it’s not as simple as just proportional or winner-take-all. That’s because national GOP rules require if a state party does its selection process – whether by primary election, caucus or convention – between March 1 and 15, its delegates must be apportioned proportionally based on the results, but with two optional exceptions, a “floor” and a “ceiling.” Read more

Election bets reveal public thinking regarding presidential race, politics

In years gone by, when reporters kept pints of whiskey in their bottom desk drawers and editors wielded long pencils sharpened to resemble hypodermic needles, it was common in newsrooms to bet on elections. Truth be told, it was common in newsrooms to bet on almost anything, from how much snow would fall in a storm to when the jury in a murder case would come back. But elections were often the top source for wagering, better even than football because, unlike sports, the ability to guess who would win elections was rarely tied to one’s knowledge of politics. Read more