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Growth is key in Spokane County commission race

Republican Spokane County Commissioner Al French is facing a potential rerun of 2010, when he ousted Democrat Bonnie Mager in a close race. This time, Mager has shed her Democratic Party affiliation, choosing to run as an independent. Read more

Q&A: County commission candidates French, Mager and Johnson

County commissioner questions All three candidates for county commissioner were asked the same questions on key issues. Here are their answers. Read more

Profiles of candidates for Spokane County commissioner, District 3

Candidates Job description: This Spokane County office is part of a three-member board that serves as the executive of county operations. Commissioners decide on budgets, land use, staffing, county utilities and other matters. Read more

Editorial: Democratic candidate Marcus Riccelli is the right choice for Legislative District 3

The November race for Legislative District 3, Position One, pits 2012 contestants Rep. Marcus Riccelli, a Democrat, and day care owner Tim Benn, a Republican. A first-time candidate, Libertarian Randy McGlenn, is also running. Riccelli represents a rare breed in Olympia: a Democrat from Eastern Washington. He is well-versed on the issues and well-connected to make things happen. He used to work for former Majority Leader Lisa Brown. While he is to the left of the editorial board on some business and regulatory issues, Riccelli’s a good fit for one of the state’s poorest districts. Read more

Ballots start to go in mail tomorrow

County elections offices around the state will begin mailing out ballots Wednesday to the state's voters. Spokane County elections…

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Finance experience an issue in county treasurer race

Current Spokane County Treasurer Rob Chase learned one lesson in defeating his predecessor, Skip Chilberg, in the 2010 election. “For sure, I’m campaigning. I’m raising money,” said Chase, the 60-year-old self-described constitutionalist who’s facing a primary challenge from two Spokane accountants, Mary Kuney and Amy Biviano. Read more

Candidates for Spokane County treasurer

Spokane County Treasurer Job description: The county treasurer is the custodian of all funds for the county and governmental subdivisions, including school districts and special purpose districts. The treasurer is also entrusted with disbursing funds for the county and assorted government units in the county. Read more

Q&A with Spokane County Treasurer candidates Biviano, Kuney and Chase

All three candidates for Spokane County treasurer were asked the same questions on key issues. Here are their answers. Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot. Read more

Today’s fun video: A candidate, a shotgun and an elephant pinata


Firearms may be a great accessory for campaign ads, but apparently not if you are a Democrat running for Congress…

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When a past Idaho governor wanted his own state party chairman, he got him…

Idaho Statesman political columnist Dan Popkey cornered a half-dozen people for video remembrances at former Idaho Gov. John V. Evans…

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Tax-protesting Idaho GOP delegate says we’re seeing ‘growing pains of a revitalized party’

Hari Heath, a Benewah County delegate to the tumultuous Idaho State Republican Party convention in Moscow last month, opines in…

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6th District Senate campaign likely another expensive race

The 6th Legislative District is bound for another expensive campaign season, as Democrat Rich Cowan challenges incumbent Republican state Sen. Mike Baumgartner in November. Although they are the only two candidates in the race, making the Aug. 5 primary election almost inconsequential, they have already raised over $400,000 combined. Read more

McMorris Rodgers faces three challengers in August primary

When a member of Congress rises to leadership and is chosen to respond to a president’s State of the Union Address, it’s usually a sign he or she is well-regarded and secure in re-election. For Cathy McMorris Rodgers, an Eastern Washington Republican seeking her sixth term in the House of Representatives, being in leadership and providing the GOP response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address are things for her primary opponents to criticize as they scramble to survive next month’s primary. Read more

Q-and-A with candidates for Washington’s 5th District

All four candidates for Washington’s 5th Congressional District were asked the same series of questions on key issues. Here are their answers. Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot. Read more

Eye on Boise: Liam, Sophia most popular Idaho baby names

If you’re a baby boy in Idaho, chances are your name may be Liam. A girl? Sophia. Those were the most popular names given to babies born in Idaho in 2012, according to the state’s latest annual vital statistics report, now out from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. For boys, the top 10 baby names, including Liam, were William, Mason, Jacob, Michael, Samuel, Wyatt, Logan, Ethan and Carter. For girls, after Sophia: Olivia, Emma, Ava, Abigail, Elizabeth, Chloe, Emily, Zoey and Brooklyn. Among the unusual names given Idaho babies that year: Britannica, Versailles, Awesome and Truce. Read more

Could Bujak’s Libertarian bid draw enough votes to tip gov’s race from Otter to Balukoff?

Former Canyon County prosecutor John Bujak says he thinks he can win his Libertarian bid for governor of Idaho, and…

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RNC counsel: Whoever is elected Idaho GOP chairman at Aug. 2 meeting will be ‘full voting member’ of RNC

John R. Phillippe Jr., chief counsel for the Republican National Committee, has sent a memo headed “Update on Idaho GOP…

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Spin Control: Candidates spar over income tax claim

In these dog days of summer, things that would not get a second look the rest of the year are tested for news viability under much lower July vacation standards in an effort to fill the paper. Any other time, a press release from one candidate complaining that his opponent was lying about his stance on an issue would likely go straight to the delete file. Lying in campaigns is, after all, a time-honored political tradition protected by the state Supreme Court. Read more

Eye on Boise: Idaho Senator Hill donates to rival campaign fund

BOISE – A week after this year’s primary election, Idaho Senate President Pro-Tem Brent Hill, R-Rexburg, did something rather unusual: He made a $300 donation to his GOP primary opponent’s campaign. That made Hill the biggest donor to challenger Scott Smith’s campaign other than Smith himself. Hill, a seventh-term senator and retired CPA, defeated Smith 77.1 percent to 22.9 percent in the primary. Smith raised $1,484 for his campaign, including more than $600 of his own money. Hill raised $45,283 in campaign funds since Jan. 1, spent $24,630, and has $35,531 in his campaign fund; his expenditures included multiple contributions to other GOP campaigns. Read more

Sunday Spin: Checking out claims on a dog day afternoon

OLYMPIA – In these dog days of summer, things that would not get a second-look the rest of the year are…

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