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The High Road has big plans for big plants

In the last year, Don Grant learned more than he ever thought possible about growing cannabis – and he’s been growing it for a significant part of his life.

Primo Cannabis inviting customers to come east

When the City of Lakewood’s City Council banned all cannabis retailers from opening within city limits, those who had already received a state license to set up shop there were unsure how to proceed.

HEMPFEST returns to Seattle for its 27th year

What many call the world’s most sophisticated cannabis/reform ‘protestival’ returns to Myrtle Edwards Park and Elliot Bay Park in Seattle Aug. 17-19.

State cannabis taxes fund new Spokane detective position

Bring up the topic of taxes at any cocktail party or the nearest water cooler, and the discussion eventually seems to turn to why all of our state’s problems haven’t been solved, yet, with all that tax money coming in from legal cannabis sales.

Cannabis on campus: why you should leave bud off your back-to-school list

It’s time once again for the grass-filled quads of academia to be swarmed by scholars from near and far, and like many intellectuals of the past, the incoming student body likely has on its mind one of the great quandaries of our generation: CAN WE SMOKE WEED ON CAMPUS?!

LCB visits Spokane for round-table

One of the challenges with those trying to regulate Washington’s legal cannabis marketplace or those being regulated by it is that it’s distinctly different than many other industries.