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How to pick the perfect sofa

Typically not considered to be an impulse purchase, most seek to make a sofa purchase perhaps only once or twice.

Gifting action for Grandparents Day

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day each year as a time to recognize grandparents. As more people older than 50 are staying active with fitness, those elders likely would embrace both family time and an invite to go walking or cycling.

Pope Benedict, in retired seclusion, looms in the opposition to Pope Francis

UPDATED: Sun., Sept. 2, 2018, 9:55 p.m.

Ever since Pope Benedict XVI became the first pontiff in six centuries to abdicate the papacy, transitioning to a life of near seclusion in a Vatican City monastery, there have been questions about how the notion of two living popes would impact the Roman Catholic Church.

Ask the Builder: Do your due diligence before hiring a contractor. Yeah, it’s hard

Based on the number of emails I receive each week, I see a growing and alarming trend of people who are so busy, stressed and discombobulated that all they want is the easy button. They want the mythical magic home improvement fairy to float down out of the sky and place the best contractor in their driveway. That’s a fantasy.

Water and wine make a perfect pairing in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

Standing at the bow of a little rowboat and chatting with my two companions, I realize I’m not just fly-fishing Oregon’s famed McKenzie River, I’m also a student in a floating master class on how chance geologic events made this valley about perfect for two things: growing grapes to make world-class wines, and sustaining some of the country’s loveliest wild trout. True, my shipmates aren’t your average fishing buddies. Manning the oars is river conservationist and science teacher Steve Lent; wielding a fly rod at the stern is Jesse Lange, lifelong fly fisherman and winemaker at one of Willamette Valley’s first – and finest – wineries.

Let’s talk: How to hold family meetings

Far from the workplace, the agenda requires an informal check-in regularly. All corporate voices are heard down to the 3-year-old. It’s the family meeting – what more therapists and parent education groups suggest for anchoring relationships in the sea of busy schedules.

Mom’s use of opioids in pregnancy may stunt kids’ learning

Learning disabilities and other special education needs are common in children born with opioid-related symptoms from their mother’s drug use while pregnant, according to the first big U.S. study to examine potential long-term problems in these infants.

Lexington’s historic Distillery District gets a new lease on life

Approaching the Distillery District from downtown Lexington, Kentucky, motorists are taken aback by the large black-and-red mural depicting what looks to be – depending on your perspective – a demented scuba diver, a man wearing a gas mask or more menacingly, a prison inmate flashing what may or may not be a gang symbol. Underneath are scrawled the words, “Caution. Do not feed.” What it is is a controversial self-portrait by the French muralist MTO, and for some Lexingtonians, not exactly a warm and fuzzy addition to the city’s burgeoning public art scene. The mural, however, seems entirely appropriate as one of the key features of Lexington’s newest arts-and-entertainment corridor, the Distillery District.

Ask the Builder: Solar attic fan not going to be adequate for the job

Q. Can you cut through the fog of confusion about solar attic fans? Do they really work, or are they mostly hype? What does it take to really cool an attic space? My husband really thinks it’s a great idea to buy a solar attic fan, but I don’t want to waste the money if it does little or nothing. – Bridgett W., Tampa, Florida A.