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Female AC/DC tribute band Hell’s Belles return to Spokane with high energy live show

Hell's Belles, featuring Amber Saxon, Laura D, Adrian “Angus” Conner, Mandy Reed and Lisa Brisbois, plays Saturday night at the Knitting Factory. (COURTESY)
Hell’s Belles are like any AC/DC tribute act. Its members dress up like the Australian heavy metal legends. They rip through the band’s catalog of popular songs. They sound as close to the real thing as you can get. But there’s a slight difference between this band and the one they’re imitating: All five members of Hell’s Belles are women. The Seattle-based group typically hits Spokane a couple times a year, and they perform at the Knitting Factory on Saturday.

Pulitzer winner ‘Disgraced,’ opening at Spokane’s Stage Left, offers a complex look at modern life

Alyssa Jordan (Jory, right) and Aubrey Shimek Davis (Emicy) rehearse a scene from “Disgraced,” which opens Jan. 13 at Stage Left. (Special to The Spokesman-Review / James Snook)
It sounds like the setup for a cheap joke. A white woman, a black woman, a lapsed Muslim man and a Jewish man, all wealthy and opinionated, go to a dinner party. The booze starts to flow, the conversation veers into religion and politics and a pleasant evening becomes an ideological minefield. But this isn’t some dumb gag: It’s the plot of Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Disgraced,” opening Friday at Stage Left Theater.

Running can be good for your knees

Dear Doctor: I recently added running to my weight-loss program. Not only do I feel better, but the pounds are also coming off faster. However, I keep reading that running is bad for my knees, so it makes me wonder – am I making a mistake? Dear Reader: We’re happy to reassure you that running, when done properly, is not bad for your knees. In fact, a number of recent studies suggest the opposite is true.

Movie review: Affleck wears too many hats in ‘Live By Night’

Ben Affeck in a scene from "Live By Night." (Claire Folger / AP)
In “Live By Night,” writer, director and star Ben Affleck is wearing too many hats – he literally wears a lot of hats in this Prohibition-era gangster flick – and there’s the sense that maybe he was spread too thin, and therefore the story is spread too thin.

Movie review: Natalie Portman embodies arresting portrait of a first lady in ‘Jackie’

Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy in a scene from the film, "Jackie." (Stephanie Branchu / AP)
The shock, grief and spotlight glare endured by Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, in the days following her husband’s 1963 assassination, was there for all to see. Yet who knows what she was truly thinking, feeling, screaming inside while wiping her husband’s dried blood off her famous pink dress, or watching Lyndon B. Johnson taking the oath aboard Air Force One?

Review: ‘Elle’ is a mysterious puzzle

Isabelle Huppert in a scene from "Elle." (Guy Ferrandis / AP)
When you think of movies that roar out of the starting gate with a brutal act of sexual violence, you don’t predict the victim will casually sweep up the debris from the attack, take a relaxing bubble bath and mention it in passing to her swank dinner companions before ordering.

In the Kitchen with Margaret Albaugh: Cooking for vegan kids

Harry Albaugh, 4, enjoys a grilled hummus sandwich at home on Spokane’s South Hill. (Margaret Albaugh)
Vegans and vegetarians make up a small number of Americans. It’s difficult to pin down an exact percentage; recent polls put figures for both at anywhere from 2 to 10 percent. And those percentage points don’t include children, which are even more difficult to track.

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Suspects in Latah Co killing caught

Ferry County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that two suspects wanted in connection with a homicide in Latah County have been apprehended. The suspects, Keagan C. Tennant, 17, and Matthew J. ...

It’s almost here

Yes, the Wear Your Pajamas to the Grocery Store Weekend is almost upon us. Remember the three key rituals of the annual observance, which some in Spokane regard as a ...