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SATURDAY, MAY 21, 2016

The Slice: One downside of our region’s image

Frankly, the ballyhooed Inland Northwest lifestyle can be something of a pain on weekends. That’s because it can be hard to resist comparing what you are doing in real life with various tourism-brochure activities popular with people who are not spending their Saturday immersed in some household project.

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Annie’s Mailbox: Readers weigh in on abusive spouses

“Can’t Win in Tennessee” said his wife calls him names, constantly criticizes him and threatens divorce. Dear Annie correctly told him that he was in an abusive marriage. What Annie didn’t point out is that his two young children are also being damaged by his wife’s psychologically abusive behavior.

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Ask Doctor K: Get calcium from food rather than pills

DEAR DOCTOR K: Many years ago, my doctor told me that men, like women, should take calcium supplements. So I have been. Now I hear that it’s a bad idea. What do you think? DEAR READER: All of us wish we had all the answers. Unfortunately, the way the human body works, and malfunctions, is complicated. To understand it, we conduct research. But no study is perfect.

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Actor Russell Crowe poses for photographers Sunday upon arrival at the screening of the film “The Nice Guys” at the 69th international film festival, Cannes, southern France. (Joel Ryan / Associated Press)

Russell Crowe: There’s more ‘Nice Guys’ where smoking is permitted

LOS ANGELES – When I sit down with an actor, my plan is to discuss their current project in the short time I have. But sometimes the conversation takes a weird direction and we spend a few moments on a different topic. Russell Crowe went way off topic the moment he walked into the Beverly Hilton Hotel room for what was supposed to be a discussion of his new film, “The Nice Guys.” The film has him teaming with Ryan Gosling to play two bungling investigators in 1977. They find themselves waist deep in murder, corruption and the porn industry.

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This concrete sidewalk is spalling. It’s not too hard to repair it. (Tim Carter)

Spalling concrete driveway can be repaired with cement stucco

Concrete spalling seems to be a growing epidemic if my email inbox is any sort of trusted indicator. Years ago, reports of these failures were primarily from parts of the USA that received cold and freezing weather. Now I’m getting reports from places that rarely receive freezing temperatures. In almost all cases the root cause of concrete spalling is a workmanship error.

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FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2016

The Slice: Some toys never really go away

Millwood’s Pam Hansen shared this. “Back in the 1960s, one of my favorite possessions was a Spirograph, the drawing toy used to make geometric designs. I left it in my parents’ house when I moved out on my own around ...

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THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2016

James McCartney performs Friday night at The Bartlett. (James McCartney)

Younger McCartney brings his show to Spokane

James McCartney came to a solo career late, although it’s fair to say he’s been around music his entire life. When your parents are Paul and Linda McCartney, there’s little choice. McCartney, the youngest child of the former Beatle and ...

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Carolyn Hax: How to answer ‘baby’ question

Dear Carolyn: What do people really want to hear when they ask when my husband and I are going to have children? When I say we don’t plan to, the next question is, why not? Do I tell them it was a tough decision to make and one I find myself struggling with but know to be the right one? That we can barely keep ourselves afloat financially or that we both have trouble keeping cool under pressure and that would be a rough situation for a kid? Or a bunch of other reasons even harder to hear than those?

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Jeffrey Foucault performs Saturday night at The Bartlett. (Joseph Navas)

Jeffrey Foucault brings highway-worthy, tour-inspired songs to The Bartlett

Jeffrey Foucault’s music is the perfect soundtrack for a long drive on a lonely stretch of highway, with all the windows rolled down and the volume turned up as loud as it will go. That seems appropriate, since Foucault, who performs at the Bartlett on Saturday, is frequently traveling and often writes on the road. His songs function as souvenirs of the places he’s been, capturing what Foucault describes as “the absurdity of driving around the United States, but also the beauty of it.”

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The Horse Heaven Hills was approved as an official American Viticultural Area in 2005. The region has developed into one of Washingtons most important wine grape areas. (Andy Perdue / Great Northwest Wine)

Great NW Wine: Horse Heaven Hills gaining in importance

Winemakers throughout Washington crave the grapes coming from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA — particularly the reds. It is the second-most-planted region in Washington, after the Yakima Valley, and its nearly 10,000 acres of red wine grapes serve as the backbone of the Washington wine industry.

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In this 2007 file photo, Prince performs during the halftime show at the Super Bowl XLI football game at Dolphin Stadium in Miami. (CHRIS O'MEARA / Associated Press)

2 possible heirs file claim in Prince estate

MINNEAPOLIS – Two more purported heirs of the late megastar Prince filed a motion in Carver County District Court on Wednesday to intervene in his $100 million-dollar-plus estate. The potential heirs are Brianna Nelson and Victoria Nelson, the daughter and ...

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The SliceYou have 50 choices 

S-R intern Tyson Bird brought cookies to work on his last day with us. It has been a pleasure to have him here. I first printed a column submission from ...

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ClarksvilleMel McCuddin: The Art of Darkness

Inside a downtown gallery maybe two decades ago – that’s where I first got McCuddined. I recall strolling through the vast array of art when one canvas stopped me cold. ...

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