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Wine & Taps opens at Latah Bistro

UPDATED: 11:18 a.m.

The new neighborhood pub is much more casual than its fine-dining counterpart. “This is going to be comfort and reinvented bar food, a place where you can watch a Gonzaga game and a grab a pint.”

Vintage Recipes with Dorothy Dean

From 1935 to 1983, Dorothy Dean was the face of The Spokesman-Review's Home Economics department, publishing recipes, operating a test kitchen and fielding thousands of telephone calls from cooks.

Each week we re-publish some classic recipes from our archives. If you'd like to contact our food writer, contact us at

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On Tap: Brewing up new business

Craft breweries continue to grow at a staggering rate. According to a report last week from the Brewers Association, the number of breweries nationwide has climbed to 7,082 – a full 1,100 more than at the same time last year – with another 2,000 in planning.

Common Crumb Artisan Bakery rebrands

UPDATED: Fri., Nov. 2, 2018, 11:01 a.m.

Jeremy and Kate Hansen’s bake shop, located in the back of the Saranac Commons building in downtown Spokane, is slated to reopen this month with a new name and a new focus.