Using sight and sound to trigger dementia patients’ memories

The old-fashioned rooms are in the dementia wing of the elder-care facility and serve an important function. They’re intended to make residents feel at home, help them retrieve memories and get them talking about their younger selves. Read more

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Depression can happen to anyone

Many cases of depression, especially when diagnosed early, can be helped by things that tend to protect against developing depression in the first place. Social interaction, exposure to light and fresh air, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and limiting alcohol consumption can all be helpful. So is helping others. Read more

Alternative methods

Q. My wife has late-stage Alzheimer’s disease. She is now in a memory-care facility. They often give her sedatives to calm her agitation. I have read that such drugs are dangerous, especially for older people with dementia. Is there anything that might be safer? Read more

Zorba Paster: Turmeric’s value in arthritis unproved

Turmeric is an ancient Indian remedy for gastrointestinal ailments, infections, sores and inflammation. Read more

People’s Pharmacy: Aussie skeptic embraces vicks on soles

Q. I had been coughing for a week with the flu, and I was so tired because it had kept me awake. Besides, the constant cough made my neck sore. I read on your website about smearing Vicks VapoRub on the soles of the feet to stop a nighttime cough. I live in Brisbane, Australia, and figured this must be some stupid American fad. How could it possibly work? Read more

Barre classes are on point for a wide range of core fitness seekers

Barre teachers say the workout’s combination of dance exercises, yoga and Pilates is perfect for an age when many of us spend hours hunched over devices, our behinds on desk chairs. We seem to agree: There are hundreds of barre programs out there, from boutique studios to their corporate cousins. Read more

Choosing a doctor takes some investigation

At open enrollment time, be sure to ask questions. Read more

Study: Costs may keep low-income patients from clinical trials

Cancer patients with lower incomes are a third less likely to be part of clinical trials that could help treat their disease than those whose annual income is at least $50,000, according to a new study. Read more

Dr. Zorba Paster: Drug costs confound doctors, too

There may be less expensive option for your prescriptions Read more

Why Sesame Street chose a girl character to portray autism

Julia took three years to create, and after consulting extensively with researchers, she was at first surprised that they recommended a girl. But the more she thought about it, the more it made sense to her. Read more

For some IVF patients, a choice: Boy or girl?

While the controversial practice of undergoing IVF solely for the purpose of gender selection gets more attention, it may be more common to undergo IVF and gender-revealing genetic screening of the embryos to determine their viability, and then, as a bonus, get to choose gender. Read more

Paying attention to ADHD, in all its forms

ADHD stands for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. It’s a condition that is common in young and old alike, and can occur in both males and females. It tends to start during the early grade school years and very often persists into adulthood. There are three different types of ADHD, so not everyone who has this condition acts the same way. Amanda Schuh, behavioral health nurse practitioner at Mayo Clinic Health System, shares more information about the nuances of each form: Read more

Eating fish brings greater benefits than risks

Ask Doctor K column for Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015. Read more

Did antibiotic cause lethal aortic rupture?

Q. Four years ago, my 93-year-old father fell, and his neighbor took him to the emergency room. When the hospital called, I said I would come right away. I warned them NOT to give him any quinolone antibiotics because I’d had a bad experience with such drugs myself. I also reminded the hospital that he had an aortic aneurysm and shouldn’t be given warfarin (Coumadin). By the time I arrived, Dad had no idea who I was. Before the fall he was sharp as a tack. Read more

Advance directives ensure end-of-life wishes

Having advance directives ensure that you get the medical care you want at a time when you may not be able to communicate your wishes to others. Read more

Zorba Paster: Thinking evolves on autism treatment, causes

New study finds interesting, but not conclusive, connection between C-section and autism. Read more

Balance the benefits and risks of aspirin for heart health

Ask Doctor K for Saturday, Oct. 17, 2015. Read more

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