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Implant a first step for deaf kids

WASHINGTON — At age 3, Angelica Lopez is helping to break a sound barrier for deaf children. Born without working auditory nerves, she can detect sounds for the first time — and start to mimic them — after undergoing brain surgery to implant a device that bypasses missing wiring in her inner ears. Read more

Embracing his scars: Cranial birth defect in son leads mom to send care packages to others

SEATTLE – Anthony James Davidson, age 6, is happy to show strangers his “zoop-zoop.” That’s what the Seattle kindergartner calls the scar that zigzags across the top of his head, hidden by dark hair, permanent evidence that he was among the one in every 2,000 babies born with a birth defect that most parents don’t recognize – and can’t pronounce. Read more

Doctors treating more children with kidney stones

PITTSBURGH – The first time the reddish color appeared in Bella’s urine, Loren Carroto blamed the ice pops her daughter had eaten at a birthday party. But the discoloration returned intermittently. It turned out to be blood, not food coloring, and the diagnosis was one affecting a growing number of children: kidney stones. Read more

Activities help babies develop motor skills

SEATTLE – Just about the time McKenna Smith reached the age of 6 months, her parents noticed something odd. Their perky baby could grasp a table and stand, but she couldn’t sit. Whenever she tried to crawl, her belly would brush the floor. She used predominantly her left side. Read more