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Feeling out of shape and fat? Here’s how to fix that: Start walking.

Diana Nyad, left, and Bonnie Stoll intend to travel by foot across America. (Courtesy of EverWalk / Courtesy of EverWalk)
Diana Nyad – the endurance athlete who, at age 64, swam from Cuba to Florida – has another big dream. It doesn’t involve water, poisonous jellyfish or an exhausting 111-mile journey that took her 53 hours. Instead, it involves millions of feet, which Nyad wants to see stride across every state in America.

House Call: Tips for staying safe this summer

After an especially long and snowy winter, most of us here in Spokane are eagerly looking forward to all the outdoor activities summer has to offer. I know I am. To insure that we have not only a fun-filled season, but also one free of injury, I’d like to go over some tips.

Carpal tunnel syndrome may require surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure on the median nerve that is in the front of your wrist. (Dreamstime / Tribune News Service)
Treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome usually starts with splinting, self-care measures and, if needed, a corticosteroid injection. If that provides only temporary relief, then surgery may be recommended.

Dr. Zorba Paster: Enjoy life and you may just live longer

Years ago I wrote a book “The Longevity Code: Your Personal Prescription for a Longer, Sweeter Life.” The book and my PBS show “How to Live a Long, Sweet Life,” stressed the fact that length and quality of life go hand in hand.

America’s love-hate relationship with the fidget spinner: Is technology to blame for our restlessness?

Fidget spinner toys are displayed at a 7-Eleven convenience store, in Warren, Mich. (Carlos Osorio / Associated Press)
You’ve probably seen the kid spinning a thing that looks like a miniature alien spaceship on his thumb and wondered what that was all about. Or maybe you’ve noticed a co-worker secretly fiddling with a cube with buttons on it under the conference table. These odd-shaped, oddly addictive objects – designed to let you channel extra energy into your fingers as you go about your day – are fidgets. And all of a sudden, it seems, they’re everywhere.

Marijuana extract sharply cuts seizures in severe form of epilepsy

This Tuesday, May 23, 2017, photo shows GW Pharmaceuticals’ Epidiolex, a medicine made from marijuana, but without TCH, in New York. A study published Wednesday by the New England Journal of Medicine shows that the medicine cut seizures in kids with a severe form of epilepsy, which strengthens the case for more research into pot’s possible health benefits. (Kathy Young / Associated Press)
An oil derived from the marijuana plant sharply reduces violent seizures in young people suffering from a rare, severe form of epilepsy, according to a study published Wednesday that gives more hope to parents who have been clamoring for access to the medication. Cannabidiol cut the median number of monthly convulsive seizures from 12.4 to 5.9 in 52 children with Dravet syndrome who took the medication over a 14-week test period, according to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Fifty-six children using a placebo saw the number of seizures drop only from a median of 14.9 to 14.1 per month.

The one piece of Michelle Obama’s legacy that Trump can’t wreck

There is apparently one piece of former first lady Michelle Obama’s legacy that President Donald Trump cannot roll back: The food industry’s sweeping embrace of healthier, more nutritious products. On Thursday, more than a dozen food companies, including candy maker Mars and convenience chain Cumberland Farms, announced new initiatives with Partnership for a Healthier America, a foundation that Obama chairs and helped found.

Dr. Zorba Paster: A potentially simple solution to stopping spread of an STD

When was the last time you read Teen Vogue? I doubt if many readers of my column have this magazine on their to-do reading list – unless, of course, you’re looking for a Neiman Marcus top for a tidy sum of $1,150. I don’t know if many kids in my small town read this or buy the stuff it advertises, but when I found it in the waiting room recently, I was intrigued enough to read it. It was more interesting than one of those dry medical journals that usually make up my lunchtime fare.

Couple to wed after losing nearly 600 pounds together

In this combination photo of images provided by Ronnie Brower, Brower is seen before and after losing 458 pounds. For four years Brower dieted and worked out three hours a day. His efforts earned him the admiration of a woman who was on her own weight loss journey. The couple lost a combined total of 570 pounds and planned to wed on Saturday. (AP)
Andrea Masella and Ronnie Brower formed a bond around their shared mission to lose weight, and on Saturday were to be married in their hometown of Syracuse, New York, celebrating their new lives and all they’ve lost together, a combined 578 pounds.

House call: Taking care of your ears

Sometimes illness affects your hearing. That muffled hearing sensation you sometimes get when you have a cold typically resolves itself as you get over the cold. It’s from congestion in the eustachian tubes that move air from behind your nose to the middle ear.

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