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There are solutions

A recent opinion asked for feasible ideas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming is contained in the book "Drawdown" by Paul Hawken. It contains 80 commonly available, economically viable, scientifically valid no-regret solutions with relatively short payback periods. Estimated worldwide cost for all 80 solutions: $27 trillion; estimated savings: $74 trillion.
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Who are the fascists?

Where does Ms. Paul come up with her idea that Trump is a fascist dictator? ("Fascist movement forming in U.S.," April 13) The despicable acts of fascist Germany and Italy are set in stone, and if we don't learn from their mistakes we are doomed as a free nation to repeat them.
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A belief in decency

We are a warring nation. A culture of violence and reactionism that longs for a return to the "good ole days." A closer look at the "good ole days" by those wiser than myself reveals the cracks in a culture that did not honor "freedom and equality for all."

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Allow parents to decide

In response to Daniel Dawson's editorial ("Parents must be informed - and trusted"), thank you! What great parents you and your wife are!
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An important distinction

Seattle's Mayor Jenny A. Durkan gave a stirring defense of her city's welcome of immigrants and refugees ("Here in Seattle, we don't fear immigrants," April 13). She noted that "immigrants and refugees are part of Seattle's heritage, and they will continue to make us the city of the future."
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Funding priorities

In the April 13, Spokesman-Review, regarding the Gateway Bridge and the $8.8 million in state funds spent on it, Tomas Kelley Lynch asks, "Why would we spend so much money on a bridge to accommodate cyclists and pedestrians and then do nothing beyond the landing on the south end of it?" ("Bridge needs better bike access").
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Healing of the earth

Thank you to the many supporters of the Earth Day, Healing of the Earth event, to be held this year at the Spokane Tribal Gathering Place on April 22, 5:15-7:30 pm. It will be a place to be informed by experts who know and experience the environmental issues taking place in our communities, and to become inspired and best of all, to be involved with solutions!
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Inslee’s message is vital

I wonder if Arron Thompson ("Inslee's run on our dime") and David Haderlie ("I don't believe my lying eyes!") bothered to watch Governor Inslee's CNN town hall or any of his interviews on MSNBC before they went off on their hateful tirade in their letters to the editor on April 13. I fail to see how anyone who listens to Jay Inslee could be anything but proud to be a Washingtonian and proud to have him representing us.
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Intolerance and decisions

Can activists govern? We all hope that those who govern provide care and protection for those they represent. History tells us that activists who become revolutionaries may then become dictators. And dictators are angrily intolerant of the views of others.
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Remember this session

This disappointing legislative session is over. Instead of forgetting like we usually do, we must remember this enormous disappointment the majority of us who supported a full Medicaid expansion felt. Republicans spent the session not only trying to limit the expansion, which they did and Governor Little approved, but then tried to kneecap the initiative process we used to try to help others.
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They all use our money

There were two letters to the editor on April 13, criticizing Governor Inslee for using Washington State Patrol services to keep him safe while he promotes his bid for presidency. These were both concerning the money spent by taxpayers for political purposes.
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30 days isn’t justice

30 days for a rape? That's an outrageous sentence for a serious crime. A female judge in a red state. How can this happen? What's his nice family have to do with it? Who was the judge beholden to? A bold act with people around.
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A foregone conclusion

This morning Attorney General William Barr has confirmed the Mueller report stating there was no conclusion of collusion between the Russian government and our duly elected president, Donald J. Trump.
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A message to the victim

A Spokesman article on April 12 about Ayden M. Harden being given 30 days for a rape conviction has left me speechless. Finally, I am able to say to the young girl who was victimized once by Harden and again by the justice system: You are not alone. You have many sisters who have experienced similar treatment.
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An appalling judgement

I am not arguing the details of Judge Cynthia Meyer's decision to give the son of a police detective 30 days jail time for raping a 15-year-old girl. I am arguing that her rationale, "he's from a good family," is flawed and biased, and it illustrates one of the biggest problems with our criminal justice system.
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Assange a hero-journalist

As an author-slash-long-ago newspaperman, I'm viscerally dismayed over the Spokesman-Review submerging First Amendment hero-journalist Julian Assange's arrest story on page 3 (April 12).
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Tiger Woods and measles: one comeback preventable, t' other inevitable.
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Don’t blame teachers

Senator Mark Schoesler's recent opinion piece in the Spokesman ("Big raises for teachers led to pending cuts," April 18) cites large pay raises for Washington teaches to the current cuts we are suffering from in the Spokane area.
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Don’t stop with professors

Rob Leach may have trouble with the climate change hoax that liberal professors promote ("Socialist education," April 18), but there are bigger fish to fry.

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