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Drivers cause more damage

Les Spillman's letter of Dec. 8, "The rut," bemoans a "studded tire rut" which caused an accident. The incident he describes includes "ice." That is what caused the accident, or rather the driver's inability to drive safely for the conditions. If the police had attended, I submit that there would have been a ticket that stated something to the effect of "driving without due care and attention."
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Five Mile Rezone

Our county commissioners recently change the zoning development from low residential to apartment complex building. This decision favors the raising of more tax dollars and lowers the quality of life (more noise and vehicle congestion). The two roads already have traffic problems.
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I’ll trust the experts

Todd Horner (Climate "sources," Letters, Dec. 10) states that "government sources" on climate change are unreliable (although he doesn't state why or who is saying so). Nor does he say to which government sources he is referring.

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Military museum is vital

Elliott Briggs' recent guest opinion on Spokane's ongoing efforts for the permanent locating and funding of the Honor Point Military and Aerospace Museum ("A valuable Spokane heritage and place of tribute is at risk," Dec. 9, 2018) is an important commentary.
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Nixed Avista sale a loss

Many seem to think, including Shawn Vestal, that the regulatory denial of the Avista-Hydro One approval is a good thing. I do not! Because Hydro One, as a Canadian company and foreign owner, would have been required to operate Avista as a separate U.S. subsidiary, which is good, meaning local management and board of directors, plus the headquarters would remain in Spokane. This also would have meant very few, if any, local job cuts.
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Remember Camp Hope

Kudos, kudos, kudos to Kate Burke, Alfredo LLamado and the others who stood up for the homeless and took a stand against the mayor's office's cruel removal of the homeless from Camp Hope at City Hall. Even though there were warming shelter beds available, the people at Camp Hope remained there as a form of protest and a symbol of very public awareness of the plight of the homeless. Once they are "out of sight" they are often quickly also "out of mind" of the city government and the citizens. Camp Hope was a symbol of that!
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Valley’s PR problem

The city of Spokane Valley and the 4th Legislative District have a public relations problem caused by Matt Shea which includes: his "Biblical Basis of War" manifesto with its alt-right white supremacist leanings; his attempts to create a 51st state out of Eastern Washington; his removal from a state leadership position; referral to the FBI for investigation and a inquiry into contributions from his campaign funds.
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Work of the Catholic Church

Thank you for the article relating Rev. Mike Savelesky's volunteer work for the Christmas Bureau ("Answering the gospel's call," Dec. 7, 2018). In lieu of the many years we've read and heard about the tragedy of individuals suffering abuse by the clergy of the Catholic Church, it was good to see attention being given to the other side of the equation.
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Citizens with firearms are demonized

Dr. Jeff O'Connor got just one thing right in his anti-gun, NRA-basing diatribe ("This is our lane!," Nov. 28). He wrote, "Our Constitution provides for an armed citizenry to defend themselves against those who would use the tyranny of the state to suppress our rights as citizens." That salient fact seems to be lost on the subversive anti-gun lobby's cadre of "useful idiots," Shawn Vestal to Sen. Dianne Feinstein.
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He kissed only one girl

"He kissed only one girl!" This is one of the many refreshing and homespun anecdotes about President George H. W. Bush, who passed away on Nov. 30.
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Moving past studded tires

Though I agree with a letter writer who said that flat steel, and steel blades, slide on ice ("The rut," Les Spillman, Dec. 8), I disagree that it is true of studs, too.
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Owning our beliefs

I'd like to express my thanks to Robert Archer for his article "Time to own your beliefs" (Dec. 9, 2018). I have felt the same way and was so happy to read his excellent article. I would add Exodus 20:12, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." We have a president that has committed adultery with all three of his wives.
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What drives the Christian vote

I'm responding to Nancy Street's Dec. 2 letter, "Hypocrisy in church." She mentions the book of Matthew Chapter 25 in the Bible. She infers Trump-supporting Christians are hypocrites who don't care about hurting, needy people. Christians are responsible for most hospitals, homeless shelters, soup kitchens and charities.
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Coaches overpaid

State university football coaches being the highest-paid state employees is absurd. Football-loving taxpayers have looked me in the eye and decried this or that tax, all while defending the obscene salaries of coaches, who, by the way, simply try to move a ball down a field.
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Lead pollution a moral issue

The Bunker Hill Mining Company in Kellogg, Idaho, went bankrupt in 1981, creating our nation's largest Superfund (cleanup) site. The mine continues to pollute at the site of the mine and downstream from Kellogg to Spokane. Lead leaches into the Spokane River from the mine and repositories like the one at the Cataldo Mission. The EPA's move toward loosening the cleanup requirements will only increase the danger by allowing mining corporations to pollute at higher levels.
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Smart meter charge unneeded

Bravo to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission for nixing the sale to Hydro One (Avista may seek another "white knight," Dec. 7).
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Forest mismanagement facts

It always amazes me at how stupid/biased liberals and the media are, their stance on global warming causing the forest fires is ridiculous.
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Gonzaga’s terrible message

I am extremely sad and disappointed with Gonzaga University's recent decision to reject the request of a student group to allow Ben Shapiro to speak on campus, especially in light of its previous decision to allow Angela Davis, a known terrorist, to appear on campus. Having earned both a law degree and an MBA from Gonzaga, I have been a continuing supporter of the university.
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True meaning of Christmas

Merry Christmas! These are words that helped ring in the holiday season ever since I was a child. Now, in my mid-'50s, it seems like these words have become offensive to some. Public and private use of the term seems to have diminished over the last decade for fear of offending someone.
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Albi vote was incomplete

For all of the chitter-chatter about where to put the new sports stadium, it should be noted that there is one major point people are missing.

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