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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

April 16
  • What if girl died?

    Page A11 We should strongly agree with the April 9 editorial that the Spokane City Council should “rescind (its) week-old resolution supporting relief for the owners of dangerous dog.” This resolution relieved …

  • Drug prices explain costs

    Page A11 The Spokesman-Review’s “Area’s top-paid doctors” (April 10) missed the important point that all of the physicians in the top five practice in sub-specialties that require the use of very expensive … 1

April 15
  • Another look at casino welcome

    Page A13 I am very glad that the Spokane County commissioners have hired attorneys to take another look at whether they should OK another Indian casino at Airway Heights. They point out … 63

  • Boat story full of holes

    Page A13 Apparently, The Spokesman-Review won’t let facts get in the way of a sensational tale. Your front-page story March 28 featured a local businessman who claimed he had been treated unfairly … 38

  • Better use of cameras

    Page A13 With regard to the April 6 article, “More traffic cameras on council’s agenda,” it seems like a solution looking for a problem. After all, Councilman Mike Fagan stated he hasn’t … 13

  • Vegas casinos don’t infringe

    Page A13 I wonder what the real reason is that there is so much fuss over a casino close to Fairchild Air Force Base. 30

April 14
  • Super wimp, not power

    Page A9 Super power? We used to be. Super wimps is what we have become. Not just because of wimpy President Obama; we haven’t won a war since World War II. Why? … 91

  • Obamacare a failure

    Page A9 After reading James Ramsey’s April 6 letter, “Proud of Obama,” I feel compelled to express a different view. 108

April 13
  • Logging not cure for forests

    Page B9 Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (April 5) is right about the plight of the federal forests in Eastern Washington, but the problem extends all across the globe. She cites a prediction … 60

  • Hobby Lobby hypocritical

    Page B9 I had to laugh out loud at John Webb’s April 7 shallow justification for the Hobby Lobby case currently under consideration by our corporatist U.S. Supreme Court. Rather than a … 193

  • Sinclair reports misleading

    Page B9 On March 21, The Spokesman-Review ran a story from the Los Angeles Times, “Slap-on-wrist sentence for Army general,” regarding Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair and his sexual affair with a female captain. … 3

  • Obama visit purely political

    Page B9 I saw in the paper that President Obama is going to tour the Oso mudslide site. Give me a break. This is purely a political move. His physical presence at … 56

  • Revise discrimination rules

    Page B9 It is my hope that the Coeur d’Alene School District board of trustees will consider revising its nondiscrimination language to include the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community in its … 37

  • Spokane friendly, but dirty

    Page B9 I wish the mayor would walk around the city and see how dirty the streets are. 9

  • Pay all a minimum wage

    Page B9 There is talk about a guaranteed minimum income for every adult. This sounds extreme except when we remember that every nation is a collection of people living within borders of … 12

  • No one fights for freeway

    Page B9 I see where our wonderful state of Washington has no money to complete the North Spokane Corridor. It does sound to me that we have several politicians, Rep. Cathy McMorris … 12

  • Curbing sprawl was law’s goal

    Page B9 The Spokane City Council’s initiative to restrict the extension of water and sewer services outside the city limits is about providing urban services only to areas that have been designated … 1

April 12
  • Builders support the community

    Page B5 In the April 6 letter “Enforce Current Planning,” the author suggests the Spokane Home Builders Association (SHBA) needs a “serious attitude adjustment.” This begs the question: Just who are the … 13

  • Treat pit bulls like lions

    Page B5 Before any more people are maimed by pit bull attacks, the breed should be banned or regulated the same as lions. In the city where I worked, the municipal code … 90

  • Stevens County turns blind eye

    Page B5 In response to The Spokesman-Review’s Feb. 21 story “Dogs rescued from ‘wretched’ conditions in Stevens County”: 4

  • ALEC calling the shots

    Page B5 Eric Went’s April 6 letter, “Government for the rich,” inflamed me and inspired me to write. “Our judicial branch is supposed to be our great equalizer.” Well, guess who is … 44

  • President’s Oso visit a waste

    Page B5 Our illustrious president will visit the Oso area April 22 with his entourage of political lackeys, security and promotional propagandist; doing a fly-over and taking selfies with Democratic Gov. Jay … 37

  • Stand up to Avista

    Page B5 I’m sure there are many of us in Eastern Washington that are having trouble paying our Avista bill. The state lets them have a rate increase every year. 19

April 11
  • Why the hate for Obamacare?

    Page A13 Recent polls suggest what many incorrectly say: Obamacare is not very popular. Considering how many people have signed up for it, and the fact it has lowered the number of … 111

  • Libraries should stick to books

    Page A13 In your editorial of April 4, you state that libraries are “… community centers, employment bureaus and entertainment kiosks.” You omitted meeting places, and classes on various and sundry. 3

  • Council wrong on pit bulls, pigs

    Page A13 I just read the April 6 story about a child and a man being attacked by a pit bull. This not the first attack by these dogs. How much longer … 12

  • Alexie ban proves his value

    Page A13 I would like to be the first to give my congratulations to Sherman Alexie. Nothing proves an author’s effectiveness more than when governments want to ban his works. 10

April 10
  • Home-grown tastes best

    Page A9 When I read the April 4 letter from Robert Johnson I laughed aloud, and lost my mouthful of coffee! Is he serious? 14

  • Planners short-shrift Logan area

    Page A9 Once again the Logan Neighborhood is receiving short shrift through inattention by the Spokane Planning Department; another violation of publicly stated interests of residents of this historic neighborhood. 48

  • Human circuses most humane

    Page A9 Tia Rosetti-Mills (April 4) and Spokane’s manager of the Humane Society 100 years ago are right: Nobody needs to see animals when visiting the circus. When I dream of a … 4