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April 23
  • ID opposition condescending

    Page A13 I cannot figure out why President Obama and most Democrats say voter identification laws discriminate against African-Americans. Such a low opinion if they think Black Americans are not capable of … 169

  • Fish Lake upgrades key

    Page A13 I am pleased the proposed $45 million park levy ($28 per year per $200,000 property) includes plans to enhance Fish Lake County Park, Fish Lake Trail and other neighborhood parks … 3

  • Land owned by all

    Page A13 The Nevada rancher refusing to pay fees for grazing his cattle on federal land is a thief stealing from the American people. Federal land is owned by all citizens of … 54

  • Play fair on casino issue

    Page A13 I read the two letters in the April 15 paper about the proposed casino that the Spokane Tribe wants to build. First, let’s get things straight about Fairchild Air Force … 24

April 22
  • Not all pit bulls are bad

    Page A11 How pathetic it is that our society is so quick to judge an entire breed of dogs based on the negative publicity the media reports on some. I am the … 55

  • Thomas for treasurer

    Page A11 I am writing in support of Laurie Thomas for the office of Kootenai County treasurer. As the Latah County treasurer, I feel qualified to recommend this intelligent, hard-working, honest woman. …

  • Just another scofflaw

    Page A11 Isn’t Cliven Bundy just another scofflaw screaming oppression by the government? He doesn’t pay Caesar his due and ignores a court order. How original. Only little people pay taxes or … 147

April 21
  • Obamacare ridiculous

    Page A9 I must take issue with Steve Barber’s April 11 letter. Obamacare is unpopular because the more people learn about it, the more they dislike it. It’s the most ill-conceived piece … 107

  • Curious decision

    Page A9 I’m trying to understand how Spokane County Deputy Prosecutor Jack Driscoll could come to the conclusion that the shooting and killing of an unarmed hit-and-run suspect by police officers last … 16

April 20
  • Sidewalk cleanup tip

    Page B9 Emilee Langford (April 13) thinks Spokane’s streets and sidewalks are dirty. Well, she’s right; they are. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why she calls upon … 2

  • Critchlow omits key facts

    Page B9 George Critchlow’s April 15 letter defending the Gonzaga University Legal Assistance case against Pat Lewis omitted a critical fact: Critchlow is the GU Law School professor who spearheaded the case. … 12

  • Climate projections shaky

    Page B9 Like many geologists, I am skeptical about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s scientific consensus computer-based global warming predictions, despite the threat of being labeled a flat-Earther. 185

  • Mixed messages for drivers

    Page B9 While driving to Seattle last week, I tuned my radio to 1610-AM to get a pass report. At the end of the report, it stated that commercial drivers could now … 2

  • Meet-up was just PR

    Page B9 I want to thank Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for hosting her Millennial Meetup at the Riverpoint Campus April 14. As an admitted skeptic of current American politicians, I was eager … 41

  • Obamacare is a win

    Page B9 Kenneth Varcoe’s April 14 comments regarding “Obamacare is a failure” are just more of the same tired Republican talking points we hear on an almost daily basis. And, as usual, … 63

  • Way behind on road work

    Page B9 One of the first things that people notice about Spokane is the poor road conditions. Half of the roads and highways in Spokane seem as if they haven’t been repaired … 4

  • New approach to taxes

    Page B9 As most of us have completed our tax returns for 2013, it seems like a good time to pause and reflect on the need for major tax reform in our … 10

  • Teacher-bashing simplistic

    Page B9 While it is true that many young Americans today aren’t nearly as culturally literate as they should be when it comes to basic geography, history, civics and current political understandings, … 24

April 19
  • Verdict jeopardizes safety

    Page B5 I am happy for Gail Gerlach and his family. He got away with what should have been at least second-degree manslaughter or reckless endangerment of the public. 74

  • Verdict reflects changing times

    Page B5 Times change and we must change with them. Not long ago no one locked their doors or removed ignition keys. Times change and it’s time to make changes. 49

  • Pay oil transport premium

    Page B5 I completely agree with your April 13 editorial on oil train regulation. There is one item that you did not mention. On March 3, the Wall Street Journal had an … 4

  • Oppose money in politics

    Page B5 OK, enough is enough. No matter what party you are in, we have to band together against the corrupting influence of too much money in our politics. I doubt seriously … 8

  • Tiresome double standard

    Page B5 I don’t recall seeing any complaints from Dave Darlow (April 12) or anyone else when President George W. Bush flew over the Gulf of Mexico or New Orleans. Remember? That’s … 36

  • Preserve Ten Commandments

    Page B5 Gary Garoutte’s April 9 letter has so many errors and so much innuendo it’s hard to know where to start. First, display of the Ten Commandments is not unconstitutional, as … 18

  • Disaster visits unneeded

    Page B5 I have been reading with interest all the letters to the editor from President Obama haters about his visit to Oso and the disaster there. I submit that if he … 9

  • Stability of marriage lost

    Page B5 What a shame, in more ways than one. As recently as 1980, only 13 percent of moderately educated mothers with a high school education and some college had children born … 19

  • How did she vote?

    Page B5 This is an important election year. Voters need to know how Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers votes on every bill presented in the House. 17

  • Libraries have evolved

    Page B5 Regarding Larry Blanchard’s April 11 letter about the Spokane Valley Library and the library district’s bond issue proposal: I can understand his nostalgia for libraries as storehouses for books and … 1

  • Peaceful prosperity

    Page B5 National governments continue to waste enormous resources on the military in the name of achieving ever-lasting peace. Figures from the 2011 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute annual report show that … 15

  • Stop sewage overflow

    Page B5 During our most recent regional flood season, once again many local reports of raw sewage overflow were posted. We live at the pinnacle of civilization, and we still can’t keep …