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February 9
  • Chief in our midst

    I’ve lived in Spokane for about 15 years, and I’ve watched chiefs of the Spokane Police Department come and go. Mostly go.

  • Typical Baumgartner bill

    With SB 6578, Sen. Michael Baumgartner is up to his usual business-comes-first, bully approach to citizens with his politics. Unhappy with the Spokane City Council decision on the sick-leave law, …

  • Library staff always there

    Regarding “Library loses human touch (Jan. 31)”: Mitch Finley should have no worries about a dehumanized library. There are competent staff who obtained that book and video for him. He …

  • No Trump indicator

    I once read that Donald Trump represents the litmus paper of the American psyche. Really? Litmus paper turns blue in bases and red in acids. A litmus test is a …

February 8
  • Don’t placate zealots

    A letter from Norm Luther on Jan. 30 laments the fact that ISIS is using videos of Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz as recruiting tools, and essentially blames Republicans …

  • City Council needs Beggs

    Spokane is once again in a low period with our police department. We haven’t had a permanent ombudsman for more than a year, our chief was forced out amidst scandal …

February 7
  • Study teacher exodus

    Recently, there has been much publicity about the statewide teacher shortage in Washington (and elsewhere). As a teacher of 22 years, and currently still teaching, I watch this story with …

  • Sanders smelling sweet

    So Dana Milbank (Jan. 28) says we progressives/liberals need to hold our schnozzes and vote for Hillary Clinton if our primary goal is avoiding a Donald Trump presidency.

  • We can sit it out race

    People of Eastern Washington, relax. Don’t worry about the debates. We have the Electoral College. Our brothers and sisters over the mountain will decide who gets all the electoral votes …

  • Bad tax policy

    Alas, the W-2s and Form 1099s have been mailed, and we get to endure tax refund advertising until May. Yay.

  • Vote no on TPP

    Last June, the Republican leadership in Congress, including Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, was able to pass Trade Promotion Authority. The measure gave President Obama unconstitutional authority to regulate commerce with …

February 6
  • Yearbook photos denied

    Regarding “Photo hits a roadblock (Jan. 23)”: In 1996, our twin sons graduated from Central Valley High School. Their yearbook photos were denied. We were told that if those photos …

  • Remembering Lincoln

    Friday, Feb. 12, will mark the 207th birthday of Abraham Lincoln. Next to George Washington, he

  • Rifles are tools of safety

    There aren’t any civilian-owned assault rifles in France, Turkey or China, yet hundreds of defenseless people, many of them schoolchildren, have been killed by terrorists and madmen who often use …

  • Justice on another’s dime

    Regarding “Sick and safe leave right for Spokane (Jan. 23)”: I can’t remember reading a more condescending piece of propaganda than that written by Carol Krawczyk and Marilyn Watkins.

  • AR-15s distinctions noted

    I am writing this response to Frank Taylor’s Jan. 30 letter, “AR-15’s are not assault rifles.” His information is essentially correct except for two very important distinctions.

  • Here come the payouts

    What do ex-Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub, lawyer Mary Schultz, Monique Cotton and lawyer Bob Dunn have in common? They are all about to become rich courtesy of most of …

February 5
  • Enforce, strengthen gun laws

    Paul Carpenter’s Jan. 20 letter cogently argues that the existing gun laws should be strictly enforced, with no more plea deals. As a gun owner with a permit to carry …

  • Not government’s business

    If the people in government think they have the authority to dictate to private businesses what type of benefits they should or should not offer to their employees, then we …

  • Myths surround Benghazi

    Dave Nagle’s Jan. 30 letter praising the movie “13 Hours,” which he describes as fact-based, shows the popular mythology surrounding the Benghazi tragedy.

  • Fox cartoon half right

    Your Fox News cartoon in the Jan. 31 paper was about half right.

February 4
  • Inslee, Murray misguided

    Gov. Jay Inslee has endangered Washington aluminum manufacturers with his plan to limit emissions, possibly increasing their operating costs. Sen. Patty Murray has added to the problem by supporting the …

  • Golden age of higher ed

    Proposals for free community (President Obama) and four-year college tuition (Sen. Bernie Sanders) are not new. Though I lived with friends my senior year at Shadle Park High School the …

  • Greed harms Mt. Spokane

    Regarding “Court temporarily halts Mt. Spokane expansion project (Jan. 25)”: Our Creator gave people our planet, Mother Earth, for us to live on in peace. Then ugly greed loomed.

February 3
  • So much for local control

    Regarding “New sick leave law prompts proposal (Jan. 27)”: So much for conservatives touting local control. Apparently, that’s local control only for issues conservatives support, not for others they disagree …

February 2
  • Liberal arts vital

    A Jan. 19 letter suggested that college students should be allowed to pass opt-out exams for some required classes in order to cut the time and expense of college. For …

  • Council taking freedom

    I have owned and operated a small business in the city of Spokane for the past 15 years. I read that Sen. Michael Baumgartner is creating a bill that would …

  • Tone deaf on internment

    Gordon Spunich calls (Jan. 27) for our nation’s leadership to “protect its citizens first and foremost, just as FDR did post-Pearl Harbor.” Upwards of 60 percent of the detainees in …

February 1
  • Contraception for everyone

    A Jan. 19 letter claims that “life is good” because our world population can still fit in Texas. Though true, is it desirable? Has the author been on the streets …

  • Scrap graduation rate

    The Jan. 28 editorial asks if Idaho’s virtual schools are failing based on graduation rates. The answer is no. It’s the federal graduation rate that has failed.