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February 27
  • Fagan should be removed

    Page A9 I have never agreed with Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart on anything. However, when he said Councilman Mike Fagan (formally known as weasel) should be removed from his seat …

  • Fagan a voice of caution

    Page A9 The only thing missing from the campaign attacking Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan over his stance on vaccination, which was instigated by Council President Ben Stuckart and further exacerbated by …

  • Invest with moral compass

    Page A9 The Feb. 15 Motley Fool column in the Spokesman-Review suggested that income-seeking investors consider Philip Morris International. My initial reaction was that investors who seek such income have the moral …

  • Be quiet about attack

    Page A9 Why in the name of all that’s idiotic would you announce a would-be ISIS-ousting attack on Mosul and details about troop numbers two months ahead of time? Or, wait, it’s …

February 26
  • Put wage data in context

    Page A9 I found the article on city pay on the Feb. 15 front page troublesome on multiple levels. While I realize that this information is a matter of public record, I …

  • Nature upgrades

    Page A9 I suggest the lower wild bird population surviving cold winters represent survival of the fittest.

  • Imagine less adulation

    Page A9 Criticism of President Barack Obama for noting that Christianity, as well as Islam, has used religion to justify violence ignores a deeper issue.

  • ‘Buy American’ the solution

    Page A9 The West Coast shipping slowdown exposed a major vulnerability in our current economy. We heard from the business community that the dispute prevented supplies from reaching store shelves and manufacturing …

February 25
  • Take a break, enjoy nature

    Page A9 How many times have we as Americans just stopped what we were doing and admired the beautiful places that we all call home? Spokane is a lovely place where people …

  • SFCC news brings smile

    Page A9 I smiled as I read the Feb. 13 editorial praising Spokane Falls Community College for offering a four-year applied science baccalaureate degree in the field of computing.

February 24
  • Energy taxes the worst

    Page A9 After campaigning on a platform of no new taxes, Gov. Jay Inslee has conveniently forgotten his campaign promises.

  • Expanded preschool crucial

    Page A9 I am writing in response to the wonderful article from Dec. 28, “Low-income kids boosted by preschool, study finds.”

  • Support rail-safety bills

    Page A9 Trains transporting oil cross through Spokane many times a day, at great risk to our citizens and environment. The public safety and environmental implications of one accident occurring in downtown …

February 23
  • We need the oil

    Page A9 Amazing is the theory that blocking the Keystone XL pipeline will stop the drilling and production of tar-sands oil. The only difference is whether the oil moves to the south …

  • Are we creating enemies?

    Page A9 Four weeks reading the internationally oriented, Taipei-based China Post while visiting family in Taiwan rekindled musings on the fundamental question of whether U.S. Middle East military action creates more terrorists …

February 22
  • Hunters were the problem

    Page B9 As a commercial pilot flying ski planes in Canada, I enjoyed watching wolves run wild and free across the frozen north.

  • History forgotten

    Page B9 Greece is in the news because of its new left-wing government, which is responding to the people’s demand for an end to the austerity that has devastated their lives.

  • New board assignments

    Page B9 Feb. 15 letter writers Carol Rudy, Neil Krause, Dr. James Sledge, Dr. Kim Thorburn and Doug Barr all got it spot-on regarding the bizarre pseudo-scientific views of Spokane City Councilman …

  • Galileo and the church

    Page B9 I wish to correct a misunderstanding in Kathleen Parker’s column, Feb. 8.

  • Negligent hunters a concern

    Page B9 I’ve never written a letter to the paper before, but I felt compelled to respond after reading about the latest example of a negligent hunter killing a gray wolf he …

  • Enforce immigration laws

    Page B9 Regarding the Feb. 18 article, “McMorris Rodgers says ruling shows legislative solution needed” [to immigration system]:

  • Reconsider film incentive vote

    Page B9 In lieu of the upcoming Oscars this Sunday, I can’t help but think of how many local companies were impacted by the nominated films shot in their cities. Most people …

  • Boost film incentive

    Page B9 As a unit production manager for feature films, I love watching the Oscars and seeing all my peers’ hard work get recognized. What would be even better is if our …

  • Demand peace from leaders

    Page B9 On the third day, there’s Michael Ramirez. He followed letters from Joseph Harari and Hal Dixon, Feb. 14 and Feb. 13, respectively, who could be expected to distort and denigrate …

February 21
  • Equal protection for gay citizens

    Page A11 I am a retired missionary minister and Wesleyan Methodist seminary professor. The Old and New Testaments are both opposed to homosexuality.

  • LFOs perpetuate discrimination

    Page A11 As a nation and a state we have continued to create and uphold policy and practice that perpetuate systemic discrimination against minority individuals and families living in poverty. One of …

  • Politics trumps economics

    Page A11 After reading the Feb. 15 article “Raising the pay grade,” a novel idea developed.

  • No more arms races

    Page A11 I would like to respond to the letters of Joseph Harari (Feb. 13) and Hal Dixon (Feb. 14) regarding Bruce Amundsen’s Feb. 8 op-ed concerning the state of America’s nuclear …

  • Accept consequences

    Page A11 This Pasco shooting was tragic for everyone involved, but to think an officer of the law should risk his life (stones to the head can be lethal) for someone intent …

  • Violence underscores failure

    Page A11 The men who beat the transgender person deserve to do time. But they should emerge understanding that it’s a wounded man who wounds others, and that heterosexism, like racism, is …