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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

October 24
  • Let the kids swing

    Page A11 I read with great interest the Oct. 8 article, “Working a swing shift.” The article addresses concerns of the Spokane Public School District (and other local districts) over the safety …

  • Protect your rights

    Page A11 ( Editor’s note: This is a repeat of a letter published on Oct. 22. Its meaning was changed by a typographical error.)

  • Re-elect Tveit

    Page A11 Perhaps the most consequential of the electoral races in Stevens County’s general election is the contest for District Court judge. It is important to our county that the voters select …

October 23
  • I-594 is sensible

    Page A9 I recently read two letters published in The Spokesman-Review claiming Initiative 594 is “alarming.” The only thing that’s alarming is the misinformation the letter writers spread, and that they don’t …

  • Proud of Pakootas

    Page A9 In meeting Joe Pakootas, I observed several things that make me want to support him for the 5th District Congressional seat.

  • Park needs upgrades

    Page A9 I urge you to vote yes for the upcoming Riverfront Park bond. This bond initiative will not raise your current tax rate.

October 22
  • Beggs is true reformer

    Page A13 “Haskell, Beggs support reforms,” (Oct. 1) trumpets The Spokesman-Review. Really? When did Haskell become a crusader for change?

  • Haskell the best

    Page A13 I have worked in the Washington court system for many years. I have seen many prosecutors try many cases.

  • Protect your rights

    Page A13 If you are uncertain about how to vote on Initiatives 591 and 594, consider the following questions:

October 21
  • Maurer the right choice

    Page A13 Aimee Maurer was born in South Korea and adopted into the United States in 1974. She grew up on a farm in Colville, where she learned the importance of a …

  • Vote for Baumgartner

    Page A13 It is too bad columnist Shawn Vestal can’t get his facts straight. Liberal California zillionaire Tom Steyer has given Gov. Jay Inslee and the Washington state Democrats the first of …

  • Vote for the future

    Page A13 In this upcoming Spokane County prosecutor election we will be well served by electing Breean Beggs.

October 20
  • Overkill on gay issues

    Page A9 I cannot possibly be the only person in the entire Inland Northwest who has grown weary of The Spokesman-Review’s incessant obsession with the gay agenda. Get off the bandwagon, especially …

  • Park needs changes

    Page A9 My first visit to Spokane, in 1977, included a walk through Riverfront Park. Forty years since that first visit, the park is now a different place. Many parts of the …

October 19
  • Loss of scenery

    Page B9 Colville National Forest Supervisor Laura Jo West has proposed the Renshaw timber sale, which lies north and south of State Highway 20 between Frater Lake and Tiger. Her sale starts …

  • Against military strikes

    Page B9 I oppose the new U.S. military strikes against the Islamic State in Syria. The world community must respond to the killings in Syria and Iraq, but military action is not …

  • Mitchell a sharp alternative

    Page B9 As a longtime Idahoan, I’ve paid attention over the years as politicians come and go. I’m particularly interested in the race for U.S. Senate.

  • Scott earns vote

    Page B9 For over a year I’ve watched as Heather Scott, candidate for District 1A Representative, has actively engaged with our communities. She speaks frankly and eloquently of her vision for our …

  • Loved special ed feature

    Page B9 What a pleasurable way to start Sept. 30, reading about Michael Anderson Elementary School’s success with special education students.

  • Woodings for open elections

    Page B9 Do you hate the new closed primaries? Vote for Holli Woodings as secretary of state. Her opponent, Lawerence Denney, “pushed to close Idaho’s GOP primary election to anyone but registered …

  • Don’t reward assessor

    Page B9 Our Spokane County assessor really needs some help. Our county assessor failed us. Our assessor took an oath of office to abide by our laws. Instead, our assessor was negligent …

  • Dial back the pink

    Page B9 I am with Carla Amparan (“Why the cancer fuss” – Oct. 12).

  • We all need hope

    Page B9 I am very happy for Carla Amparan (“Why the cancer fuss” – Oct. 12) that she won her battle with cancer, and I would applaud her any day. She may …

  • Catholic Church won’t change

    Page B9 Regarding the article in the Oct 15 edition of The Spokesman-Review, “Conservative bishops dismayed by report”:

  • Chase deserves re-election

    Page B9 As an independent voter, I have always put the value of good government over party politics.

  • Vote against French

    Page B9 I am a recently retired Spokane County employee who served almost 35 years working for the Public Works Department, 25 of those years as a front-line manager. During my employment, …

  • Unload I-594

    Page B9 I’m absolutely astounded by the misinformation put out by the media and liberal, “do-good” organizations on gun issues. They keep saying background checks will save thousands of lives by stopping …

  • Johnson ideal as commissioner

    Page B9 I encourage you to vote for Mary Lou Johnson for Spokane County commissioner.

  • Retain Judge Leland

    Page B9 Voting for judges is often a difficult choice for many voters, so I would like to tell why our community should vote to retain Judge Richard Leland for Spokane County …

  • Vote to protect votes

    Page B9 Paraphrasing Josef Stalin: “I don’t care who the people vote for; I care who counts the vote.” Papers, TV, radio and the Internet constantly report voting irregularities. Most voters have …