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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

July 27
  • Shirking freedom duty

    Page B9 Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is asking her constituents to join her in the fight for our liberties and freedoms. It’s crucial that we fight against the assault on our freedoms … 61

  • What happened to GOP?

    Page B9 Whatever happened to the Republican Party? 33

  • Support Hobby Lobby

    Page B9 Congratulations to Hobby Lobby for winning its lawsuit, a lawsuit that should have never happened. Many believe the issue was that Hobby Lobby would not provide contraceptives to employees. That … 115

  • Take care of all children

    Page B9 Several years ago, while living in Patzcuaro, Mexico, several times I was asked to take a couple of children to America when I returned. The girls were 10 and 12 … 36

  • Dump incumbents

    Page B9 Dear incumbent politician, 15

July 26
  • Here’s what’s happening

    Page B5 As a former resident and visitorwith numerous connections to Israel, and being a news junkie, I’m often asked to explain: “What exactly is going on in the Middle East?” Interestingly, … 39

  • A history lesson

    Page B5 Regarding Jennifer Calvert’s July 8 letter: I would like to refer to a bit of history and explain her inaccuracies. 13

  • Speak out against hate

    Page B5 I am sick of hearing Republicans across the country carp about President Obama. They disapprove of everything he does and doesn’t do. Apparently he’s just permanently wrong. He’s wrong when … 28

  • Obama is the worst

    Page B5 House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, “Five men on the Supreme Court took away women’s right to birth control.” This was proven wrong. 43

  • Words misrepresented

    Page B5 Cartoonist Nick Anderson (July 19) misrepresents Howard Zinn’s words printed below an image of a missile about to strike an airplane, implying he said this about the Malaysian jet downed … 1

  • Voting for Pakootas

    Page B5 It’s time for the Speaker John Boehner leaner – that’s Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers – to go back to picking peaches. In her new TV ad she says, “We must … 63

  • Chase helps people

    Page B5 I am very cynical about politicians, but when it comes to Rob Chase, he helped me personally. Out of all the city, county and state politicians that I contacted, he …

  • Support for officer

    Page B5 In response to the numerous letters blaming the officer who shot the vehicle-bound dog in Coeur d’Alene: 18

  • Shooting unjustified

    Page B5 I’ve been a pet owner for 50 years. Dogs love to go for rides in the car. It’s one of the few highlights in their lives. 10

  • Slow down, drivers

    Page B5 OK, Spokane, where did you hide all the driving manners we were brought up with? I am appalled at the manners of the drivers nowadays, mostly young women who tend … 48

July 25
  • Harrop is wrong

    Page A11 Froma Harrop (July 19) should familiarize herself with the U.S. Constitution before throwing rocks at the House Republicans. The Constitution clearly says that all laws will originate in the Congress. 21

  • Sheriff deserves re-election

    Page A11 Whose convoluted mind birthed a policy that sends rotten deputies on paid vacation? Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich must be re-elected. 10

  • Wilson refeshing

    Page A11 A breath of fresh air, and a new approach to government, is Dave Wilson’s goal for the office of 5th Congressional District representative. By replacing Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, we … 41

  • Fix leaky border

    Page A11 I’ve had a ruptured water pipe since the President Reagan years. I don’t understand it. I mop the floor several times a day, and bail the water out. I buy … 39

  • Care about children

    Page A11 Some of us citizens of the United States are descendants of immigrants or refugees who settled here in America from other countries within the last 300 years or so; some … 24

July 24
  • Kuney endorsement disappointing

    Page A11 Your endorsement of Mary Kuney for Spokane County treasurer was disappointing. 12

  • Snubs are un-American

    Page A11 This is the political season (when isn’t it?) and each candidate is competing for the rare vote by insisting he/she has integrity, believes in transparency, is accessible, and will fairly … 64

  • I’m not that Orr

    Page A11 My name is George Orr. I am a 71-year-old Democrat. I have one older brother. I have two daughters, no sons. 16

July 23
  • Where’s the compassion?

    Page A13 What happened to the compassion for others in this country of ours? 166

  • Spokane vs. Houston

    Page A13 It’s hot. I grew up in Washington, but for the past 27 years have lived in Houston on the Texas Gulf Coast. Recently, we’ve started spending summer vacations in Spokane, … 19

  • Uranium decay a danger

    Page A13 I read the following on the Internet, “Bald Eagles Are Dying of Lead Poisoning, and Hunters Are to Blame.” I believe that bald eagles are dying of lead poisoning, but … 17

July 22
  • Killing dog inexcusable

    Page A11 Concerning the young Labrador fatally shot through the raised window of a parked van, and then referred to as a charging pit bull: Ridiculous! In my opinion, the officer destroyed … 7

  • Reasons for Pakootas

    Page A11 Why vote for Joe Pakootas for Congress? 89

  • Kudos for Kuney nod

    Page A11 Thank you for your excellent endorsement (July 18) of Mary Kuney for Spokane County treasurer. Your column was measured, balanced and rational in its evaluation of Kuney’s skill, experience and …

  • Class size matters

    Page A11 Initiative 1351 will appear on the November ballot. It calls for the following class sizes (to be phased in over four years): grades K-3; 15 to 17 students; grades 4-6, … 34