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Bungle in the jungle

Motorists and area homeowners regularly complain about the weed-infested jungle in the middle of Country Homes Boulevard. This eyesore resulted from the so-called Restoration Project in 2014 that replaced the asphalt drainage ditch with underground pipes and a "bio-infiltration swale." Although the overgrowth looks about as scenic as those county commissioner re-election signs, I'm sure that it does remove some pollutants in the small amount of above-ground stormwater from the roadway.

Dogs at risk in cars

Thanks Spokesman-Review for the very timely July 1 article, "Hot Dogs - Hot Cars."

Leave Pavilion canopy open

I live on beautiful Peone Prairie so my opinion won't count for anything in the city but here it is anyway. I love the open canopy at Riverfront Park. I think it's a beautiful addition to the Spokane skyline, a great landmark and adds artistic value for the park. Covering it will reduce its appearance to just another building. Make repairs as needed and please leave it open.

Political climate becoming Shia-Sunni of America

Reading the letters to the editor the other day I couldn't help but reflect on how much we've changed as a country and it's people. When I talk with friends who I know support the president, I'm careful to steer clear of discussions of the man. I value those relationships more than I value challenging their support for him but it didn't used to be this way. In 1972, I sat next to a man at work who was as passionate in his support of Democrat George McGovern as I was passionate for my choice, Republican Richard Nixon. We argued almost every day but it never affected our relationship; we were two people with different political views who liked and respected each other.

Bucket of warm spit

As a youth, I was amazed that Lyndon Johnson, Senate majority leader, accepted the vice presidency under John Kennedy who was his junior in every respect. The vice presidency was aptly described as "not worth a bucket of warm spit" by John Nance Garner who was vice president from 1933 to 1941. One answer was provided by Robert A. Caro, who wrote definitive volumes on LBJ. Kennedy appeared to be robust but was actually a very sick man. Johnson may have thought that Kennedy's health could fail at any point, and he would become president.

Protect national monuments

President Trump is pushing for rolling back protections on 27 national monuments with the idea of opening them for oil drilling or other invasive industries.

Vote for Judge Hazel

I am strongly endorsing and supporting Judge Tony Hazel to be retained on the Superior Court for Spokane County, Pos. 6. My late husband, Judge Sam Cozza, served on the bench for many years with distinction, and he respected and admired Tony Hazel very much. I was not at all surprised that Judge Hazel was rated "exceptionally well qualified" by his peers for his legal experience and quality of character. I was extremely gratified that Tony Hazel was appointed to fill the vacancy left when my husband passed away. I can think of no one better to serve our community than Judge Hazel, and I am very confident that Sam would be so happy and proud to know his former courtroom is in such good hands. Please join me and my family in voting to retain Judge Tony Hazel on our Superior Court.

Water questions unanswered

As the president of a public water system that supplies water to 49 homes on the West Plains, I would like to comment on the way that Fairchild Air Force Base, the state, and the city of Airway Heights have handled the water contamination. There has been no guidance, direction or coordination to the other public water systems located throughout the West Plains.

Bill designed for failure

Republicans in Congress who want to honor their promises to repeal and replace Obamacare should back Rep. John Conyers' Medicare for All and Sen. Bernie Sanders' single-payer bills. They would provide better health care for more Americans; they would save physicians a lifetime of paperwork; they would raise Americans' health care to the level of other developed nations, and they would save money.

Climate book recommended

For most folks (other than those too ideological to consider the interaction between extreme big oil and our warming planet), I recommend Naomi Klein's "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate." It is every bit as significant as Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring," but this time it is extreme big oil going to outlandish lengths to recover oil and coal while showing no regard for our overheating planet. Well-written and meticulously documented.

Dunau dedicated to city

I would like to encourage you to consider voting for Andy Dunau for City Council, Position 2. I've know him personally and professionally for over 20 years. He is dedicated to Spokane and making it the best it can be.

Impose real-world education

It seems Democrats are all for the full funding of education. Could that be because most educators are Democrats and union members who pay dues that are then funneled in large numbers to the Democrat Party in the form of campaign donations? I think if we truly want to make education great again, we need to eliminate the requirement for teachers and professors to have advanced degrees and instead require at least 20 years' experience working in the field they are teaching.

Worker’s comp drawback

The most likely reason Felix Shuck, (the injured Pacific Steel worker suing Ibex Construction and the transporter of the chlorine tank that injured him), is not suing Pacific Steel is because it is illegal.

Don’t allow gun silencers

The Hearing Protection Act of 2017 allows the unregulated use of silencers on guns. The supposed benefit is to protect the hearing of shooters. However, protection is already available with the use of hearing protection.

Dunau a thoughtful leader

Over the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to sit across from Andy Dunau in forums and meetings that sought to resolve an issue as difficult as it was contentious. During that time, at discussions both private and public, Andy had but one overarching question, how does your proposed resolution serve the people who live and work in the affected area? How does it help the community? Over the years, my great respect for Andy grew into a friendship so I was extremely pleased to see that first sign on the South Hill announcing Andy's decision to run for City Council.

Phantom review disappointing

I was shocked that your theater reviewer had never seen Phantom of the Opera. Her review was lacking, since she didn't know what the original production had for sets, content etc. I am happy to report after seeing the production (July 5), I found it to be quite a change from the original. The sets were outstanding, the costumes beautiful and the cast younger and livelier than the original. It is a great production and was glad to see so many young people there. However, not sure I would ever trust a review from this paper again.

Press favors trans agenda

The Spokesman-Review's July 2 lead article (with portrait) featured a man who longs for womanhood. Throughout the article, female pronouns identified this Eastern Washingtonian as it described support for the surgery to modify his male reproductive organs to simulate female reproductive organs.

2 shootings, different outcomes

Two articles in the June 29 S-R about how police handled two agitated men, with two starkly different outcomes. One man, on top of the climbing rocks at Minnehaha Park, was subdued with a bean bag round from a shot gun and lived. The other man, in Seattle, lunged first at a civilian, then at police with a sharp object (later identified as a pen) and was shot three times and killed.

Learn from the past

As a historian, I regularly encounter interpretations of the past that are perhaps prescient. This from Arnold Toynbee (A Study of History, 1936):

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