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Letters to the Editor


Knee-jerk defenses to guns

Robert B. Smith's recent op-ed ("Rationality should guide firearms measures," April 13) offered a shocking response to a population wrestling with the question of how to end mass shootings.The question we need to be asking isn't "Should teachers be armed?" ...

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Scott an outstanding legislator

Heather Scott is by far the best candidate as our representative for Legislative District 1A.For four years she has lived the mantra that "actions speak louder than words," and prizes honesty and loyalty to her electors above all else. Heather ...

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MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2018

Alzheimer's and Dementia support

In the state of Washington, there are more than 110,000 people living with Alzheimer's dementia. We recently lost a dear relative at the young age of 63 due to early-onset dementia. As an affected family member and a concerned citizen we join the Alzheimer's Association in advocating for more attention to this health crisis.

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More to Lisa Brown

Referring to Dr. Lisa Brown as the "former WSU Spokane chancellor" does not represent the depth of her experience, knowledge and values.With her doctorate in economics, if elected she'd be one of only four representatives with doctorates!She served for 20 ...

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Brad Little for governor

I am extremely excited to hear that Brad Little intends on increasing dual credit opportunities across Idaho. Brad Little is the type of conservative leader we need in Idaho who will fight for choice and opportunities for our children, and he's the only one in the race who has released an education plan.

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Spending an expression of free speech

Donald Camp's letter "CMR still accepting NRA funds," (April 7) is one-sided. According to Politifact (Daily Wire, March 1), between 1998-2016, the NRA spent $200 million on ads, lobbying, candidates who agree with their views, and PACs.

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Stop Avista sale

Why is America's Avista Corporation being sold to the foreign country of Canada's HydroOne, whose corporate headquarters are located in Toronto, Eastern Canada?Our country's Avista sale to Canada should be illegal and disallowed. Not only is this transaction outrageous but ...

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Guns and the military

In response to Mike Gary's letter "Gun control in the military" (April 12, 2018), I would not consider the F.B.I., A.T.F or the military able to responsibly decide when to use weapons. You might recall an incident at Wounded Knee, 300 unarmed men women and children shot by the U.S. Cavalry. Or Kent State, the National Guard shot four students and wounded nine in 1970.

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Labrador's newsletter on guns

Rep. Raul Labrador's latest newsletter defended his stance against any type of gun control by setting up his argument as if the only positions one can hold are either (a) do nothing or (b) repeal the Second Amendment.

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Pedestrians should follow law

It's no surprise that Spokane rates third in the rate of vehicle and pedestrian collisions, as reported in The Spokesman-Review this past Tuesday ("Busy Spokane streets make for risky crossings," April 10, 2018). I walk or ride my bike as much as the weather allows, and it seems that a lot of pedestrians in Spokane are not aware of Washington state pedestrian laws.

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Solar farm a bright spot

I'm very pleased to read that a very large (81,000 panels) solar panel farm is being planned near the town of Lind, Washington. I was further delighted to see that a number of Avista's large customers had named a preference for solar energy so Avista has committed to buying the electricity from the solar farm and selling it to 40 to 80 large commercial and industrial customers.

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Forests need restoration

If a river is polluted, should you just leave it alone and let it restore itself? This is a question for all those who say there should be no collaboration between environmental groups and loggers, and that national forests should be left alone.

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Syrian intervention not needed

People need to go to Wikipedia and review the history of this Syrian civil war that we have been propagandized into by the media with heartbreaking photos of dying babies.

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Tax bill great for families?

Cathy McMorris Rodgers and the GOP say their recent tax bill is "great" for working families. Really? Rich donors get $5.5 trillion per decade. $1.5 trillion per decade adds to the deficit. The other $4 trillion per decade comes out of our pockets.

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MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2018

GOP's destructive path

I'm fed up with our GOP "representatives." To please big donors, they ignore the wishes of their constituents, writing legislation that takes things away from us, such as guarantees of clean water and air, affordable and effective health care for all, protection of Social Security and Medicare, workforce safety and infrastructure projects. They succumb to and enable an unstable president who governs by temper tantrum, ego and whim. They do nothing to ensure peace in the world, allowing us to drift toward potentially disastrous wars.

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Earth Day Eve Ranking of the Planets

9. Venus: What has anybody on Venus ever done for you? 8. Saturn: Still getting by on her looks. 7. Mars: Eventually it comes down to one question: Why would ...