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Bullying over debates

Tens of thousands of teens across the country are standing up for common-sense gun reform. Throughout their childhood, they've read of mass shootings in schools, churches, outdoor concerts. They've grown up practicing active-shooter drills in their classrooms. Gun violence is the reality they know could invade their lives on any given day. So now, as they enter voting age, they are calling on adults to have constructive discussions to attain solutions.

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Celebrate, thank library workers

National Library Week is observed April 8-14, 2018, with the theme of "Libraries Lead."On Tuesday, April 10, a special day is set aside as National Library Workers Day to recognize the library staff, users, administrators and Friends groups for their ...

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Common sense on gun violence

Several years ago, I took my wife and kids to Riverfront Park for a July 4 celebration to watch the fireworks. It happened to be the year that all fireworks were legal including firecrackers. As we walked through the park, we had firecrackers going off all around our faces and heads as people in the park were throwing them everywhere. We had to leave to keep our children from getting hurt or losing an eye in the carnage. The following year, fireworks of that type were banned.

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Ferry County Rail Trail

On March 26, Bobbi Weller and I were replaced on the Rail Corridor Committee after the RCC gave recommendations to the commissioners to continue with the same committee members.In my opinion, the RCC has become a nonfunctioning, token group for ...

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Look to the Swiss

Gun violence is an American leading cause of death. So why not institute policies of gun-friendly countries such as Switzerland?Couple with this Swiss skilled education for the non-college-bound, Swiss higher admittance standards for college, and stop allowing D.C.'s disastrous wars ...

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NRA transformations

The NRA's response to the "March for our lives" movement, speaking out to diminish the students' experience, and saying the survivors are strictly pawns in anti-gun propaganda machine, is bullying the victim.

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Passions clouding gun policy

There are times when being too close to an issue can cause contextual blindness. Despite the best of intentions, caring too much about something can often leave someone vulnerable to rash decisions with unintended consequences. It is for this reason that physicians cannot treat their immediate family members.

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Brown and public access

Having recently attended forums for both Rep Cathy McMorris Rodgers and candidate Lisa Brown, I am struck by the marked contrast between how each approaches their constituents.Brown arrived early, mingled, chatted and laughed with attendees before the forum began. McMorris ...

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Chief of police overtime

Why does the chief of police get paid for overtime ("$12M was paid in 2017 for city overtime. Why?," March 24, 2018)? Isn't he on a fixed yearly salary, and if he has to spend a few more hours a week working, doesn't it come with the job title? I'd love to work eight hours a day in management, then watch the clock tick away after those eight hours at time and a half! Who authorizes the overtime?

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CMR still accepting NRA funds

Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers recently refused to stop accepting contributions from the National Rifle Association, stating that "what the NRA does is protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to own guns." No, congresswoman, what the NRA does is to act as a de facto trade association for the firearms industry, opposing even common-sense provisions like universal background checks that are supported by 75 percent of NRA members, so that gun manufacturers can sell more guns.

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How to encourage reform

A proposed solution for K-12 reform and to teacher walkouts, from a dentist.Require all state legislators/governors teach in a classroom for two days annually. Require that first day is with a teacher and the second is without the teacher in ...

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HydroOne concerns

HydroOne - the quasi-private/public utility company that is 47 percent owned by the province of Ontario - is very close to becoming the new owner of Avista.Don Brockett's excellent guest opinion of February 3 ("Proposed Avista sale raises important questions") ...

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Leave protection to the pros

Dear Mr. Bieber,I appreciate the sentiments offered in your letter ("We have got your back," April 1, 2018). You hope that those of us who are unarmed will feel confident and encouraged because those of you bearing concealed weapons are ...

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NRA has long gun law history

The NRA has long supported reasonable gun laws. In the 1920s, NRA-affiliated National Revolver Association proposed laws, adopted by nine states, involving stiff penalties for crimes committed with guns, waiting periods to buy handguns, and maintaining sales records. During the 1930s they helped write the 1934 National Firearms and 1938 Gun Control Acts. Those laws ban or severely restrict ownership of machine guns (full auto), sawed-off shotguns, silencers and short-barreled rifles. The laws required retail sellers to be registered and prohibited felons owning firearms.

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Shamed for pain relief

Every day we are bombarded with the "opioid crisis" in the USA, be it newspaper, television or radio. I don't have my head in the sand regarding this issue, however, name me something that is not abused - i.e. alcohol, tobacco, food, soda, all the way up to and including Tylenol.

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Wildlife in the roadway

I recently wrote about the rapid emergence of pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles occurring every spring. Along with that phenomenon, activity levels of deer, elk and other roaming animals rise with ...

Keeping an eye on it…

This is my last post here, but starting Monday, I’ll be blogging at in my new position as Boise bureau chief and state capital reporter for the Idaho Press-Tribune ...

What would you have said to Nixon?

If you had bumped into President Richard Nixon when he was in Spokane to open Expo '74 on May 4 of that year, what would you have said to him?