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MONDAY, AUG. 29, 2016

Southern Dems old news

Jim Barbieri ("Read up on Clinton," Aug. 17) is saying nothing new about Democrats. The Southern Democrats were vehemently opposed to any attempt to integrate the South. We also had a Southern Democrat president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, who understood the power the office of the president held and how to use it.

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SUNDAY, AUG. 28, 2016

Let kids be kids

I was shocked when I read the caption beneath the photo of the article about transgender students ("Transgender directive causes 13 states to sue," Aug. 13). The mother of a 5-year-old claims her daughter is a transgender child about to enter kindergarten. She wants their school district to change their bathroom policy.

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Newcomer proud of Spokane

As a recent transplant to this fine city, I was a bit wary of what I had heard - rough people, crumbling infrastructure and high-crime. Spokane was a "city that almost made it."

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President can thwart Constitution

The U.S. Supreme Court has already been in the process of redefining constitutional language. The earliest interpretation of the Constitution could hardly accept same-sex marriage as normal, but the court has arbitrarily expanded the term "marriage" to accommodate political pressure.

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Senate can aid mental health

In the past year, more than one in five Americans experienced mental illness. Tragically, over 40,000 Americans lost their lives to suicide in 2013. Despite this, many people with mental illness or substance use conditions and their families are unable to access needed care and are constantly challenged by a fragmented mental health delivery system. Far too many Americans with mental illness receive care not from physicians' offices or hospitals, but rather from our nation's jails and prisons. In most states, the largest mental health facility is a correctional facility.

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S-R didn't follow policy

How ironic. The author of a letter to the editor ("Allegations not factual," Aug. 22) accuses The Spokesman-Review's editors of not living up to their policy of screening letters for factual accuracy before publishing them. Turns out his own letter is proof of the truth of his allegation.

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Vote for Trump

So your candidate for president in the Republican primary didn't win. Neither did either of my first two choices. I will vote for Trump, though, because a Hillary presidency would be a continuation of the Obama disaster. Trump is now the "quarterback" of my team, and whether or not he "meets my standards" or I like him is irrelevant. Those team members who sit out the Super Bowl will betray their responsibilities to participate.

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SATURDAY, AUG. 27, 2016

Get behind mayor

I am sick and tired of those who continue bashing our mayor. Stop with all the hate and stand behind our administrator who was elected by popular vote. Why are you wasting all your energy on negativity and getting in the way of his performance for our city? Who cares that the first police chief didn't work out? Life happens. Life is a process, not an event.

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Get over Zehm salute

I seem to be missing something in your reporting of the police chief confirmation process. As I recall Ben Stuckart said at or just prior to the announcement that he was not happy with the only two candidates to choose from for police chief. He wanted more candidates after a nearly yearlong search and lots of volunteer hours spent finding three, then two candidates.

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Hillary bashing suspect

In his letter to the editor, Jim Barbieri says that one can watch the movie "Hillary's America" to "see how the Democrats promoted slavery, segregation, [and] the KKK ..."First of all, the man behind the book and the movie, Dinesh ...

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Lucky to have Molly Quinn

How lucky we are to have Molly Quinn on staff at our paper. Besides giving us informative maps, charts and graphs, she paints the most creative illustrations. Fun, fresh-the gardeners stretching on Monday, the figure skaters during the competition and, my personal favorite, the spring blossoming poetry tree of Sunday, April 17, 2016. Thank you, Molly.

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McMorris Rodgers disappoints

I was a significant contributor to Cathy McMorris Rodgers' first fund-raiser for her first term at the Condon home. I thought we needed more Republican women in office since men messed up the country so much. The only thing I requested of her (I am a longtime supporter of the Peterson Foundation. Pete Peterson was commerce secretary under Nixon) was to balance the budget and address our draconian debts and liabilities that threaten our nation.

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Private pensions vanished

Look north of just about every Interstate 90 exit from Spokane eastward and new apartments are going up.Servants quarters for the underemployed masses. Indirectly, your tax dollars at work (if you pay taxes) through socialized payroll handouts of underpaying private ...

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Spokane, Hillary share values

I am a child of Spokane. I grew up learning the values we hold dear: hard work, respect, faith and generosity.As a little girl, I played soccer the first years that Spokane had teams for girls, coached by people who ...

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Talk about homelessness

It's encouraging seeing the Catholic Charities building for the homeless people. Thanks to the Father Bach Haven house that helps those that just plain fall through the cracks. Thanks to Shawn Vestal's column that enlightens us about Spokane's efforts to alleviate a problem that threatens to become critical. Shawn's estimate of 5,000 homeless is unacceptable. Priority Spokane attempting to put forth a ballot to help with affordable housing is also hopeful.

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Weekend Wild Card — 10.1-2.16

I visited with a cousin of mine whom I hadn't seen in at least 50 years, last night at my sister's house in the greater Athol area. He's 6 years ...

A note about the Saturday Today cover

The cover of today's features section shows children holding fish they caught. I'm hoping most of our readers will enjoy the photos. But I know a few will not. I ...

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