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August 24
  • McCleary case a time bomb

    Page B9 The McCleary school funding case may blow up on Sept. 3 when the Washington Supreme Court considers whether to hold the Legislature in contempt of court.

  • ACA not menace to Medicare

    Page B9 As a senior on Medicare, I have to comment on Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ campaign statements regarding the Affordable Care Act and Medicare.

  • Health more important than art

    Page B9 If you cure the pain, do you silence the art? Maybe! But which is more important, vocation – in this case, entertainment – or mental health? I would immediately respond …

  • Plaza a “teapot” problem

    Page B9 What a tempest in a teapot the Spokane Transit Authority “problem” is. How do other cities handle the problem of people who don’t look like “we” do – neat and …

  • Congress a mess – 150 years ago

    Page B9 While I agree with much in Phyllis Kardos’ Aug. 19 letter, I must take issue with her last comment that the present Congress is the “most dysfunctional and partisan …

  • Common Core for no child

    Page B9 Regarding “Common Core takes time” (Aug. 3):

  • Too many veterans on disability

    Page B9 Regarding “Vets’ claims rising sharply” (July 27):

  • Students, shoppers use STA

    Page B9 So, where are all the drunk, stoned teenagers at the Spokane Transit Authority Plaza? I take the bus twice a day, five days a week. I’ll tell you what I …

August 23
  • Republican should get seat

    Page A13 I have reviewed the candidates for Spokane City Council. None are conservative, pro-business, fiscally conservative or Republican. It doesn’t “help people” – Julie Griffith’s goal – or provide jobs to …

  • Public letting politicians slide

    Page A13 Among the few things I took away from my Civics class 35 years ago was a vague understanding of our nation’s system of governance. Mainly, that the people stand in …

  • Invest in the people, not plaza

    Page A13 What we need is to do is face the truth: The only way we are going to get the unemployed emotionally, mentally, and developmentally impaired individuals off the streets and …

  • ‘Jew’ headline offensive

    Page A13 I don’t know who decides what headline to write at the top of a story, but the uninformed person that approved it needs to understand what is offensive and what …

  • Apologize for Ramirez racism

    Page A13 The racism of the political cartoon by Michael Ramirez published in The Spokesman-Review Aug. 18 is highly offensive. You should apologize.

  • Plaza not the problem

    Page A13 After all these years, I read that the Spokane Transit Authority Plaza is a huge problem. I think it is time that Greater Spokane Incorporated, the Downtown Spokane Partnership, the …

  • Railroad story jumps track

    Page A13 “Tracking Trouble: Current rail crossings mean delays, safety threats” (Aug. 17), regarding the railroads in the Spokane area, is very misleading, with very little research done.

  • McMorris Rodgers got off easy

    Page A13 Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers was quoted on her Facebook page as saying that her town hall meeting in Spokane Aug. 18 was “productive.” She knows that she got off way …

  • Beware armored policing

    Page A13 I hope people in Spokane have been as shocked as I have been by the events in Ferguson, Missouri. I am deeply concerned about the militarization of our local police …

  • Regulation worked in Alaska

    Page A13 I had a friend (now deceased) who worked on the Alaskan pipeline and, later, the cleanup after the Exxon Valdez oil spill. He then worked in Siberia cleaning up after …

August 22
  • Lands too expensive for Idaho

    Page A11 Our state Legislature is studying the taking back of land from the federal government. Respected legal opinions show Idaho can’t win and is wasting tax money.

  • Ramirez forgets Bush to blame

    Page A11 Cartoonist Michael Ramirez (Aug. 15) needs to be reminded that the Iraq debacle is the result of the President George W. Bush/Vice President Dick Cheney machinations. Don’t forget: W. is …

  • Open state news to comments

    Page A11 You should allow online discussion of some news events that come out of the West Side of the state.

  • Replace Crane with Silver

    Page A11 Ron Crane, Idaho’s treasurer, is bad at his job.

August 21
  • Seniors get socialized care

    Page A9 I have read several letters criticizing Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers for just spouting the party line. She takes the insipid prize, however, for her primary television ads in which an …

  • Pakootas knows people’s needs

    Page A9 Joe Pakootas is running against Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in the 5th Congressional District. The difference between the candidates couldn’t be starker.

  • Political labels flipped

    Page A9 Frank Hagen (Aug. 16) writes, “I am an unapologetic conservative.” Can anyone say what this confession means?

August 20
  • Initiative 1351 a jobs bill

    Page A11 Some of us would like to see more living-wage jobs in Washington. So we were surprised by your Aug. 15 editorial opposing Initiative 1351.

  • Downtown needs ambassadors

    Page A11 Downtown Spokane wants all Spokane County taxpayers to pay $15 million (or more) to relocate the bus plaza to a central place that serves the entire county. For 15-year funding, …

  • Mailer wastes taxpayer money

    Page A11 I am shocked that there hasn’t been more of an outcry about Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ recent mailing. Our tax dollars paid for that, in its entirety! It’s large, glossy …

August 19
  • Arfee coverage overdone

    Page A9 One full column on Page One (Aug. 15), followed by two more near-full columns in the “From the Front Page” section. Really! Three Arfee columns needed to update us on …

  • McMorris Rodgers a Medicare foe

    Page A9 I am a senior whose primary health coverage is Medicare. Recently, I received a mailing from Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in which she puts the fear of losing Medicare out …