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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

February 26
  • Comment on timber sale

    Page A11 The Colville National Forest is proposing the North Fork Mill Creek A to Z timber sale. Mill Creek is a popular fishing stream. The sale is located in an area … 10

  • HB 2231 aids re-entry

    Page A11 House Bill 2231 is a step in the right direction to help offenders have a successful re-entry into our community. According to the Statewide Poverty Action Network, “This bill acknowledges … 15

February 25
  • Kudos to disaster volunteers

    Page A11 As a disaster recovery specialist for Spokane Emergency Management, I would like to commend the work of the Rev. Mike Bullard (Feb. 15), the Rev. George Abrams and all who … 1

  • Losing sleep over trains

    Page A11 After reading Connie Scarpelli’s and Robert Betone’s Feb. 2 letters about the oil train shipments that travel through Spokane, which could cause serious damage to our city, I would like … 12

  • Wolves eradicated for reason

    Page A11 I do not have the numbers and references that Cecilia Nolthenius (Feb. 6) has in defense of Idaho Fish and Game’s proposal for handling wolves. The only thing I can … 46

  • 9/11 attack different

    Page A11 Just the facts, sir! 107

February 24
  • Celebrate Peace Corps

    Page A7 The Peace Corps begins its 53rd year in March; time to celebrate its successes while realizing there is still work to do. 10

  • Compassion blown away

    Page A7 I sure would like to have a chat with William Rawley so that he could help explain why the “Tea Party is misunderstood (Feb. 15).” The words “God, guns and … 48

February 23
  • Party difference stark

    Page B9 I am encouraged by the numbers of letters harshly criticizing Republicans. I am not a Democrat, but an anti-Republican. The negative effects from Republicans in government far outweigh the benefits … 80

  • High-caliber signs

    Page B9 Can someone out there tell North Idaho College (“Student arrested with a gun,” Feb. 11) where to find one of those cool little signs that hang on some schools, offices, … 8

  • French is being a bully

    Page B9 It was discouraging to read of the political tactics employed by Spokane County Commissioner Al French to send a message to the Landmarks Commission by blocking appointment to six open … 20

  • From jobless to job lock

    Page B9 When reading the array of progressive sages prominently published in The Spokesman-Review, it’s amazing what one can learn. In a Feb. 6 letter, the author cites the renowned fiscal periodical, … 42

  • Pot harm misguided

    Page B9 I understand the moral attitude that disagrees with selling weed in Spokane Valley. The thing I don’t understand is how City Council members can enact a bunch of random regulations … 51

  • Support Voting Rights Act

    Page B9 We’re lucky in Spokane. When we changed to have a district city council system in the 1990s, it created a system where each neighborhood can truly have a voice. Before … 19

February 22
  • Failed another young man

    Page B5 At Jedadiah Zillmer’s funeral, folks who shared stories said that what happened was not planned by him, and that he was a loving and giving individual who wanted to draw … 20

  • Keep pipeline in Canada

    Page B5 With all the controversy about the Keystone XL pipeline, why has no one suggested that Canada build the pipeline through their own country, like we did with the Trans-Alaska Pipeline? … 42

  • If only it were Romney

    Page B5 Every time I see Mitt Romney on TV, I cannot help thinking about how much better our country would be if Mitt had won the presidency. I think of all … 99

  • Cantwell out of bounds

    Page B5 The state of Washington is in great shape. It’s so good that Sen. Maria Cantwell is getting bored to the point that all she can think of is to demand … 17

  • An attack of bigotry

    Page B5 One of The Spokesman-Review’s political cartoonists portrays (Feb. 11) the fact that a well-known athlete announces that he is a homosexual and touts this announcement as an attack on bigotry. 29

  • These conventions a danger

    Page B5 Sen. Curt McKenzie, of Nampa, is calling for a constitutional convention for a balanced budget amendment to be limited to that subject only by another amendment. Does he not understand … 6

  • Disarmament the goal

    Page B5 Gun abolitionist Shawn Vestal’s latest assault on gun owners, Second Amendment activists and the National Rifle Association was outrageous (“ Gun hearing draws NRA, familiar attitudes,” Feb. 5). As always, … 33

February 20
  • Moratorium applauded

    Page A9 I applaud Gov. Jay Inslee’s concern for justice as shown by the death penalty moratorium. Can a system ever be deemed just that is inherently unfair, costs far more (about … 22

  • Monumentally proud

    Page A9 Stand tall, America! 11

  • No food stamp police

    Page A9 I’ve read “Food stamps abused” from Dick Just (Feb. 9). Just is all in favor of helping those who really need help, just not overweight women. Just by standing in … 107

February 19
  • More to rate request

    Page A11 By the information Avista placed in The Spokesman-Review Feb. 5, they are requesting a $4.89-a-month electricity rate increase for each residential customer. It seems to me that this may not … 16

  • Lawmakers out of touch

    Page A11 Here it is, the week of Presidents Day. It doesn’t surprise me to learn (from free speech TV only; you won’t hear it on mainstream media) that Congress is taking … 46

  • Count on yourself

    Page A11 It looks like Robert Archer has finally grown up. He is the Shadle Park High School teacher who wrote (Feb. 15) that he is tired of being told how “noble,” … 25

February 18
  • Clear roads to hospitals

    Page A9 During winter it is both natural and unavoidable for snow, ice and slush to gather on the roads around Spokane. This has proven to be particularly hazardous on the hills … 2

  • Vacant homes a solution?

    Page A9 I would like to congratulate The Spokesman-Review on the well-written Feb. 9 article on homelessness. The article did a good job of covering the challenges faced by the homeless and … 30

  • Panhandling still a problem

    Page A9 I am writing this letter to letter to discuss the problem of panhandling in the Spokane area. While this has been a problem in the district for a while now, … 47