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Need jobs, not raises

Raising the minimum wage will not provide jobs but outlaw more of them. By costing business owners more money per employee, they must look for ways to reduce costs. One way of achieving savings is through automation.

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Start high school later

Medical studies have shown that teenagers need at least as much or more sleep as younger children. As children become teenagers, they go to bed later and wake up later for physiologic reasons. Adolescents can't fall asleep earlier simply by going to bed earlier.

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Typical Trump-bashing

The Trump-bashing May 3 column by Trudy Rubin ("Trump Doctrine a wake-up call") was typical of language coming from the left.Since Hillary is clearly Trudy's candidate, I suppose she would be able to discuss all the great things Hillary would ...

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TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2016

Prefer year-end bonus

Gary Crooks' Opinion piece of May 1 contained a section about Spokane Valley City Council he phrased as "The Proposition." Whether it be Spokane or Spokane Valley, the overriding premise of city council is that of volunteer public servants.

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Too dependent on technology

As the years have gone by, technology has made some big advances and improvements, which is causing the human race to become more and more dependent on technology.When I was younger, I went and saw the 2008 movie "WALL-E" in ...

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MONDAY, MAY 16, 2016

Give Elsa a girlfriend

Who says that a princess needs to fall in love with a prince and live happily ever after? This statement is exactly why #GiveElsaAGirlfriend started. On May 1, Alexis Isabel Moncada started this hashtag in hopes of getting Disney to give the "Frozen" Disney princess Elsa a girlfriend.

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Honoring birth mothers

I would like to respond to the April 7 letter by Tom Courtney ("Honor birth mothers, too"): Every year, on the Friday prior to Mother's Day, there is a special recognition of birth mothers planned by Catholic Charities in Spokane. It is a warm and safe place for birth moms to gather and share their stories. A delicious, free salad lunch is provided, and there is a speaker and time for questions.

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Try third party candidates

The media have always given their attention to the Democratic and Republican parties. Is America only capable of picking either side? People have said that Hillary Clinton is a better option than Donald Trump. Even conservatives.

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SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2016

GOP should get behind Trump

The leadership of the GOP needs to grow up. For years and years, (I started voting just after Ronald Reagan), they have been giving us weak, liberal, middle-of-the-road candidates, and we have had to hold our noses and vote for them.

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Players should boycott Leach

A great philosopher once wrote, "When the reasons for which man gives his promise no longer exists, man needs not keep that promise." With that said, I would advise every African-American, Latino and other applicable white Washington State University football players to boycott Mike Leach's football program for his support of Donald Trump's P.W. Botha-like views.

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School sports important

High school sports has lately been portrayed as "fluff" or unnecessary for students. As a high school athlete myself, I simply do not agree.It may not be the most important thing going on in high school, but it's a close ...

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Tips to aid students

Regarding Hannah Pelkie's letter ("Sick students stressed out," May 4): School is a difficult world to navigate. Teachers and parents are preparing you for real life, and teaching independence. I agree, you can't study constantly. You must have breaks. However, you have to make study time count. Believe it or not, you are in one of the easiest times of your life. Know that life will only get wonderfully more complicated, stressful and beautiful from here.

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Trump rally bothersome

I participated in the Trump rally in Spokane and tried to listen carefully to his speech. What bothers me most is the impression that Donald assumes his audience is uninformed.

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SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2016

No socialist alternative

Recently I have been noticing advertisements for a Dump Trump rally. I was somewhat amused by these signs until I noticed the Socialist Alternative stamp below it, indicating the rally would be held by Bernie Sanders. Seeing this actually made me a little angry.

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Pitts uses scare tactics

In response to Leonard Pitts Jr.'s column, "Bernie Nation shedding its dignity" (May 2): The scare tactics are again increasing in mainstream punditry, doomsday scenarios presented to intimidate people to vote to prevent catastrophe.

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Weekend Wild Card — June 25-26

You'll have to contend with Iron-type people, if you go downtown this weekend. They'll be practicing and strutting their muscular bodies on Saturday. And performing on Sunday. I'm curious what ...

“Walking with Peety”

Eric O'Grey, the Spokane Valley man whose story about losing more than 100 pounds with the help of a shelter dog went viral earlier this year, has a book deal. ...

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