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November 24
  • Milbank nails problem

    Page A7 Dana Milbank (Nov. 20) does a great job in laying out the problem with our political system.

November 23
  • OK to question wars

    Page B9 While Rusty Nelson (Oct. 31) veers left, into the pacifist ditch, William Benson’s response (Nov. 11) swerves rightward, into the ditch of U.S. military interventionism.

  • I-594 vote telling

    Page B9 The passage of Initiative 594 and the rejection of Initiative 591 send a twofold message.

  • Appreciate fair coverage

    Page B9 I’m writing to express my appreciation in regards to the article published Nov. 14 about my successful appeal in the Washington Supreme Court (“State’s high court intervenes in shooter’s 82-year …

  • Awaiting new leaders’ actions

    Page B9 In a very short time, control of both the U.S. House and Senate will be in the hands of the Republicans, and all of the power of those two bodies …

  • Calm before the crash

    Page B9 I totally agree with Marilyn Allen (“Traffic calming a joke” – Nov. 17). It is a joke. I can see where it is supposed to prevent people from speeding, etc., …

  • Free TV not worth it

    Page B9 There is a TV commercial asking us to contact our Congress folks to protect/save our “free TV!” Frankly, my dear, it ain’t worth saving! What with all the paid ads, …

November 22
  • Limited government

    Page A11 How do I say this in a few short words? Markets respond to consumer demand. Governments rule by majority opinion and force.

  • Angry white man

    Page A11 As someone already angry in the late 1980s and early ’90s, I used to drive around Portland and Vancouver listening to Rush Limbaugh explain to me what was wrong with …

  • Burying a scandal

    Page A11 Why does The Spokesman-Review relegate an important story about the corruptness of the writing of the Affordable Care Act to the back page of the Nov. 15 newspaper? Does it …

  • Weak rationalizations

    Page A11 It is interesting that the mid-term election results (a sweep by Republicans) are viewed differently by some people. The White House has put its spin on it, saying that it …

  • Exchange a disaster

    Page A11 Affordable health care for all. What a great idea! What a shame that the first year’s implementation has been such a disaster.

  • Creating criminals

    Page A11 Way to go state of Washington, or should I say King County. Or, put another way: “Just because you have all the money and not just in Washington, but all …

November 21
  • Remember Electoral College

    Page A13 I agree with Mark Aden’s letter (“How votes should count” – Nov. 15) except for the part about “one man, one vote.”

  • Watch those words

    Page A13 A president makes many quotes that define their character, quotes that will live forever. A leader is defined by what they say and what they do:

  • Otter is out of touch

    Page A13 Over the past couple of years, we have seen the people of Washington legalize marriage equality through a popular vote, and the people of Idaho be forcibly yanked out of …

  • Police, fire bashed again

    Page A13 Here we go, again. Another unsigned editorial (Nov. 11) slamming police and fire.

November 20
  • Where’s the Gruber news?

    Page A9 Have you heard about the off-the-cuff remarks made by Jonathan Gruber, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology economics professor who was the chief architect for the Affordable Care Act? His comments …

  • Mideast peace a mirage

    Page A9 The Spokesman-Review’s articles about violence in Israel and the threats of recognition by Europeans of a Palestinian state truly underscore why peace in the region is a mirage.

  • Support WSU med school

    Page A9 My husband and I feel we need to weigh in on the debate over a Washington State University vs. University of Washington medical school in Spokane. Don’t be conned. The …

November 19
  • The real predators

    Page A11 Regarding Keith Cress’ letter to the editor (“Wolf program mismanaged” – Nov. 8):

  • Still forgotten

    Page A11 On Nov. 6, at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, Korean veterans and their families were honored by the South Korean government and the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Skiers must speak out

    Page A11 The small local environmentalist group, The Lands Council, has been obstructing improved lift-assisted skiing for us locals at Mt. Spokane through ongoing disingenuous machinations.

November 18
  • Geography does not count

    Page A11 Jim Davison (Nov. 10) seems to have a problem regarding representation in Washington.

  • We’re all connected

    Page A11 For years I’ve considered myself not only an American citizen, but a citizen of the world. It can change one’s perspective. We are all connected. Lives across the globe affect …

  • Zombies and Congress

    Page A11 A new election, and once again over 90 percent of our representatives get to keep their jobs. The only requirements for these jobs are, per Article 1 of the U.S. …

  • Francis critics misguided

    Page A11 Conservative Catholic prelates, priests and laity who disagree with Pope Francis’ liberalism should meditate on the admonition of their profoundly conservative patron saint, Pope John Paul II: “It was not …

  • Sheep, wolves and guns

    Page A11 It’s been said, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

November 17
  • Traffic calming a joke

    Page A11 Regarding the “calming” intersection on Montgomery Avenue and Madison Street:

  • Affront to a veteran

    Page A11 William Benson’s Nov. 11 letter, “Calls for peace simplistic,” took my breath away. I literally gasped that someone would respond to a veteran in such a disturbing way.