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Bikes should be licensed

As a person who drives 80-100 miles a day on the streets of Spokane, I continue to be utterly amazed at some of the bicyclists that I encounter. They change lanes without signaling, dart in and out of traffic, ride on the sidewalks, ride in the crosswalks while expecting to have the same right-of-way privileges as pedestrians, and show little concern for anyone but themselves.

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Classroom fairness doubted

I read the closed-minded, hateful article on June 7 by Jamie Tobias Neely, former associate editor of The Spokesman-Review. She thinks “Rush Limbaugh’s and Bill O’Reilly’s voices are powerfully, seductively destructive.” She said we used to be “mercifully free of (their) particularly virulent form of hate speech.”

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Extremism breeds violence

For over three decades, a divisive abortion debate has raged in our country. Planned Parenthood supports the right of those who oppose abortion to voice their concerns in public forums in ways that do not harm others. However, the tragic murder of Dr. George Tiller highlights the danger in using extremist rhetoric, fear, harassment and intimidation as a means to change minds.

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Letter exhibited bigotry

Regarding the June 5 opinion page, I can only hope that the editors chose to include Penny A. Lancaster’s laughable attempt at an anti-gay argument as a reminder that there are still people out there that are really that ignorant, bigoted and hateful.

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Name shared, not views

The Gary Randall of the Faith and Freedom Network (“Group will publish names of partner-rights opponents,” June 3) is not the Gary Randall who taught at Gonzaga, grew up in Wallace, and generally does not agree with his views. I don’t want to be confused with him and I suspect he does not want to be confused with me.

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Pain pills over-prescribed

We are constantly hearing about the pharmacy robberies which are now so common. When will doctors and dentists begin to look at their responsibility in flooding our communities with prescriptions for these drugs?

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Profit drive unhealthy

I love Gary Crooks’ levelheaded approach to complex public issues; today’s “Smart Bombs” column (June 10) is a gem. We cannot provide universal health care as long as it’s tied to the profit-making insurance industry. Free markets aren’t designed to serve all comers.

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Quick cash for city

I have an idea about how to offset the city’s budget shortfalls. Station a patrol officer on the South Hill and catch people speeding down Ray and Freya. A police officer could add thousands to the city’s coffers every day by ticketing the offenders.

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Quit bashing Obama

I am highly offended by your printing of Michael Ramirez’s political cartoon (“The Apology Tour,” June 8). I am sick of you Republi-“can’ts” disrespecting President Obama’s presidency. From Rush Limbaugh to Sean Hannity (and obviously this newspaper), bashing everything he does.

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Reopen rodent season

My husband and I went for a walk at the Finch Arboretum. Within 10 seconds of stepping out of the car, we were able to count over a dozen ground squirrels. We saw over 100 ground squirrels during our short visit.

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Unkindest cut of all

Ouch! We have all been neutered! Washington state residents have been handed a new law (Senate Bill 5688). By it, same-sex domestic partners may now enjoy the same rights and privileges that had been formerly reserved for traditional male-female couples. But in order to legislate this, two-thirds of our Legislature ordered the deletion of all references to “male” and “female” in existing laws. Over 100 times in SB 2688, the lawmakers sent “male” and “female” to the recycle bin! Laws now read gender-neutral.

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'Wise words' well received

I felt as if I had been given a gift when I read Rebecca Nappi’s article on Kent Hoffman for Wise Words in Troubled Times. Kudos to Hoffman for suggesting the idea and sharing his philosophy and wisdom with us.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2009

Cost mirrors quality

Health care in U.S. costs more than in other countries. It costs more because we have more money. It costs more because we have the latest in medical instruments and drug technology. Our doctors, the best trained in the world, are “doctors of last resort” for many in the world. Some want to destroy that. Be very careful what you ask for.

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Let's remember victims

John Geurin’s letter (“Cars held for ransom,” June 4), referring to the May 31 article by Jody Lawrence-Turner, was somewhat troubling and inaccurate. I do not believe vehicles can be impounded in driving infraction cases as stated.

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Mileage plan absurd

The Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill and the new mileage standards of 35.5 mpg have one thing in common – both intend to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The cap-and-trade targets coal-fired plants, the cement industry, etc. The latter seek to reduce gasoline consumption and therefore tailpipe CO2 emissions. Both premises are absurd.

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Lessons learned about planning ahead

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Traffic stop behavior

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A favorite All-Star game memory

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