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Apply vision to Playfair

I read The S-R’s recent articles about city leaders trying to sell the Playfair track property for a loss. So the initial intent of the purchase didn’t come to pass. But the city has a gem and there is no ...

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Flag honor overused

Regarding the letter advising your readers about the upcoming Flag Day and the U.S. Flag Code, I, too, have a concern about the improper flying of the U.S. flag. For some reason it has become commonplace to fly the flag ...

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Keep values personal

Gloria Sarber has stated that she is disappointed with Gov. Gregoire’s decision to sign Senate Bill 5688 (Letters, June 6). It is her right to personally disagree with homosexuality. However, Ms. Sarber repeatedly quotes the Bible and states religious reasons why each of us should be opposed to homosexuality.

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More than potential

I challenge Allan Delaubenfels’ contribution (Letters, June 3) and Kathleen Parker’s column, “Zealots overshadow GOP,” June 4. DeLaubenfels calls the unborn “potential” people, unworthy of legal rights. Has he witnessed a “living, breathing, responsible” baby who recognizes music that was ...

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Keep church, state separate

Regarding the letter to the editor published June 6, “Rights expansion wrong,” I find this alarming. People who live in the United States of America must remember that our government must separate church and state.

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Left, right wings failing

“My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” – Thomas Jefferson The founders set up our government to be balanced between anarchy and tyranny called People’s Law, where government is ruled by the ...

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Not all are believers

I wanted to comment on the letter “Rights expansion wrong” (June 6). In the writer’s mind, the homosexual lifestyle is trying to destroy the biblical definition of marriage. So, because you believe in the Bible, it must be so?

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Religion on offensive

Could someone please explain to me why the Christians among us are not content to freely practice their chosen religion, but must instead insist at every turn that their personal religious beliefs be made into the very law of the land?

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Dams led to damages

Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers certainly has one thing correct in her guest opinion (May 30): our Northwest way of life is threatened. Four dams built in the 1960s and ’70s on the Lower Snake River have had their predicted effect. They have destroyed salmon runs that are a common wealth for communities from Alaska to Washington, Oregon, California and the mountains of Idaho. Thousands of family-wage jobs depend on the long-term viability of these runs, and folks deserve real solutions.

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Equality will come someday

In response to Penny Lancaster’s June 5 letter, “Let voters decide benefits,” I would first like to point out that major religious leaders and outspoken advocates against same-sex marriage have spoken out against Referendum 71.

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Swimming should be free

I am a high school student, and I am concerned about the issue regarding our city’s pools. People voted for the renovation of our city’s pools, not knowing what the city planned to charge. Our pools have always been free, but now the city is saying that they will charge admission. This completely backstabs the taxpayers who voted for this bond. They will now not only have to pay for the building of the pools but also for admission once the pools open.

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SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 2009

Clark unbeatable

Obviously, one unfortunate reader has failed miserably attempting to read through your newspaper lines for negatives which simply do not exist (“Clean out your desk, Clark,” letters, May 30). Our family was elated over the pending changes which, to us, ...

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Close call restored reality

There has been much hubbub among the road cycling community on the South Hill recently regarding “sharing the road.” The perception is some of the road cyclists have decided not to “share the road” with others.

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Elderly day center service vital

Hats off to Jim Lippold, the executive director of Providence Adult Day Health centers who, despite cut-offs in state funding for the elderly day centers, has “upheld the mission of Providence to reach out to the poor and vulnerable in Spokane.”

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FDR's answers flawed

Mr. McKeehan (“Left had answers in WWII,” Letters, May 24) wrote how the “leftist socialists” (Franklin Roosevelt and the Democrats in Congress) handled Stalin, Hitler and Pearl Harbor. His letter indicates his lack of knowledge about his hero FDR. (FDR ...

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Lessons learned about planning ahead

It was 95 degrees when we pulled into Sisters, Ore., after a six-hour drive from Mount Rainier, and the traffic was backed up for blocks. We hadn’t realized this was ...

A favorite All-Star game memory

I had heard my older brother laugh harder. But not many times. We were watching the 1968 baseball All-Star game on TV. It was being played in Houston's Astrodome. At ...