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Letters to the Editor | page 1021


Take lead on climate change

A recent report from the Climate Leadership Initiative at the University of Oregon emphasizes the need for the Washington state Legislature to pass Gov. Gregoire’s cap-and-invest bill, citing the economic costs for Washington state of a “business-as-usual approach to climate change.” The report states that households will see annual costs rise $1,250 by 2020, $1,800 in 2040 and $2,750 in 2080, primarily in the form of energy inefficiencies and rising health care costs associated with climate change. Businesses will suffer as income is diverted to these unproductive costs, not to mention lower worker productivity and lost investment opportunities in the rapidly expanding green economy.

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Yes to kids, no to complex

No, I’m not against kids. No, I’m not against the Little League. I am, however, against putting the proposed Little League complex in the Glenrose area. It is a totally inappropriate spot, whose infrastructure cannot support such an aggressive project.

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Young lives worth investment

I, too, travel the Cheney-Spokane Road and through the 395 intersection, scene of the accident that took the life of a teenaged girl. As a taxpayer I’m willing to pony up to build a $12 million overpass.

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Leaders elected to serve, not profit

In Sunday’s paper, Babette Banducci of Coeur d’Alene wrote that presidents are worth the money we pay them. I disagree with huge payments to government officials. For one thing, it puts them out of touch with the day-to-day reality the rest of us are facing, ballooning their egos and making them believe they are worth all that. The money comes right from many people who can ill afford it.

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Proposal's details alarming

I encourage those who support Envision Spokane’s proposed city charter amendments to actually read it at According to Mr. Kai Huschke, a “living wage” is 165 percent of the current minimum wage or $14.10 per hour for every worker – full-time, part-time, temporary or seasonal. Washington already has the highest minimum wage in the nation. What do you suppose will happen to prices if every business’ labor costs suddenly increase 65 percent? Think they’ll stay the same?

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Social Security increases unfair

I agree with most of what Froma Harrop wrote in her Feb. 19 column, “Social Security requires no fixin’.” I feel it does need some fixing. The way Social Security figures cost-of-living increases is unfair. Every raise is figured on ...

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Pledge embraced by majority

Re: “Restore original Pledge,” Feb. 21: President Eisenhower did insert those important words, “under God,” in 1954, with strong support from the Knights of Columbus. May I simply suggest, by way of compromise, that those in that minority of 11 percent, when pledging their allegiance, simply pause, cough, take a breath and then go on in their pledge to the perceived godless nation. The remaining majority would continue with their pledge to one nation, under God, and continue their support to that whole nation with blood, dedication, effort, time and money.

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Reckless spending irreversible

Unbelievable. I read a quote from President Obama, after signing the stimulus package: “We have to start living within our means again” What? The federal government will now spend $1.3 trillion; add this up to a total of $13 trillion ...

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Senators forgot constituents

Shame on Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell for voting for and supporting this so-called stimulus. I remember them saying, “This is all about Main Street – not Wall Street.” Is that so?

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Spending vote dubious

Our duly elected representative from the 5th Congressional District, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, not only voted against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, but she led the charge as an outspoken opponent of its “wasteful spending.” She apparently doesn’t want to saddle future generations with untenable debt, although she has no qualms in wholeheartly supporting Iraq war funding measures to the tune of $600 billion and counting. Her rationale must be that it’s OK to “invest” in Iraq, but not in America.

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Assessments not 'true, fair'

Re: letter from the deputy assessor, Feb. 22: When I was on legislative staff in Olympia, I was always perplexed by the assessors whose idea of “reform” was additional ways to increase and hold assessments. This was always done “in ...

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Doctor has helped veterans

I have grown increasingly concerned with the tone recent articles have taken about suicides by veterans treated at our facility ( Suicide is devastating for all involved. It is an irrevocable decision that forever alters families, and leaves friends and family members consumed with guilt and a long list of “what ifs.”

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Greed in the eye of beholders

Now in regard to the “Corporate greed” letter of Feb. 22, Mr. Robinson, I would agree with you that most or all the stimulus money will make it to corporate coffers in one form or another, but just who is the greedy? Corporations in most cases earn money and pay employees and stockholders, money that goes back to the economy, real stimulus.

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Health board member bluffing

“No participation, no dollars,” threatened Spokane Valley Councilman Bill Gothmann. He was testifying against Senate Bill 5812, which would reform the governance of the Spokane Regional Health District by putting public health stakeholders in the majority on the health board (“Officials clash over health board,” Feb. 24).

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Kids deserve voters' support

In economic times like the present it is easy to reject any new or replacement taxes. However, supporting our public schools is an investment in the future of Spokane. I feel fortunate to have attended school and taught in Spokane. ...

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What’s your DST style?

A) Daylight Saving Time. B) Daylight Savings Time. C) Daylight Savings and Loan Time. D) Daylights Saving Time. E) Selection Sunday Time. F) daylight-saving time. G) The Life You Save ...