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SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 2009

Let's promote chastity

The killing of Dr. Tiller was wrong. What Dr. Tiller did was evil. As a nation, let us promote societal conditions that would make abortion less of an option; celebrating chastity, denigrating sexual promiscuity; celebrating faith-full monogamous marriage, disparaging the ...

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'Murder' widely condoned

As I complete my MAAD petition to Gov. Gregoire to stop repeat drunk driving offenders from “murdering” up to 4,000 innocent Americans every year, I can’t help but reflect on Mr. deLaubenfels’ letter to The S-R as well as the grotesque Scott Stantis cartoon labeling we who cherish life being portrayed as gleeful murderers (June 3).

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Payment to tribes overdue

While the U.S. government under the present administration is making cautious and hopefully successful efforts, worldwide, to promote peace and dialogue, it would be a wonderful and long overdue gesture to release the monies, that this government owes, to the Native American tribes that have long been waiting for what is rightfully due to them. This payment, more so than for any other payment, deserves to be paid in full.

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Recklessness deserves penalties

Once again Spokane County, to its credit, has put the Spokane River off limits due to flood-stage water levels, dangerous currents, undertows and other dangers. Yet, as usual, someone has to “challenge the elements.”

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Roeder's ties misrepresented

The editorial staff, in my opinion, made a grave error in printing that most disgusting and untrue cartoon (by Scott Stantis) June 3. Mr. Roeder is not connected to any pro-life movement. He acted alone and has ties to right-wing ...

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Rush can't handle truth

President Obama has made his selection for the Supreme Court. It is Sonia Sotomayor, and the long knives are already out. Dear old Rush Limbaugh is calling Obama a reverse racist. Well if anybody should know something about racism – ...

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Tiller story incomplete

Now that you have printed two pictures depicting the man who murdered the abortionist as a killer, how about printing one of the many babies from his late-term abortions that he aborted? How about an article on how he did it?

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We're paying for GOP policy

To let GM and Chrysler go out of business would be a huge mistake. In our perilous times, if we needed war production, could we depend on foreign-owned companies? Ford had a factory in Germany during World War II, so with over 70 years of overseas factories they should have the experience to compete.

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Aging felons too costly

The “three-striker” who went home after being allowed clemency is a very first in Washington (“ ‘Three-strikes’ purse snatcher released,” May 9). A good question is why do we want these aging strikers behind concrete walls and razor wire anyway? ...

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Assessor hasn't seen news

What a wonderful surprise I received in the mail yesterday. Great news, Spokane, there are no businesses failing, unemployment is nonexistent, there are no layoffs seen. Home sales are booming and home prices are increasing at a rate of 10 ...

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Congresswoman out of step

Rep. McMorris Rodgers appears to be out of step with the latest developments in Snake River Salmon recovery news (“Judge endangers salmon, dams plan,” guest opinion, May 30). Sen. Mike Crapo, of Idaho, announced last week that the stakeholders in this region need to sit down and begin a dialogue about the future of Snake River salmon and what their recovery means for the transportation infrastructure, energy and water issues of the Pacific Northwest. He is committed to creating a dialogue that would ensure all aspects of fisheries science would be considered, not excluding dam removal on the lower Snake.

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Heed the Flag Code

Every year when Flag Day rolls around I am reminded of the many people who do not know the proper way to display our great flag. The first code was adopted on June 14-15, 1923, in Washington, D.C., and has been revised several times during the years, the last being in 1976 by the 94th Congress.

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Israel should worry

If I were an Israeli, I would be concerned with the direction of the president’s Mideast foreign policy direction. In 1938, Neville Chamberlain went to meet Adolf Hitler to discuss the Sudetenland situation in Czechoslovakia. Hitler wanted a piece of ...

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Legal doesn't mean ethical

Regarding Mr. deLaubenfels’ letter (“No tolerance for murder,” June 3): They say the surest way to win a debate is to define its terms. Allan would like to hide behind the term “legal” and deny there is an ethical dimension ...

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Proud to sign referendum

According to The Spokesman-Review of June 3, same-sex “domestic partners” plan to publicize at least the names of all those who dare to sign Referendum 71, which would give voters the opportunity to vote for or against the new law “granting same-sex domestic partners many of the rights of spouses.”

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Lessons learned about planning ahead

It was 95 degrees when we pulled into Sisters, Ore., after a six-hour drive from Mount Rainier, and the traffic was backed up for blocks. We hadn’t realized this was ...

Traffic stop behavior

A traffic stop by an officer of the law may happen to any motorist on any day. Many drivers get nervous when a police vehicle is following them. That nervousness ...

A favorite All-Star game memory

I had heard my older brother laugh harder. But not many times. We were watching the 1968 baseball All-Star game on TV. It was being played in Houston's Astrodome. At ...