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Letters to the Editor | page 1023


Rights expansion wrong

I was disappointed in Gov. Gregoire but not surprised in her signing of Senate Bill 5688. This bill is sold to the public as an expansion of domestic partnership benefits, but in all reality it is seeking to destroy the biblical definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Support Referendum 71, and give people a chance to vote on this issue in November.

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Standing army feared

The history leading up to the wording of the Second Amendment is, rightly given, long and complex (see “The Militia And The Constitution: A Legal History” by William S. Fields and David T. Hardy, Military Law Review, Spring 1992). But, cut brutally short, it deals with the “militia,” which indeed was considered to include every citizen (well, every male citizen) – but which was envisaged as, and had historically been, an organized body with officers and a command structure under the ultimate authority of the state.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2009

Be wary of pet sellers

The recent Kennewick puppy mill raid (“Rescued puppies seek caring home,” May 30) should open people’s eyes to the reality of what buying dogs from breeders and pet stores can do. If people continue to buy from breeders there will always be people like the lone woman running this operation who abuse animals to make a quick buck.

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Let voters decide benefits

Referendum 71 will be signed on the streets and in the churches across Washington in the next month. People want to decide for themselves whether the benefits and responsibilities of marriage (180 applications) should apply equally to any same-sex couple who registers with the state. This is what Senate Bill 5688 will require unless 120,577 valid signatures are submitted by July 25.

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Outrage not objective

“What irony!!?” – indeed. Tuesday’s political cartoon wasn’t enough, you had to add Scott Stantis’ on Wednesday, decrying the murder of Dr. George Tiller. The pro-choice people – and now the once respectable Spokesman-Review – are outraged and shocked at ...

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Patrol People's Park

My girlfriend and I are avid bicyclists and runners, and one of the routes we use takes us across the bridge near People’s Park. There are often a dozen cars sitting unmanned in the parking lot, and we always wondered where all of the people are.

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Cars held for ransom

Last Sunday’s article by Jody Lawrence-Turner regarding unfair punishment was spot on. My son’s experience can add to it, though. With driving infraction cases, they can impound the vehicle, and make it so neither he nor I can get it ...

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Partisanship stalls nuke power

Your editorial titled “Dispose of the waste” (May 29) agonizes over the problem of nuclear waste as if there were no solution. You go on to say: “What’s clearly needed from this point forward is a process driven by science, not politics.” I agree, and the best way to take politics out of it is to quit voting into office Democrats.

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Program merited coverage

The Spokesman-Review has done its readers a disservice. On May 27 at Spokane Community College we presented Achieving Health Care for All!, a public forum examining issues, visions and barricades to providing quality, affordable health care. Six panel experts shared ...

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Framers meant everyone

In response to “At ease, militia members” (Letters, May 29), read the original writings of the signers of the Constitution and framers of the Second Amendment. The “militia” in the Second Amendment was understood to be every citizen rather than the “official military.”

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No tolerance for murder

A potential human being which is still on life support, attached to, part of and dependent upon its mother, does not equate to a living, breathing, responsible human being. An unfertilized egg can be described almost identically to an early-term fetus. It is very much alive. The question is legal. The law is clear. Legal rights begin at birth and end at death.

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Other options at airport

In following the stories regarding the “Cascade Aerospace USA” facility at Spokane International Airport and the editorial “Jobs up in the air” (May 26), there are questions that are left unanswered.

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Shame in our backyard

“Debt to society” (May 24) was a real revelation. Weren’t debtors’ prisons one of the reasons that our ancestors left their “old” countries and migrated to the new land? It is hard to imagine that we have such a thing right in our backyard.

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Fed has too much power

Is it just me, or does something seem wrong about this? The Federal Reserve is a private corporation owned by the largest banks in the country, like J.P. Morgan. They are in no way a part of the federal government, but they print money at their own discretion and loan it out at any interest rate they see fit. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says the chairman of the Federal Reserve told him they gave $2 trillion to the banks, aside from the TARP money from the Treasury. The senator asked where all that money went to, but the chairman couldn’t say, because it could be bad for the banks if that information was released.

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Fossil makes weak link

The so-called “missing link” between primates and man was recently found in Germany. This 47-million-year-old fossil, nicknamed Ida, has caused a great stir among the two sides of the creation controversy.

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Lessons learned about planning ahead

It was 95 degrees when we pulled into Sisters, Ore., after a six-hour drive from Mount Rainier, and the traffic was backed up for blocks. We hadn’t realized this was ...

Traffic stop behavior

A traffic stop by an officer of the law may happen to any motorist on any day. Many drivers get nervous when a police vehicle is following them. That nervousness ...

A favorite All-Star game memory

I had heard my older brother laugh harder. But not many times. We were watching the 1968 baseball All-Star game on TV. It was being played in Houston's Astrodome. At ...