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Proposal invites disaster

When the worldwide scientific community is denouncing man-made global warming, why is Gov. Gregoire pushing cap-and-trade legislation to make Washington an “environmental leader”? By adopting Senate Bill 5735, we would not be a clean air leader but a follower of bad public policy.

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Proposal mischaracterized

I read the article in Tuesday’s paper titled “Petition proposes big changes to charter.” I want to correct and clarify a couple of points. The neighborhood amendment is about three things: (1) neighborhood plans; (2) early notification of development projects; ...

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River views hard-won

Conservation Futures is a tax the majority of Spokane County voters have supported every year it has been on the ballot. Purchases with these funds have been large and small and have all had the benefit of acquiring and protecting sites of value to the environment, wildlife and water resources.

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Separate justice systems

Prosecutors felt “that although what Sgt. Bunch did was a technical violation of the law and at times obviously unprofessional, that he felt their job was to go after criminals and not law enforcement officers demonstrating a temporary lapse in judgment.” So we have two systems in Spokane, one for “criminals” and one for law enforcement officers! The officers involved in the Zehm case, Olsen, Bunch! Where will this end, where will it go?

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Smokers deserve compromise

Well, I see the cigarette Nazis are at it again. No smoking in parks! Smokers pay taxes to build and maintain parks. They pay a hell of a lot more taxes than nonsmokers.

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Tribes didn't cause problem

After reading the letter labeled “Tribes must help restore fish” (April 4), it became obvious to me that Todd Sudick has no understanding of this issue or the Indian people. It didn’t matter when these treaties were signed, Todd. What matters is the Columbia River Treaty was signed after the river was illegally taken away from the Indians along with their land.

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FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 2009

Cap-and-trade will be costly

In a January 2008 interview, candidate Obama said, “(In) my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.” Cap and trade is nothing but a tax on energy. Recently, President Obama’s cap-and-trade tax economist testified that family energy costs would triple, possibly quadruple, in line with estimates by non-government economists. Global warmers want to reduce the U.S.’s carbon footprint, even though the latest 20-year data show the earth is cooling.

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Dam removal raises questions

Recent letters concerning the Snake River dams bring some interesting questions. The dams come out. How do all the products shipped by barge get delivered? Water is the most efficient mode of moving large volumes of cargo. The wind does ...

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Give transit a chance to grow

One of the green issues that our legislators are looking at this session is transportation needs in Washington state. I take the bus every day to work but would like to see Spokane build a mass transit system to supplement the bus system.

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Market threatens free press

As a loyal, 54-year subscriber to The Spokesman-Review, I agree with James Madison, who insisted the First Amendment include protection for a free and independent press when he remarked: “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.” His friend, Tom Jefferson, added: “When the press is free, and every man able to read, all is well.”

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Newspapers will be missed

A sign of the times or lack of the “Times,” I find it very sad that newspapers are closing throughout this country. I delivered The Spokesman-Review when I was young and it seemed every other house on my route had ...

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Reconsider animals' needs

I felt bad that the proposal for a larger animal shelter was turned down. The solutions suggested for our animals were very bizarre. Police doing animal control, injured animals left to die and not being attended, barking dogs with no ...

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Subculture is main issue

Regarding Leonard Pitts’ column of March 25: Racism will be with us as long as there are people of different colors. Reducing it to the minimum possible is a worthy project.

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Are felons civic-minded?

In reference to the editorial on April 1, “Rights are priceless,” I must ask, how many of these convicted felons were actually registered to vote prior to their arrest/conviction, and how many actually voted? If their voting rights meant so much to them they would have been out voting instead of out committing felonies.

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Carbon tax won't work

Bert Caldwell’s column “Good intentions likely won’t save cap-and-trade plan” (March 22) recommends a national carbon tax, which is not our best choice for reducing carbon emissions. It seems unlikely to garner much traction in this state or the other Washington.

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Wildlife in the roadway

I recently wrote about the rapid emergence of pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles occurring every spring. Along with that phenomenon, activity levels of deer, elk and other roaming animals rise with ...

Keeping an eye on it…

This is my last post here, but starting Monday, I’ll be blogging at in my new position as Boise bureau chief and state capital reporter for the Idaho Press-Tribune ...

What would you have said to Nixon?

If you had bumped into President Richard Nixon when he was in Spokane to open Expo '74 on May 4 of that year, what would you have said to him?