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Letters to the Editor | page 1024


Middle East tragicomedy

Remember when godfather Corleone made the head of a Hollywood film studio “an offer he can’t refuse”? So recently the Palestinians received a peace offer from Israel’s prime minister “they could not accept.”

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Oil, water do mix

Your article about academia in Coeur d’Alene raising consciousness over water use and conservation worldwide, and the one about the lack of bidding for Iraq’s offer to open their oil reserves to exploitation, has me musing over how these two resources now mix, if only virtually in this not-so-virtuous world of getting and spending in a spent world.

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Reconsider decision on clinic

As a patient of Dr. Anthony Santiago, I received an impersonal letter from Deaconess Medical Center saying the Movement Disorder Clinic that he capably runs will be closing. This leaves 800 patients, including myself, who struggle daily with movement disorders ...

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Vows have meaning

I was looking at my birth certificate today and noted I was born in 1932. A box on the certificate was marked yes, under legitimate. Can you imagine this box on today’s birth certificate? It would probably be against some law.

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Warming is challenged

Congress has narrowly passed an energy bill of 1,500 pages. The purpose of which is to ration carbon emissions. This will make products and services that utilize petroleum and coal more expensive.

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FRIDAY, JULY 3, 2009

Democrats shoot blanks

Truly, the radical left Democratic Party never ceases its efforts to disarm America’s citizens (“People on terror list OK’d for guns,” June 23). The Democrats’ lie about the Second Amendment being responsible for drug war violence in Mexico has been ...

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Mission Flats is wrong site

The recent EPA inspector general’s report on the repository ( found that EPA’s analysis of the site is inaccurate and incomplete and that groundwater contamination is likely. The current design contains no liner, and the cap does not extend ...

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Stop the toxic dump

I am writing this letter because of my concern about EPA and the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality’s decision to build a toxic waste dump at Mission Flats adjacent to the old Mission of the Sacred Heart, a national historic landmark, sacred ancestral Coeur d’Alene tribal land, wetland and flood plain area.

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Health spin sickening

The Republican line on God, guns and gays resonates in this roundtable. If I believe in God, own guns and am heterosexual, how could I be a Democrat? No one in my family has had an abortion. We have paid our taxes, supported our military by working on key Department of Defense programs and we have even worked at a government nuclear facility. We own a small business and are active in our community. Do we sound like evil liberals that want to control the world?

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Moved from embarrassment

Living in Spokane for 37 years, I was often embarrassed by the inept municipal leadership. I was recently reminded of that embarrassment by articles in just one issue (June 23) of The Spokesman-Review:

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Pandering hurts schools

I find it difficult to agree with Cal Thomas, but he is correct that increased school funding doesn’t automatically bring about improved results. He’s wrong about the reason, however. It was ironic that his column appeared in the same paper ...

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TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2009

Counseling options exist

In Jet Tilley’s “Extremism breeds violence” (Letters, June 13), she implies that all those who support life are extreme, violent and blind. Why are all those who support life held accountable for the actions of one very sick man?

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Crocker owes atonement

Maybe Review editors didn’t notice the blood on Ryan Crocker’s hands (“Hometown welcomes distinguished native son,” June 19). As praise for the “enormity of his job” mounts, don’t forget that Crocker played his part in killing tens of thousands of Iraqis in an illegal invasion/occupation. I’d rather see Crocker brought to public justice as accessory to G.W. Bush’s war crimes.

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Envisioning lawsuits

Envision Spokane’s amendment could soon come before the City Council. It is a legal nightmare, with intentionally unspecific terms like “affordable,” concepts of communitarian “rights” usurping individual rights, and the absurdity of ecosystem “rights” (i.e., carbon dioxide reductions advocated by the mayor could constitute a tort against trees).

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Two movements not parallel

Rebecaa Nappi’s posing of parallels between the women’s rights movement and the pro-fatherhood movement (June 21) falls victim to an innate inconsistency. The fatherhood movement is about parenting, much-needed, effective and involved fathering. On the contrary, the women’s rights movement ...

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Saturday morning in Spokane

My friend Pat never had much use for the affirmations culture of participation trophies and what not. In fact, he enjoyed mocking it. When someone in his family stumbled awkwardly ...