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SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 2009

Disabled in danger

Isn’t it amazing that any person with a mental disability is the automatic antagonist? My son is autistic and 15. We will not allow him to go out without me or my husband for fear of police attacking my son.

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Fire captain should depart

Let’s see if I get this right. Ronald Clinger’s son, Dan, is involved in a bar fight. Dan and another person fight one person and Dan stabs this person. Ronald is there and assists Dan in leaving the scene of the stabbing. Ronald tries to evade the police and crashes his car and is arrested on felony charges.

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Halt the stampede

Come August, our state will be subjected to another annual exhibition of the utmost cruelty – the Omak Suicide Race. The riders are volunteers. The horses are not. They are galloped to the edge of a precipice and spurred down the almost vertical hillside (68 degrees). They trip and fall and often pile up, breaking legs.

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Is Pitts getting desperate?

“GOP being undone by its racist faction” – the headline of Leonard Pitts’ column (June 22) was so over-the-top I had to read it. And what an eye-opener it was!

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March to your own drummer

In response to “Parade treatment flawed” (Letters, June 26), I have three things to say to Lesley: 1. You and your kids should be proud of their achievements. Just because the Junior Lilac Parade wasn’t covered to your satisfaction, you ...

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Measure would erode gains

I believe that all Washington families should be treated the same, with the same protections, the same rights and the same obligations as their neighbors. During these challenging times, with the economic crisis making life so much more difficult for so many families, we need to increase support not take it away.

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Otto had no chance

This was not a fight. Otto was mugged! Everyone saw the video. Otto defensively held up a plastic liter of cola while being struck repeatedly with a nightstick wielded by a policeman. He was placed on his stomach with his ...

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Real news ignored

Your paper never ceases to amaze me. With the president and Congress illegally seizing the economy, The Spokesman wasted space to discuss PETA’s protest that the president killed a fly (June 18). Did such a story really deserve to be in your paper, let alone on page A2?

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Rules keep changing

Question: Why is it OK for United States military and civilian agencies to kill, wound and torture Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis (and who knows who else?), but it’s not OK for the law enforcement agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran to kill, wound and torture Iranians who are rioting in the streets of Iranian cities despite the government’s orders not to do so?

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Scolding would enflame Iran

Charles Krauthammer’s June 13 column painting the president as cowardly on Iran is ridiculous. Meddling in other nations’ affairs is what got us in trouble in Iran years ago when we helped raise the shah to power. More recently, Bush’s intervention in Iraq has caused irreparable damage to our country.

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City is in denial about justice

Here is the headline from the June 20 Spokesman-Review: “Zehm to blame for fight with officers, city says.” Ah, yes, the good ol’ boys are alive and kicking. Here is the headline from the June 23 Spokesman-Review: “Feds indict Zehm ...

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City's priorities skewed

On Monday night the City Council authorized the further purchase of the YMCA at the cost of borrowing money from the refuse reserve fund. While this transaction is going on, city officials have put pressure on local unions to give back their cost-of-living adjustments for the second time in as many years.

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Father's Day fete premature

Thank you for your article Sunday on the celebration that occurred in Spokane marking the 100th Father’s Day at the gravesite of Sonora Smart Dodd. The citizens of Spokane will mark the centennial in 2010, 100 years from the first ...

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Government record poor

To people wanting government health care, how can this be good for people who worked all their lives and believe in taking care of their selves? My wife and I have received notices that our doctor will not treat us, or anyone on Medicare, after July 31. After working and paying into the Medicare system (controlled by government) all of our working years, we are being denied treatment.

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Math program doesn't compute

A recent Spokesman-Review editorial (June 18) identified the problem District 81 is having with students learning mathematics. I can attest with firsthand knowledge that the quality of the District 81 math program has been on a steady decline for the last 10 years.

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Saturday morning in Spokane

My friend Pat never had much use for the affirmations culture of participation trophies and what not. In fact, he enjoyed mocking it. When someone in his family stumbled awkwardly ...