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Letters to the Editor | page 1062

SUNDAY, FEB. 8, 2009

GOP knows one tune

Triumphant they look when not even one Republican legislator supported the stimulus program put forward by President Obama. The same did not flinch approving the bailout suggested by the last administration.

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Letter revises fiscal history

Let me take some time to correct Art Seaton’s Feb. 1 version of history. Mr. Seaton claims that Republicans are deficit busters while Democrats are deficit hawks based on who has been president. Mr. Seaton doesn’t know that until 1994, ...

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Obama is overreaching

How are we doing regarding the presidential promise to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States in his oath of office? There is already widespread use of presidential executive orders in the new administration. Those that favor ...

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Riverside kids need your vote

To me, being a part of a small community is to support the education of our children. My family now has a fourth generation attending Riverside schools. I am proud of not only what I have learned but also of what my mother, her siblings, my brothers, my children and now my grandchildren have learned and are learning at Riverside schools. Now is the time to “pay it forward.”

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Spending bill mounts

The population in the USA is about 300 million people, meaning that every billion dollars the government spends is $3.33 and a trillion is $3,333, for each person. Since last fall, the government intends to spend an extra $1.6 trillion ...

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Tax evasion as stimulus

Our elected representatives and senators in Washington, D.C., are currently wasting our time and money debating a huge pork-filled “stimulus” bill that will put our children and grandchildren in debt forever.

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Unconstitutional invasion

Here we go! Obama lifted the abortion restriction on overseas family-planning aid. Blah-blah the semantics all you want, taxpayers funding foreign abortions will be the reality. However misguided, whatever its shortcomings, the Iraq war did not have noncombatant casualties as ...

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Wanted: new representative

Spokane neo-con Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers voted against Obama’s stimulus package, rubber-stamping Rush Limbaugh’s call to make Obama fail at any price. Not surprising but concerning, because any delay in implementing this package could drive this country into an even deeper depression.

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Watch for enemy liberals

Re: “America’s aid dollars shouldn’t have strings,” Feb. 1: After bashing Bush and disrespecting a Navy veteran and former prisoner of war, columnist Jamie Tobias Neely tells us that abortion is OK and we should just give American foreign aid ...

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SATURDAY, FEB. 7, 2009

Berms bury tax dollars

It has now been more than seven weeks since the big storm, and arterials throughout Spokane remain partially obstructed with snow berms. Division Street is only two-thirds cleared from Bridgeport to the Y. There is little evidence the closed lanes will be cleared before spring. As a result, gridlock ensues at each rush hour, partly because there are only two lanes open to accommodate three lanes worth of traffic, and partly because the traffic lights have not been adjusted to compensate for this change.

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Climate denials delusional

Cal Thomas (Jan. 22), as usual, doesn’t allow facts to get in the way of his opinions, i.e., Cal’s quote, “There are a growing number of scientists ... questioning whether this is indeed a dangerously warming planet.”

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Comfort billing an option

I have been an Avista customer for almost 30 years, and while I don’t always agree with their rate increase requests, I would like to offer a suggestion to those who are upset about their current bills. Over 17 years ago I signed up for their comfort billing service, which assures a consistent payment throughout the year – no unpleasant surprises in the winter.

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Don't abandon WASL

I believe the WASL should be kept; it keeps our teachers at the top of their game and it keeps our children learning. Remember, the WASL was only put in because our children in the U.S. and Washington state were far behind other schools and nations.

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Education money not wasted

Many will say that I am writing for myself. But I am writing to encourage all voters in the Spokane school district to take up the challenge and vote for our future.

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In defense of English sparrows

Mr. Kershner’s contempt for the English sparrow (“We’re having house sparrows over for dinner,” Jan. 31) is at best unjust and at worst unfair. He would have us believe such scorn is excused on the ground that there are too many of them or they simply don’t belong.

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Lessons learned about planning ahead

It was 95 degrees when we pulled into Sisters, Ore., after a six-hour drive from Mount Rainier, and the traffic was backed up for blocks. We hadn’t realized this was ...

Traffic stop behavior

A traffic stop by an officer of the law may happen to any motorist on any day. Many drivers get nervous when a police vehicle is following them. That nervousness ...

A favorite All-Star game memory

I had heard my older brother laugh harder. But not many times. We were watching the 1968 baseball All-Star game on TV. It was being played in Houston's Astrodome. At ...