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Letters to the Editor | page 1063

SATURDAY, FEB. 7, 2009

Israel meets U.N. criteria

Our monthly anti-Israel letter writer (“Different style of democracy,” Letters, Feb. 1) seems to exhibit a nativist naiveté, asserting that Israel is not a democracy because its Jewish citizens are favored. Why should other democratic nations follow the American model separating church and state? The Islamic world has many Islamic republics, and even in America a vociferous minority claims ours is a Christian nation.

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Jurors would convict

Reading Tuesday that Washington state troopers used phony degrees for pay increases (and probably promotions) and a prosecutor who says a jury would never convict them of trying to cheat the public – or steal our money, as you may call it – hooey! I can’t visualize a jury who wouldn’t convict. Sounds like another cover-up coming.

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King's message misunderstood

Joseph Polowski’s letter of Jan. 29 reveals the fallacy of many who try to interpret Martin Luther King Jr. They hold to the view that since “King believed in equality and freedom for all people,” he could not also “advocate special rights or special benefits for any groups.” This is a false distinction.

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Land sale robs community

The Glenrose Community Association recently met to discuss the Little League Sports Complex slated for property owned by Morning Star Boys’ Ranch. MSBR declined to be represented at this meeting. Little League attended and took a defensive posture, refusing to ...

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Left's scorn unending

Is there no end to the hatred of Bush by the left? The left has spent the last eight years bashing every move G.W. made in hopes he would fail. And he, doing everything in his power to keep them safe from harm.

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Make poverty history

In 1976 Muhammad Yunus gave his first micro-loans and started a revolution that would change the lives of over 100 million very poor families. He founded Grameen Bank in his home country of Bangladesh, but it soon spread to every area of the world. Microcredit has become one of the most potent tactics to battle poverty. Even in today’s credit crisis, microcredit loans are thriving.

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Moral high ground hard to scale

Last Sunday’s S-R front page stated our Washington administration’s opinion that our country’s use of rendition is OK. Can someone explain to me the difference between rendition and kidnapping? Isn’t kidnapping not OK? Here I was beginning to feel that ...

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Old lessons still serve

Re: Monday’s (Feb. 2) editorial from the Miami Herald and Nick Anderson’s cartoon. Eighty years ago my second-grade teacher told her class that we were living on fossil fuel and that some day it would run out. As a result, I’ve driven small, economical cars all my life.

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Utility billing shameful

Avista Utilities should be ashamed, and their customers outraged. I, like so many others in Spokane, was overwhelmed at the sight of a December power bill that was double what I had ever paid. Upon contacting Avista, I was never told the outrageous bill I received was based on estimated usage charges, nor was it ever printed anywhere on my statement.

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Who'd pay to see a hoax?

Re: “Too few visiting Lucy in Seattle,” Jan. 25: It is not surprising that few people are wanting to see Lucy when artists have made a rendition of what they think Lucy looked like when 60 percent of the skeleton ...

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THURSDAY, FEB. 5, 2009

Cheney schools need levy

I wanted to comment on the upcoming Cheney School District replacement maintenance and operation levy coming before voters on March 10. This levy renews our taxes at a lower rate than three years ago – it does not raise our taxes. It is essential for all districts to have these funds to provide programs and appropriate education for our children. The M&O levy provides approximately 20 percent of the budget for our district. This necessary money helps with all of the following district areas: music, counselors, library specialists, office staff, paraprofessionals, textbooks and extracurricular activities. Please join me in voting yes for the M&O levy 2009.

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Employers bear more guilt

The Employee Free Choice Act, which was featured in the Jan. 29 editorial, would not take away the secret ballot of an employee who chose to sign a card in favor of forming a union; rather would make it a choice of the group that signs the cards.

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No such thing as secret ballot

Concerning the editorial on the Opinion page, “Keep ballot secret,” Jan. 29: If employees of a company are considering joining a union, the vote of those signing a card should be revealed. The votes of our Congress are known. What’s ...

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Taxes won't go up

As a teacher employed with Spokane Public Schools, I have seen firsthand the many benefits of the money we receive from the bond and levy. Renovating, modernizing or replacing schools – as the bond will allow – provides a safe, ...

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Unions don't twist arms

Your Jan. 29 editorial’s inaccuracies start with the name of the bill (it’s the Employee Free Choice Act); continue with the falsehood that it would take away secret ballot elections (the act would allow employees – as opposed to the boss – to choose whether they want a “secret ballot” election supervised by the National Labor Relations Board or if they want to form a union by signing cards); and ignore the fact that the NLRB documents thousands of corporate acts of union-related intimidation, harassment and firing every year in this country.

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Lessons learned about planning ahead

It was 95 degrees when we pulled into Sisters, Ore., after a six-hour drive from Mount Rainier, and the traffic was backed up for blocks. We hadn’t realized this was ...

Traffic stop behavior

A traffic stop by an officer of the law may happen to any motorist on any day. Many drivers get nervous when a police vehicle is following them. That nervousness ...

A favorite All-Star game memory

I had heard my older brother laugh harder. But not many times. We were watching the 1968 baseball All-Star game on TV. It was being played in Houston's Astrodome. At ...